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I am ... Black Printer!
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Brown Paper? Isn't that toilet paper?? Lame. I lose.
Grey Pillar to the rescue!
Purple curtain?

(I was tempted to do a rude one ... but managed to restrain myself :D)
Some of these are sounding like "Adult" entertainment names...
Navy Blue broken throwing dart.

Well that kinda stinks :(
It's better than "the purple curtain" :D
What does "top" mean? Top of what? Or is Top an acronym "TOP"? Or is it your hair? EDIT: (top means shirt/sweater/etc.) I'm The Navy Screen.
Shirt, tshirt, vest, jumper, dress etc. etc. etc.
Black file my super hero name is lame. HAHAHa
Captain BLUE BALLS, almost to the rescue!!!........ Well this sucks.
vj raj
BlackCup !
+vj raj OMG! I looked at my right, saw a black cup and then instantly your comment on the top! Kinda creepy :-/
Biege Radiator - So basically I'm a very neutral superhero who may or may not save you....
Grey bicycle tire? Whats wrong with me? Lol!
"Blue Coffee" doesn't exactly instill a sense of awe...
Yellow Tissue... Geez, is it because I'm asian?
"Yellow Water"? Easily the last superhero to call.
Plaid Whiteboard? I think I'm a design flaw...
plaid nudar (futurama action figure)
Transparent Parent sounds like a terrible father.
I am the "Blue Mouse" (like many people here) Good thing you didn't say the object to my left, then I would have been the "Blue tray of CPU's" Yes, thank you Intel.
I am Black Mouse! and my superpower is High pitched crying...
Juna G
The Striped Stapler!
Gray Cube Wall. Doesn't really have that "ring" to it.
I'm apparently the "Blue Caanoo"... It's not bad, in all fairness.
I'll go with Gray Flint, striker of fires and world champion flintknapper.
Yellow Snow.... hmmm, ... I think not.
tie-dye naked woman to the rescue!!!!!!!!!!
Prepare yourself true believers for the ..... Blue Hockey Puck!
I haven't put on a shirt yet today, so I suppose I'm THE NAKED VICE.
The Grey Ashtray. - I don't think I'll be striking fear into the corrupt criminal underclass of the city any time soon :(
Blue Sharpie reporting for duty...
The Grey Trash Can. Somehow, I don't think this one will catch on...
The Blue Lego. meh
The Blue Newtons Cradle. I knew I should've brought my trident to work today. Btw, that was a joke. I realized earlier that you have to say when you're joking or people will assume you're being serious and attempt to correct your painfully obvious sarcasm.
Purple Lamp, here.
Green Kleenex? I guess I fight and hide snot?
Black Tablet? or Black Transformer?... I don't like it... :(
other choices:
Black Phone, Black Hard Disk, Black Scanner? I still don't like it...
Orange Person! ("It must be an object!" you may object. ...Object of my affection. Sidekick? Perhaps.)
I am Black Chair!

This games sucks during the winter.
Everyone's wearing dark colors (except for a couple people wearing white - they obviously didn't get the memo about the Labour Day thing though)
Turquoise Handbag, to the rescue!
90% of these responses should be 'color'+mouse
Behold, I am "Grey Mouse"! Kneel before me.
You have unleashed the Powers of "Red Sprite!"
"The Black Highlighter".....oh well
Most people are holding a Mouse .... which should be their nearest object , and how many ppl said it ?
Blue Dragon ......... well actually its a mouse but one can hope :-)
RED PILLOW. Well at least I am dreaming of saving the day :D
Black wipes??!!!???!!
Kin Wah

Blue Scanner! I see your DPI, all of them, that makes me sad...
I am "the topless aquarium" 
Skin scraper.... i guess im a villain then
Purple Mug - sounds like another bad guy.
Blue charger.. Now that's something.
White Zebra pillow.............dah dah da da dahhhh!
purple glasses ..sigh failed agin...
I'm the Plaid Bubblewrap! Feel my wrath.
The Beige Blanket. I'm the most boring superhero ever. 
Invisible toilet paper :P
I'm Black Cup as well - but you may call me Black Tea to distinguish me from the other one... ;)
To the Green-Book-Mobile!!
Red Beats by Dr. Dre... That's a good superhero name for me.. And incidentally my beats are red too...!!
Gray Chair

Doesn't sound very superhero-ey to me.
grey piano, that just doesn't sound right to me
The Grey Lotion! Ashy elbows, wind burn and winter hands beware! 
Ad k
brown radiator.....
Pink scissors. Just watch it bad guys!
the question now is, who is the "real" grey mouse?
Janet C
Red Corkscrew!
Gunmetal (look it up on wiktionary) snow (Airport Snow)... Gunmetal Snow.
Red Optical Mouse! :))
I......AM.......>>>> AQUA TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Greetings, the Black Fingernail File has entered the building.
Red English bulldog, I'm ok with this.

black weight i am insulted jk
Black Trackball doesn't sound like a very nice superhero to me...
the Black Soda Pop...odd cause im a white dude, lol
Black mousepad, which ironically, it is
Black Tulips... that's weird. :-/
Tai Mi
black monster!!
Lolcat toilet paper. My shirt is covered in lolcats so i guess thats its color.
Blue balls... wait that's not cool.
wtf i am a bluish green coffee mug when the coffee mug is actually brown and what do you mean the color of your top.. i wear shirts with collars proper
Who goes there?!...
Invisible Rubix Cube coming to save the day!
I'm the Green Invoice Man ... Hahahaha!
I am apparently The Blue Mouse! or...Blue Floppy Disk, Blue Mouse Pad, Blue Isamot Kol {Green Lantern Action Figure}, Blue Black Mary Marvel Print, Blue Book (Fear me College Students!)....lotta crap to my right.
I am the Gray - Plastic Outlet Protector. Where's my cape?
Er... Pink Bra.

I need to clean my room.
blue bomber! (bomber hat was next to me)
Cindy P
Gray alarm clock
"Gray Glass" alright! so I wonder what my superpower is now :s
i've a stupid in my right and i'm wearing black.
i would consider changing my name. someone help.
All be fearful of the ...Grey Add-lister
Great I'm the Blue Candle,, beware I shoot fire..
I've just discovered, thanks to this post, that my girlfriend's secret identity is:
The Green Lantern !!! * gasp *
- its true!!
I'm only the Grey Window...
Green Pillow, feared by all super villians!
Blue Bed.... hmmmm...that sounds more like a Porn Name!
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