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Breaking: ‘Not Provided’ to Slam 3rd Party Paid Search

We received this information from a source that I trust. This source, and only a few others, received a notice directly from Google regarding Paid Search query data. I have read the document myself, which is why I am sharing this on our blog today.

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+Andrea Pernici As i mentioned in the post I am protecting the source of this info. I have seen the memo personally but of course am not going to put it up on the blog ;)

I simply paraphrased the memo. I trust the source of the info and they are asking to remain 100% anonymous so they have 0 to gain by releasing this.
I'm not sure I got it.
Suppose the source is trustworthy. That would only apply to 3rd parties accessing AdWords data via API, correct?
So you still could pay and be able to see your AdWords keywords despite any privacy pretext, right?
I'm missing how this could be a right step toward not being hypocritical ;) Looks to me more like preventing competitors supplying a service G provides itself.
+Federico Sasso from my understanding this would just be the 1st step in the process & there is a lot of discussion going on right now about this at Google. But yeah I agree it is still hypocritical at this point in time.
A little humor anyone? I posted this on your blog post +A.J. Ghergich . "'Life is Good' was something I put in the banner for my calendar with the Microsoft Office Suite. Sadly I didn't copyright/trademark it, and while life is still good, someone else seized the day. How about a copyright/trademark for 'Monetize This!' or, better yet '(not provided)'? This is a unpaid, free tip." ; )
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