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Google Has a Secret Interview Process

If Google sees that you're searching for specific programming terms, they'll ask you to apply for a job. It's wild. Here's how it works.

Well this is incredibly cool. #google  
If Google sees that you're searching for specific programming terms, they'll ask you to apply for a job. It's wild. Here's how it works.
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I have caught whifs of this but the first time I've seen it documented to hire. Hope this didn't violate any NDA. 
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AJ Kohn

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App Indexing Signal Applies When Users Don't Have App Installed

However, I suspect there are many who don’t realize or remember that the ranking signal applies to search results even when the searcher doesn’t have the app already installed, and this will be even more important now that Google is actually experimenting with app indexing results for searchers without the app.

If you've got an App and you're not moving forward with App Indexing then you're going to have a bad time. 

#seo   #appindexing  
Google is experimenting showing app indexing results to users who do not have the app already installed, if Google feels the app result is a good result for the particular search query.  And the app indexing ranking signal applies to those results too, for searches coming from an Android. Google hosted a Webmaster Office Hours …
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I can really see the day when the SERPS are filled with functionally relevant app suggestions related to a query. It will be a boon to app developers who are struggling with limited visibility in the 2 main app stores and of course the fact, mentioned in this article and elsewhere, that users (after an initial burst of enthusiasm) install few of them, and use even less!
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AJ Kohn

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Counting cash on #caturday . 
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Looks catorfit bills to me..
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AJ Kohn

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The Future of Developing Firefox Add-ons

We are implementing a new extension API, called WebExtensions—largely compatible with the model used by Chrome and Opera—to make it easier to develop extensions across multiple browsers.

If I'm reading this correctly this means that extensions or add-ons could now be cross-browser compatible. Definitely better for developers. I'm not quite sure if it'll help Firefox build marketshare or potentially lose it. 

#firefox   #webdevelopment  
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AJ Kohn

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A Website's Structured Data Success Story

The slide deck of a presentation I gave during SmartData Conference 2015 tries to answer these types of questions by telling the success story of a website that was semantically optimized by using and other protocols.

Details are provided on what was optimized, data showing semantically-enriched webpages generated substantially more search engine-referred traffic than non- or less-enriched control groups did, and insights gained by re-using structured data to measure its impact on search.

This post and presentation by +Jarno van Driel is extremely interesting and important. I've been using and pushing structured data but this is next level stuff and adds greater impetus to using the mark-up to help Google understand your content.

#seo   #structureddata  
A story about how a website was semantically optimized by using and other protocols and how this lead to a Panda recovery and then some...
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"inline coding just isn't very scalable"

Not only isn't it very scalable, it's brittle as well. Forgetting to close one HTML element can lead to a graph exploding. JSON-LD definitely is the future, something even some of the folks that are (partially) responsible for the RDFa and microdata W3 specs admit.

Hopefully soon we all can forget those inline syntaxes ever existed.
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AJ Kohn

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Thank you +Chris Hardwick. 
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There was a huge debate over here in Germany some years ago, wether it is acceptable to make fun at Hitler, and even do comedies about him. A lot of people still think you can't, but a lot of people also said you not only can - but should.
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AJ Kohn

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Do Popups Work?

No matter how much people might say they hate pop-ups, they work when it comes to increasing subscribers to your newsletter. Period.

+Rae Hoffman does a nice job showing exactly how well popups work in this post. Everyone says they hate popups but until they actually stop working you're going to continue to see them.

The only thing to keep an eye on when you use more aggressive techniques is lead/subscriber quality. It's often a bit less than traditional methods but not enough to make the tactic inefficient. 

#marketing   #blogging  
Thinking about adding a popup to your site but are a little unsure? Check out this OptinMonster experiment & its effect on list signups & site bounce rate.
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Strictly from a user perspective, popups distract me and I would like to prefer subscribe from the main form rather than a popup.

As a business owner, I would like to lure users when they are about to leave, just to give some freebies or discounts. That's the right time for a popup, they are about to leave anyway..
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AJ Kohn

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Good Search Abandonment (pdf)

Our findings imply that it is a mistake to uniformly consider query abandonment as a negative signal. Further, there is a potential opportunity for search engines to drive additional good abandonment, especially for mobile search users, by improving search features and result snippets.

