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w00t! Congratz to all the nominees!

Now on the RPG front.. wow! let me say I have had some years were my allegiance was torn between two, but this year..... OMFG! Now thats a list of the creme de la creme. 

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a wake for long running comic book character Archie. 

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...well thats not creepy at all... 

...totally gonna buy two...

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I have been staring at this post for almost 30 mins trying to find the words. I've rewritten this three times before just giving up. There are so many reasons to feel an intense connection to this young man, to know the hell he's been through. I cannot find the words to express the miasma of emotions that ran through me reading this. 

Donate if you can, but please share this story. We cannot loose any more fellow geeks to suicide.


Wednesday Afternoon Random News Roundup:

• Marvel’s Avengers Confidential: Black Widow & Punisher Trailer on Youtube
• Jesse L Martin joins The Flash TV show cast
• Titan Comic Picks up Dr Who license 
• TableTop Day 2014 set for First Contact Day 
• Some dude's blog just realized that Judge Dredd is not a good guy
• Smithsonian points out that there were Black Knights at Arthur's Round Table 
• Filament of Cosmic Web finally spotted.

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Amidst the bumbling government shutdown, at least the USPS has it's priorities right. New flat rate board game shipping!
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