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Ack, it's Chrome being Chrome again!

Can anyone provide some advice on what I have to do to stop Chrome from garbling my text? What fonts do I have that are contributing to this? It's driving me crazy, and I've already run Font Finagler (font cache eraser thing). I'm on a Mac.
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No dice, wahwah.

It shows up on web pages too, it seems to depend on font  and type size. Sometimes I can cheat it and make the text bigger or smaller on a page and the font will straighten out. I'm either missing something or have the wrong thing (font) as I think this text only shows up when the browser has nothing to "draw" the font from...

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My favorite burger place, b.good, on GMA Live! Love them!!


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Check this out! Rock'n'Roll, Lady!
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That's some badass blues right there. Kind of funny to watch someone in a fancy coat like that tappin' them frets!
If you read one thing this morning... read this, please.

"""Every Friday afternoon Chase's teacher asks her students to take out a piece of paper and write down the names of four children with whom they'd like to sit the following week. The children know that these requests may or may not be honored. She also asks the students to nominate one student who they believe has been an exceptional classroom citizen that week. All ballots are privately submitted to her.

And every single Friday afternoon, after the students go home, Chase's teacher takes out those slips of paper, places them in front of her and studies them. She looks for patterns.

Who is not getting requested by anyone else?

Who doesn't even know who to request?

Who never gets noticed enough to be nominated?

Who had a million friends last week and none this week?

You see, Chase's teacher is not looking for a new seating chart or "exceptional citizens." Chase's teacher is looking for lonely children. She's looking for children who are struggling to connect with other children. She's identifying the little ones who are falling through the cracks of the class's social life. She is discovering whose gifts are going unnoticed by their peers. And she's pinning down -- right away -- who's being bullied and who is doing the bullying.

As a teacher, parent and lover of all children -- I think that this is the most brilliant Love Ninja strategy I have ever encountered. It's like taking an X-ray of a classroom to see beneath the surface of things and into the hearts of students. It is like mining for gold -- the gold being those little ones who need a little help -- who need adults to step in and TEACH them how to make friends, how to ask others to play, how to join a group or how to share their gifts with others. And it's a bully deterrent because every teacher knows that bullying usually happens outside of her eyeshot -- and that often kids being bullied are too intimidated to share. But as she said -- the truth comes out on those safe, private, little sheets of paper.

As Chase's teacher explained this simple, ingenious idea -- I stared at her with my mouth hanging open. "How long have you been using this system?" I said.

Ever since Columbine, she said. Every single Friday afternoon since Columbine."""

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These are my friends, some I've never met in person and some 
I know in person. These are their businesses, their non-profits, their livelihood. They are all awesome! Their Facebook Pages are linked below. This is a Public image, so please share and share!

When you work with a small business owner or non-profit, see a band, hire a local service person, you are directly contributing to a community’s well-being. You’re helping pay for a mortgage or rent, and groceries. You’re helping care for the environment, an elderly parent, their children, their pets, and more.

Go small or go local, & feel big love.

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Why not give your loved ones Hep B and E this year- show them you care!
Hepatitis B (shown in blue) and E (shown in pink) earrings are now available from my shop. The virus capsid has been 3D printed. Other colours  available. :)

First picture, with the test tubes, taken by a colleague

#3dprint   #earrings   #jewellery   #sciart  
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Think of the puns you can make! Plus, they are a good talking point... :)

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"This design won the Teachers Design Challenge and is part of Threadless Causes, community-based design for the power of good. 100% of sales from this tee will go to to help provide much-needed supplies to public school teachers across the country. Each tee also comes with a $20 gift card to, which you can donate to the project that most inspires you."

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A must-read
50 WORST Charities in the USA, top 20:
1 Kids Wish Network
2 Cancer Fund of America
3 Children's Wish Foundation International
4 American Breast Cancer Foundation
5 Firefighters Charitable Foundation
6 Breast Cancer Relief Foundation
7 International Union of Police Associations 
8 National Veterans Service Fund
9 American Association of State Troopers
10 Children's Cancer Fund of America
11 Children's Cancer Recovery Foundation
12 Youth Development Fund
13 Committee For Missing Children
14 Association for Firefighters and Paramedics
15 Project Cure (Bradenton, FL)
16 National Caregiving Foundation
17 Operation Lookout National Center for Missing Youth
18 United States Deputy Sheriffs' Association
19 Vietnow National Headquarters
20 Police Protective Fund 

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Catching a reaction in the act -AFM images show a reactant and two of its products
WAHM designer with 2 rugrats. Husband works wood.
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