Motorized Bicycle
Runs great.
60 MPG.
Cuts through traffic with ease.
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Rod Uding
Takes out those pesky zombies in the pedestrian cross walks also.
Come on zombies, let's have it!
Chain drive to the steered wheel is usually problematic, and this guy has a less elegant solution than others I have seen - the entire motor and fuel tank turn with the handlebars.
yeah and if your by the crosswalk? does it cut through that just as easy? im not saying, im just saying
"Damn I forgot my bicycle!" - Bruce Campbell. 
it looks like it would great in a zombie attack
looks kind of dangerous.... like a murder bike or something!?
I knew there was something missing off the front of my last bike! So, Rotational blade to prevent 'incidents' :)
Lol cuts through traffic with ease because it has a chainsaw attached to the front. Hahahaha
it can be legal if you want it to be..
you just have to believe!!!
Yeah u dont need a bell hear for someone to get out of the way . Great !!!
looks like Leather face gots some new wheels
I bet you 100 dollars it can kill lol
how much are those and can i make it homeade
it cuts through traffic.
do you have something like this for politics!!!
Next thing you know you'll be cutting police cars!
Just be really careful not to go over the handlebars.
Nalla J
Death Race 2012...
Engine looks like it came from a motorized post hole digger.
How about a rocket mounted on the rear rack? A supersonic can opener.
Tie a broom to its rear and you can sweep the streets as you go.
Zombie Apocolypse Checklist:
Shotgun: Check
Body-Armor: Check
Zombie-Slaying Bike: READY FOR BUSINESS!!!!!!!
"Tony Montana Edition"......Scarface special express bicycle.

See yourself cruising down Miami Beach with baby!!!
Methinks it wont work so well. But super props for the idea.
Riding a FWD bike, idk if it's a good idea
Pete K
It has front wheel drive so you know that it is safe...unless you do an endo!
You can ride and cut down trees at the same time. Awesome
You'd have to remove the rear chain, I think. Otherwise your legs will take a beating that they'll never forget. Unless it only has a top speed of around 10 to 12 mph.
Fantastic! AWD! First of its kind.... What part of the world?
A bicycle by which you can break rules and no one will dare coming in front of you :P
turn that saw sideways and bam my yard work is down 45 minutes lol
Chuck Norris rides to the supermarket.
awesome but I'm just interested in the cutting through traffic part lol
Chainsaw is the Soviet chainsaw named "Druzhba" ("Friendship") Bike is named "Salut".
Thanks +Halften Raschat finally, a bicycle I would let my daughter ride.
Where can I get one for the summer traffic?
i would kick zombie ass on that bike
That would be better for the zombie apocalypse
Chainsaws are dangerous.. And city folk would stare at you and call the police if they see you with one.. Lmao
Umm... that looks like it's ridden by a chainsaw-weilding maniac.
Mike S
That might be illegal. I don't see a headlight.
OMG. All these zombie posts, its like people really anticipate the 'zombie apocalypse'
Stop trying to be a cut-up........LOL
I wonder if it will work in Philippine traffic?
Greg B
Just left the saw blade on there... Must have had a few beers right before the maiden flight.
I think I know what my new car will look like now.
Heck with 'mountain' bikes! This here looks like a 'path maker'!
That bicycle has too many chains. Very dangerous, handle with care
The zombie hordes are in for it now!
Looks like you're ready for the zombie apocalypse!
thats actually pretty badass
It has a chainsaw on front...
sidekick vehicle from 1997 Carmageddon!
Looks Like something out of "Road Warrior!
that looks dangerous iwill never ride on some thing like that
As long as the tip doesn't hit anything ;)
ha ha wow this is great got to share this ha ha lol!!!
Perfect commuter bike for the zombie apocalypse! word, why didn't I think of this? This is simply brilliant, but it looks a bit dangerous. hehehehe...
Dude, this is sooooo my dream ride. :P
bye to traffic jams???? bye to people on the road :P
somebody's getting through the zombie apocolypse
And should be used in the next Rob Zombie movie
Cory F
The possibilities are endless...
There's probably a good reason there's no front brake on this front-heavy bike.
The best girl's bike I've ever seen! I think it's missing the bell.
would be good for fighting zombies, probably (as long as you have a shotgun in hand)
Not sure I would want to go 60 mph on a bike in traffic.
How did I follow you ?
Cuts through traffic and zombies with ease.
Rawn Rackers:
I love the push bike
Remy RZ
is there a youtube video of this? I want to see this baby in action! >:D
"If you dont like the way I drive, stay off the sidewalk!"
Someone is ready for the zombie apocalypse.
Howie G
Looks perfect for burningman!
Front wheel drive bike 0.o Recipe for disaster, I would think.
hahahaha lol just what i need to get in waltmart lol
I would hurt myself on that thing , i wount even try it nope
Love it, looks like an antique.
don't step in front of it! yikes!
Great invention!... Looked more multifuntional though!
So this is how you put cruise control on a bicycle. 
Would be cool on "The Walking Dead"!
You would have to leaveon the rear chain so you would have SOME form of braking!
Gun Pro
I should use that for kids on my way to school....Get in my way now!!! =)
Well, this could put and end to "Road Rage" or open the next chapter... Baby carriages
put on the back and sides then i will be safe from the zombies
All you need to do is put a machine gun attachment on it
i dont understand why did he fix that to a bicycle.
Would it work with a bazooka on it?
Could be bad for someone who lost their drivers license for too many DUI's - lolol ;-)
i can't believe someone wasted like how many hours of their life making that, i mean if you aren't too lazy to make that, then you should be able to ride a normal bike.
Awesome idea until u flip over the handlebars ;)
"Tour de France Winner Disqualified!"
Now i know what to do when a car is in the bike lane

