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How To Test Your Google Authorship Markup (In One Click!)

I realized I should create a Rich Snippets Testing Tool Bookmarklet so I don’t have to continually go to the page manually. So I dusted off my limited javascript skills and after about 10 minutes half an hour of trial and error had it figured out.

Thanks to +John Doherty for the inspiration and +Steven Weldler and +Donna Fontenot (and others I'm probably leaving out) for helping to QA this bookmarklet.

#seo #authorshipmarkup #richsnippets
Test your Google Authorship markup (or any rich snippet) using this Rich Snippets Testing Tool Bookmarklet.
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Nice tool. Thanks to you, I made my profile show up in SERPs.
Could you say more about these bugs you've found in the Rich Snippets Testing Tool?
AJ Kohn
Sure +Ade Oshineye. Two in particular right now:

rel="publisher" colliding with rel="author"
While I believe that Google can actually parse this correctly and displays it the 'right' way, the tool throws and error and often displays the publisher image instead of the author image. Both will likely confuse users.

email Author verification not supported
My tests seem to indicate that while the new email verification works and will generate Authorship, the RSTT does not support this method and will present a false negative (i.e - error).

I can provide examples if desired.
+AJ Kohn if you can create a new post with the bugs and examples I can pass it on to the team responsible.
Just make it public otherwise I have to add every single person the team in order to let them read it.
AJ Kohn
Okay, will do.
AJ Kohn
+W.E. Jonk, to my knowledge that advice is a bit outdated and +John Mueller has provided slightly different guidance since then.

I think Google would prefer that you not place them together (I don't want to speak for +John Mueller though!) They may be able to parse the correctly but either way, the RSTT shows that they collide which will produce a fair amount of user confusion.
Sorry for my ignorance.. But I cannot find a reference where it says that rel author and rel publicer cannot used together. If Google says it can be used together they might not collide... Can you give any reference?
Most excellent! Thanks for the tool. Do I need a 'rel=author' link to my google+ profile on every page?
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