There is an enormous amount of insight in this bit of research brought to my attention by the very smart +Enrico Altavilla. If you're not reading this kind of stuff you're not going to know what really matters and what's coming next. 

And if you didn't know, +Scott Huffman is sort of a big deal, so it's wise to keep track of research conducted by him. Oh, and just a pro tip of sorts, don't sleep on the references section in research papers.

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Hi +AJ Kohn , thanks for the citation.  :-)

That paper is one of those that I read to study the more general relationship between user (re)actions and rankings. I did a speech on this topic a few years ago and I'll leave here a few links to the other papers that helped me to acquire a wider understanding of the matter:

While most of them focus on clicks, some papers are more generic, like the one that you shared.

Enjoy!  :-)

Discovering Common Motifs in Cursor Movement Data for Improving Web Search

No Clicks, No Problem: Using Cursor Movements to Understand and Improve Search

Improving Searcher Models Using Mouse Cursor Activity

Beyond Position Bias: Examining Result Attractiveness as a Source of Presentation Bias in Clickthrough Data

Learning Dense Models of Query Similarity from User Click Logs

Good Abandonment in Mobile and PC Internet Search

An Experimental Comparison of Click Position-Bias Models

A Dynamic Bayesian Network Click Model for Web Search Ranking

Query Chains: Learning to Rank from Implicit Feedback

Active Exploration for Learning Rankings from Clickthrough Data

Ad Click Prediction: a View from the Trenches
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AJ Kohn

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Work Hard, Live Well

As an industry, we are falling short of our potential. We could be accomplishing more, and we could be providing a better life for all of the people who work in technology. If you’re going to devote the best years of your life to work, do so intentionally. You can do great things AND live your life well. You can have it all, and science says you should.

I 100% agree with +Dustin Moskovitz and I've followed this philosophy through my entire technology career. Even during the dot com rush I told potential employers that if a meeting was called for at 6pm I wouldn't be attending. If I'm not getting the job done in 40 hours then I'm not very good at my job. 

#business   #life   
Amazon isn’t the only company burning out their employees with unsustainable expectations. Let’s break the cycle.
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work smart, play hard, rest easy ... my #motto  ;)
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AJ Kohn

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Searching Without Intent

When was the last time you just spontaneously would up on a set of Google search results about a specific topic of interest? You didn't enter any query terms or speak into your phone. The results are just presented to you without any input.

Yeah, that doesn't happen.

Yet, supposedly, it's just such an event that allows Google to manipulate and change elections. Man, who knew!?

So congratulations to the academics who figured out that people have more trust in those items at the top of a forced rank order than at the bottom. I had no idea people might think better of the best beach in the US versus the 10th best beach in the US. Wow, what's next? Will you tell me that ocean water is saltier than tap water? 

#search   #criticalthinking
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Yeah that was such a fucking bizarre and contrived study.
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AJ Kohn

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Yes, Click-Through Rate Is A Ranking Signal, But ...

After a week of activity, the clicked URL improved its ranking from the 10th to the 3rd position and maintained an average rank for the rest of the time between the 4th and 5th positions.

An interesting study by +Cesarino Morellato and +Andrea Scarpetta

The debate over CTR's potential role as a ranking factor continues with the results of an experiment run by contributors Cesarino Morellato and Andrea Scarpetta.
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Thanks so much +Andrea Scarpetta. Very helpful!
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AJ Kohn

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Snapchat Lost a Ton of Money Last Year

In 2013, teenage attention-pit Snapchat turned down a $3 billion buyout offer from Facebook, which is only not an insane and arrogant decision if you’re going to reap so much profit that you’re eventually worth more than that. Internal financial documents obtained by Gawker show Snapchat was very far from profitable last year.

It's not unheard of to lose this type of money as you spin up a large platform business. But I'm just not sure Snapchat is well suited as a branding or ad platform, which casts a different light on these numbers.

#snapchat   #advertising  
In 2013, teenage attention-pit Snapchat turned down a $3 billion buyout offer from Facebook, which is only not an insane and arrogant decision if you’re going to reap so much profit that you’re eventually worth more than that. Internal financial documents obtained by Gawker show Snapchat was very far from profitable last year. Confirmed: Snapchat Turned Down More Than $3 Billion Last Year Confirmed: Sn...
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I guess this is that lesson we all learn at some point, don't be too greedy. 3 Billion!? I'll have my island now, thank you!
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