Are You Obsessed with the Social Small Stuff

Lately, however, I have noticed a troubling theme in the questions.

More and more people are sweating the small stuff.

Usually thoughtful and cool-headed people are investing hours pondering …

How many times a month should I post?
Should I answer every comment?
How many words are in a successful post?
How long should a headline be?
How many keywords should be included in the first paragraph?
These questions are the subject of tweetchats and even have enough gravitas to carry a full 60 minute webinar.

This is absurd.

Take a step back and you can see the hazy influence of the “get rich quick” mentality. Without knowing it, these well-meaning folks are looking for a “silver bullet” that will instantly solve their problems. Others are hoping that the right combination of post frequency, length, and headline type will instantly turn them into content rockstars.

These questions, while interesting, are ultimately meaningless unless you’ve tackled the “big stuff”

Really good stuff here from +Stanford Smith. I think there's more big stuff to be discussed than in this post actually, but getting beyond the blades of grass so you're at least seeing the trees, if not the forest, is a good thing.

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