Google Authorship Markup Disadvantages Everybody Ignores?

I genuinely like +Tadeusz Szewczyk but can't agree with much in this piece. I contacted him privately and we agreed to have the debate out in the open so everyone can contribute. Here's my quick rebuttal to his points.

Tad: Google may kill your ranking (if AuthorRank is implemented)
Me: Google may boost your ranking. The goal is to reward expertise. Will Google always get it right? No. But I think moving toward a meritocracy would be a step in the right direction.

Tad: Google may assign your authorship to articles you haven't written
Me: That'll happen regardless of whether you use authorship or not. Using authorship reduces this potential mishap.

Tad: Google might judge your authority based on your Google+ engagement 
Me: It hasn't happened yet and Google will be looking at the engagement graph overall not just Google+. It's also about how your content is engaged on, not your personal engagement. (See: Ripples)

Tad: Google will remember your author history
Me: You can break the authorship connection by removing it from the Contributor to section. There's also a problem with history right now. A publisher can change the author on a piece of content and Google recognizes that. So history currently isn't in place but should be IMO.

Tad: Google might dismiss your guest articles
Me: Google might determine that links from guest posts back to the author's site could be weighted less. However, I see no indication that this is anywhere on their radar. (Bigger fish to fry frankly.) And if you're worried about guest blogging links well you're in trouble anyway.

Tad: Google might judge you based on the actual image you use
Me: Authorship photos are screened but I've never seen the use of a non-standard avatar remove a site. 

I still see no indication that Authorship is impacting rank but is solely being used to highlight authors in search results. The only place this gets sticky is in personalized search where the Authorship signal often gets confused with the social signal. 

For me, there are very few disadvantages here and most of those identified by Tad could, easily, be an advantage if you're producing valuable and memorable content. 

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