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Request: Do a search for SEO in Google+ then screencap and send/post me your results.

Here's what mine looks like. Thanks in advance for your time and assistance.
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Here are the happy faces I get: Rand, You, Matt Siltala, Aaron Wall, Sal Surra, David Mihm

Solid group
Just uploaded and shared a pic with you.

AJ Kohn, SEO book, Jonathan Colman, Rand Fishkin, Point blank SEO, Dejan SEO
I get: AJ Kohn, Rand Fishkin, Kate Morris, Kevin Mullett, Nick Stamoulis
Rand Fishkin, AJ Kohn, SEOmoz, John Doherty, Jonathon Colman, aaron wall
+AJ Kohn Yah....Don't know how..:)
So you are doing a case study on how Google+ show recommended people in Google search?
AJ Kohn
I'm working up a full-on Google+ SEO guide +Harsh Agrawal. One part of that is optimizing for internal search (both instant and results). So this is research on how these results are generated and how you would increase your chances of being seen for these types of searches.
+AJ Kohn Great to hear that. Waiting to see another awesome piece of guide from you.
AJ Kohn
Thank you +Evan Fishkin. Mind redoing that now that you have me in a circle to see if I suddenly pop up on your results.
Got the same result. Will +1 you then try again.

No change after +1 on this post and your website. I'll see if there's possibly a delay and try again after lunch.
AJ Kohn
Much appreciated +Evan Fishkin. There may be some lag time between when you add someone to a circle and when that's reflected in these personalized search results. (That is if my theory on how this works holds true.)
AJ Kohn
Neither +Luke Storer (though I may be asking for that down the road). Right now it's the internal search on Google+.
AJ Kohn
Thank you +J Korhonen, interesting that you have so many Pages in your results.
Interesting thread, AJ - like you, I wonder what influences this "ranking"... if you can even call it that? When I run the search on [seo], I get myself first (wonder if that's by design more than by algorithm?) and then +Rand Fishkin, +Todd Mintz, +SEOmoz, +Bill Slawski, and +Cyrus Shepard (respectively).

Since I'm demonstrably nowhere near as smart as these folks, it's hard for me to understand why so many of you are seeing me here. Also, I note that five of these results are for people and one is for a brand. Why isn't there more of a balance between people/pages? And why aren't more prominent SEOs (or folks who are more prominent in the SEO world), such as, say, +Dennis Goedegebuure, +Greg Boser, +Vanessa Fox, +Matt Cutts, +Marshall Simmonds, et al. showing up as well?

Some thoughts:

● I'm in a decent amount of circles: 3,363 and rising. Getting mentioned/shared by +Robert Scoble and +Beth Kanter had a big impact on that (Thanks, Robert + Beth!). I wonder if either circle count or the amount of sharing in circles has any impact here.

● I +1 a ton of content in search results and on pages. Nearly all of it is SEO-specific. Perhaps having a high amount of +1 activity/strong focus on a particular topic area has an impact as well.

● Not all of these folks are following me, but I am following all of them. Would I still see this same sub-set if I didn't follow these folks?

● I mention "SEO" in my profile title. I also have a "verified" account from back in the day when Google Profiles automated this feature with a credit check.

● I'm not using rel=author for myself or for my site. Are these other folks? Would that even make a difference?

● People/pages/topic search is obviously still evolving. Not only that, but it appears to be pretty dynamic and fluid. I just re-ran the search on [seo] and suddenly +Danny Sullivan was added to the mix.

● Better still, do a search for [search engine optimization] and check out the results. I'd expect them to be similar, but they look pretty different: +Danny Sullivan, +Dana Lookadoo, +Wil Reynolds, me, +Robert Visser, and then +Jill Whalen.
AJ Kohn
+Jonathon Colman, from what I can tell the algo is actually fairly rudimentary. I'll spell this out in detail in my post on the topic but in general it is:

Has text of query in Introduction or Employment part of profile.
Is in one of your Circles.
Circle count.
Engagement (wildcard signal)

Many of the people you mention aren't showing up because they don't have the keyword in their Introduction or Employment.

One of the reasons I believe you rank well is that you have that term in both areas and are in a decent amount of circles. It would be nice if engagement and quality were part of the equation but I don't think that's part of the algorithm yet.
AJ Kohn
Thank you +Eric Wu, you're one of the few who has Danny popping up for this query.
Quality is pretty difficult for a machine to judge, I mean, what parameters would you recommend to evaluate it?

+1's and Shares ?
Post Length ?
posted link content ?
+AJ Kohn Just logout to see what unpersonalized results look like. :D
AJ Kohn
Well, I was able to see what they look like with a new user +Dan Leveille. (My wife isn't active on G+ so I got to see it through her eyes.)
Q. Are we supposed to search in personalized or non-personalized mode? (e.g. logged out in incognito).
+Dejan SEO You're searching within Google Plus... so you have to be logged in. ;-)
I've shared it with you - Rand Fishkin, Danny Sullivan, Brian Ussery, Glenn Gabe, Pedro Dias and Aaron Wall
Can't wait for your blog post +AJ Kohn with results of all screenshots, and your hypothesis on what determines ranking for SEO or any other keyword.
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