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Realbooster SEO Software = Spammer

Okay, I know I'm supposed to be wishing everyone well in the New Year but this blatant carpet bombing comment spam pisses me off.

So, I'll be nice and give Realbooster the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it's not you doing this but instead some troll you hired to promote your SEO software. (Though the fact that you're promoting SEO software and have hired a poor SEO provider doesn't look good either.)
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With content such as;

"... If your site is not yet listed or if your site is new website this is best plan to get started. With this package we will list your website in thousands of analytic and whois trust websites. ..."

"... What else can be if the URL of your website will appear on the thousands of pages of good and oldy trust websites? ..."

"... Over a sixty thousand of proxies with a minimum of use, this means you are getting each proxy for as low as $0.0005! ..."

"... Wу used our ProChecker tool to gather a list of PHP Link Directory websites, ..."

If they cannot be bothered to hire someone who can at least type standard English ...
Any software with Blaster or Booster in the Title is always a Bad thing!
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