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Knowledge Graph Integrated into Search Result Listings

To help you learn more about the websites you see in your search results, starting today you may see more information about them directly on the results page when you search on your desktop. Simply click on the name next to the link to check it out:

This is ... potentially huge since it gives a very clear way for users to understand whether they should trust that site or not. While I've already been playing with it for the last year, I think 'knowledge graph optimization' is going to become a thing this year.

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Thanks AJ - agree about this being potentially huge, and I officially on your behalf coin the acronym KGO. :)
Knowing that it is quite easy to spam - even if temporarily - a site like Wikipedia... or knowing how Wikipedia is not that trusted source many think... we could also coin the acronym KGBO (Knowledge Graph Black Optimization) :D
"knowledge graph Optimization" is a great term to use to differentiate between "rich snippets" or enhanced displays that directly extract structured information from a webpage itself..

 Both are enhanced displays in SERPS, but where is the line drawn between Searching over data (aka internally stored and curated results such as the knowledge graph) and searching over documents such as cached, pre-indexed web pages. Are we able to differentiate it in SERPS? For now, I would say yes.

We now have results that "collide" with the knowledge graph, (i.e graphs of information that intersect /overlap or "collide with one another from an information point of view"  & for which we need KGO)  vs results that extend the knowledge graph from some  hopefully/presumably  trusted web source? 

Agree with AJ about this being potentially huge and go with +Aaron Bradley   on officially coining the acronym.

If searching over data one day supersedes search over documents, where does the knowledge graph end and the web begin?
+Barbara Starr
So would you say that part of KGO is making sure that all possible uses of rich snippets are used?
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