puts a whole new spin on "cutting someone off"
Smartest thing I've seen all day. It's been a long day....
I had no idea gears of war 4 was going to have vehicles
This is like something straight out of 'Dead Rising'! .... I like it!
sweet, can i have one of those? (^_^)
Fantastic Idea!! bet it'll clear up a traffic jam in a heart beat :)
Sweet Zombie apocalypse transportation :)
Thats badass were can I buy one......
Like a Gost Rider with byscle. Lol
Thats so freekin awesome!!!! I want one of those!
better not get in a fender bender
Nothing will ever get in your way!
Prepared for the Zombie Apocolype >.>
I need to get me one of those! Brings up a whole new way to 'Come at me bro!'
How much do you want for it? I'll give you anything.
Lol! Where can i get one of those bikes
Ready for the zombie apocalypse
Dude! Is That a one-of-a-kind deal, or do they really sell it in stores?
i want one of those to run over my enemies jk lol
at first i thought it was a chain saw attached to a bicicle for crashing
I would want this at the zombie apocalypse for sure.
it cuts me just to look at it chop chop
lol they should use it in a chainsaw flick!
The Texas chain saw boys got a bike . LOL
Ash C
Where did you get it? I want one
he didn't buy it, he made it. you can't just buy one of those
excuse me coming through haha jk haha same run over my enemies!!!
I'm on a budget... does it SLASH prices?
Time to go charge into people...
Dude thats awesome!!!!!!
Never get caught in traffic again!
Adam M
cut anyting in ur way lol
For when your bushwhacking....
I bet there's a demand for those in China.
lol looks like something out of a video game
u are just lazy. If you could take the time and the energy to make this bike, why can't you ride a normal one. Unless it didn't work originally then u r smart
and what if you hit the curb, it would mean IMMINENT DEATH!!!
can you make me one of those plz there mad
Too bad dead rising can't combine bike and chainsaw to make this.
Man I bet if you rode on the sidewalk you wouldn't need a little bell to warn pedestrians to get out of the way😄...
Leatherfaces the dude from The Texas Chain Saw Massacres bike as are kid you think thay would have seen the signs you got to blame the parents
chain saw mounted on a shit bike. What could be more imaginative?
Shit apple doesn't fall far from the shit tree boys...
woah. i wish i had one of those in middleschool. jocks bug this nerd, mc giever puts a hole in there sports equiptment.
wait, how do you stop without screwing up your face?
Eco friendly chainsaw or zombie ready quick getaway
That's the bike Jason should use in Friday the 13th. Instead of trekking trough the forest, he can ride around and kill people at the same time. He would kill two birds with one stone...literally.
NOT NICE....................BUT I LOVE IT!! hahaha
i saw some cool bikes here, but i could have used one of these in the tokyo streets these last couple of weeks.
Gus Idz
great tell the bikies theres a new bike in town
I'll bet it cuts through traffic like a knife through butter...!
Don't you know? Thats the latest Homeland Security Crowd Control
you could use that in a zombie apocalips
I bet it will cut through trafic real fast.
yes...that right,,, safety first...(_)(-)
Bike 60mpg. Prius 2mpg what do you think is better

I heard there's a new Carmageddon in the making ...
Ya know ya coulda taken the blade off!
I gotta get me one of these so i dont have to wait for people to move lol
great ...... can kill anyone who blocks our way !!!
ha ha! slaughter the zombies! they should put those in black ops
Just don't pop a wheelie!
Does it just cut through the traffic alone? haha...
Does everybody have car insurancehere?????????????????????
Id like to drive that to work
Are you playing gears of war 3 or preparing for the zombie appocolypse?
Exactly what I was looking for lmao
Now if you can cover the sides the same way, you're ready for Zombie Apocalypse.
Kind of gives new meaning to the term, "Chopper".
It is a russian bike "Salyut" with a russian chainsaw "Drugba".
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