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SEOmoz, a search engine optimization company that provides some of the best SEO software tools on the planet, will rebrand itself “very soon” and will be known simply “Moz”. SEOmoz, led by Rand Fishkin, will soon drop the “SEO” (which stands for Search Engine Optimization) part of their name.

What do you think of this change?

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Very interesting, there is a lot of debate about SEO and what to call it, or what it even is today.
When I was working for Raven years ago we changed branding from Raven SEO Tools to Raven Internet Marketing Tools. +Jon Henshaw is pretty good at seeing the path ahead.

I think it's a smart move. SEO is just a component of what their tools cover. No need to box yourself in.
An understandable change
SEOmoz is one of my most trusted resources. There is certainly merit in the name change, but for some reason I feel like I'm going to miss the old name. It just had a comfort level attached to it for me. But hey, we'll all keep moving forward.
With the lines of SEO and SM being blurred, it's really no surprise. It's a good move for the brand.
Yup, SEO in itself won't work for Search anymore. Good change this.
Compartmentalization is not a good strategy...This change makes sense given the ongoing shift towards integrated social/seo/ux/ads strategies.
I've never been clear on what "moz" meant, though. And I wonder if this will hurt their SERP ranks for "seo" phrases....
Makes sense to me and I would always keep one brand rather than brand + multiple products. Freeing themselves from 'SEO' will not only keep up with the blurring of lines within that space but will also allow them to dive into other 'online marketing' areas.
+AJ Kohn  I personally think that SEO is TOO niche and with the proliferation of other online marketing channels its probably not the worst idea to diversify a bit.  

I mean heck, even the USPS has a regional inbound marketing campaign that costs less than just about any online google based search marketing campaign.  

Marketing is marketing and its better to be prolific than not so help me find 100 ways to get one customer and I'll use them all but if you want to stick with one way to get 100 then you should probably do some research to find out what most businesses are experiencing ala the Yellowpages.
SEOmoz is known for one of the best SEO communities and software.  While other companies such as HubSpot and Raven Tools focus on the integration of tools, SEOmoz features have focused primarily on SEO with some other really good social media tools added on.  If I want inbound marketing tips, I go to HubSpot.  If I want SEO tips, I go to SEOmoz.  (HubSpot's articles are good for all inbound, but I find their SEO articles not as innovative as SEOMoz's)

As long as that same focus to SEOmoz's core competency exists, I don't think it's a big deal.  However, it would be a problem to try and be an expert in everything.  A product that is marketed towards everybody, is a product for nobody.
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