14 More New Series, Each Reviewed in One Word
The TV Fall season has continued and more new series have aired. Last time I reviewed 13 new series, each in one word (goo.gl/17LHa). This time around I've watched another 14 first episodes of new series, and here's my reviews of each in one word.

Boss - Serious
Homeland - Gripping
Enlightened - Pretentious
Grimm - Ambitious
Person of Interest - Interesting
The Lying Game - Undemanding
Once Upon a Time - Charming
How to Be a Gentleman - Awful
American Horror Story - Bizarre
Ringer - Dull
Hell on Wheels - Unfulfilling
Up All Night - Forgettable
Unforgettable - Tolerable
Man Up - Usual

British bonus series:
Fresh Meat - Enjoyable

I'm planning on following a few of these, with my clear favorites being Homeland and Once Upon a Time.

What's your feelings about the new series of this Fall season?
Which ones are you following?
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+Kyle McBride American Horror Story is the best! Think The Shining meets Twin Peaks The Black Lodge. The opening credits alone are scary.
Grimm is ok. I really like Once Upon a Time. American Horror Story is disturbing but gripping. Person of Interest is nice and light action fair.

I have not seen the rest but want to catch Homeland.
The Starz series Boss is good. Grimm is not so good. I'd rather watch the other series it's trying to be... Supernatural.
I like American Horror Story quite a bit, although it's very disturbing. The cast is charismatic, creepy, and perfect for their roles. Terra Nova I'm bored with and will probably not watch again...I gave it 5 eps, and for the most part find the cast unlikeable. Grimm I've liked so far, and will likely keep watching. Once Upon, I have yet to watch (bf wants to watch too, so need to coordinate our schedules). Ringer I couldn't give more than one episode to, and that only because of SMG. Truly terrible show.
On that list I have only caught Hell on wheels. I am kind of torn. I want to like it, but I don't think I really did lol. I will give it another episode though.
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