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Penguin Analysis

Microsite Masters is in a unique position; we have historical ranking data for thousands of websites. We have data on sites that are still doing great, and we have data on sites where rankings have tanked. We’ve decided to mine through all of this data (giving us a nice large sample size), and the results we found, although not unexpected by us, should give you a clear indication as to exactly how you should build and rank sites moving forward.

The stats here are interesting but I'd skip the advice on how to move forward.

#seo #penguinupdate
Microsite Masters provides solutions on how to survive and thrive in SEO after the Google Penguin Update.
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All about link diversity and good content. Good post!
Dang it! I was going to share this but you beat me to it!
Glad you guys enjoyed it! Figured we could put that data to good use somehow! :)
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