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AERODAKS · Made for running
Men's Technical Sports Briefs / Underwear. Made for running™
Men's Technical Sports Briefs / Underwear. Made for running™

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Unlike most 'sports' briefs/underwear, AERODAKS are comfortable even when saturated, they actually dry quickly and last.

Tested under extreme conditions to perform whether you're running a 12+ hour 100km ultra-marathon or hitting the gym.

• Italian micro-mesh → Light + breathable
• Added front layer → Less groin friction
• No side-seams → Less skin irritation
• Wide elastic → Less hip pressure
• Bi-elastic → Stretch + durability

Made for Running™

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15% off AERODAKS + chance to win Free & Guaranteed Ultra-Trail Australia 2019 entry

As proud sponsors of Ultra-Trail Australia, we are running a promotion before UTA 2019 entries officially open on Sep 26:

- Prize: Entry to any UTA 2019 event (valued up to $415)
- Entry: Buy a pair of AERODAKS using discount code: FBUTA19
- For an additional 5 chances to win, Like us on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter during checkout

Shop AERODAKS: (discount code: FBUTA19)

Ultra-Trail Australia:

Complete T&Cs:

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For those of you that ran at Ultra-Trail Australia, how comfortable were your undies?

The winner and runner-up of Ultra-Trail Australia 100km were +Brendan Davies and Ben Duffus … both of whom ran in AERODAKS and have used them consistently for the past 2+ years.

While good underwear won't make you run faster, it can make you considerably more comfortable and save you precious time dealing with unwanted niggles in a very sensitive area!

+Brendan Davies UTA 2018 100km winner:
"Super comfortable and work well in any race, short to ultra distance. They are the first bit of kit I put on on race morning - and they always set me up for a great day!"

Ben Duffus, UTA 2018 100km RU:
"Chafing can be a major issue when training through the Queensland summer, as every run is spent drenched in sweat, rain or both! Hence, I always found it challenging to find the “right” pair of running shorts that are comfortable, supportive and avoid chafing. Fortunately, AERODAKS makes every pair of running shorts the “right” pair, so I’ve worn them on nearly every run for the last two years. The comfort and durability has been fantastic, so I won’t be stopping anytime soon!"

AERODAKS is an Australian made, very comfortable, high quality and durable product with a a 60 day money-back satisfaction guarantee. Consider them as part of your training kit for ultra running or any sweaty sport for that matter:

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We recently asked some prominent athletes/coaches to give us feedback. Here it is in their own words:

+Brendan Davies
Super comfortable and work well in any race, short to ultra distance. They are the first bit of kit I put on on race morning - and they always set me up for a great day!

+rob krar
Aerodaks are my go-to brief for training and racing anytime I wear tights, half-tights or capri shorts. Ultra breathable and ultra light - they're everything I need and nothing I don't.

+Wes Gibson
A great product that fits the bill perfectly for runners. A durable, effective and reliable piece of kit that everyone should consider.

Aaron Knight:
A great addition to my gear for trail running! Quality product that I've also used for other sports too !

Why not try them yourself?

We stand by our product and offer a generous 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee:

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Mental Preparation for Ultra-Trail Australia (or any other ultra)

Now that your training is done, it is important to prepare your mind for your race. +Wes Gibson (athlete, coach at UP Coaching and PDHPE teacher) has shared some useful tips that he uses to get into the right headspace:

1) Preparation is important in all UTA events and obviously the longer you run the more you need to prepare. Keeping your plan to the point, within reason and flexible if needed will benefit all runners come race day.

2) Visualisation and mental imagery is going to be in overdrive this week. Keep it real and keep it based on your race, this will set you up for success and also potentially allow a more relaxed approach to the race. Take time for yourself, have a tea and just switch off focusing on UTA, similar can be done with relaxation and meditation techniques. Be sure to also get this done early in the week and try to pour your energy into rest later in the week so your aren't fried before you hear the start gun.

3) Be honest and kind to yourself in the last week before the race especially. The taper is now in full swing and you need to allow your body and mind to prepare accordingly for your race. No catch up sessions, no outrageous plans/goals and no major changes to your routine/eating. You need the extra rest, take a sleep in and you need to be honest about those last minute changes, base them on fact not hope. Look inward and find yourself because this is what will come to front when things get tough, not what you wanted to do but didn't quite do or dreamed of for the race.

Wes' blog "For the Run of It":

+Wes Gibson, along with Aaron Knight and +Brendan Davies will be visiting our stall in the UTA event expo this Fri afternoon. You can talk to them about all things running. Stay tuned for times.
For the Run of It
For the Run of It

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The Keys of a Successful Taper
By +Brendan Davies

“The harder we train and the longer we run, the more vital is the tapering process”

I’m sure we all have heard of what tapering is and its purpose. Everyone seems to have a different theory on it and what works best and it is very much an individual thing. From my perspective the taper is much more than just ‘putting your feet up’ and resting on your laurels in the preceding weeks before an event. It is a crucial period where the athlete must find the delicate balance between maintaining the new capacities gained and recovering from the general fatigue that was the price of all the hard work done in the months prior. If you rest too much you risk detraining and losing conditioning. Conversely, if you don’t incorporate enough of a reduction into your tapering load; you may come to the start line tired and lacking the spark that a good taper brings.

Leading into a big ultra or trail race like Ultra-Trail Australia, I will follow a pretty standard tapering process that I have developed over my career. This seems to work pretty well for me but it may not work well for others. It is always best to try, just as I have done, do develop your own taper process based on your abilities and expectations. However, there are some keys, or ‘rules of thumbs’
that I think we should all, to some degree, try to follow.

I believe that at least 2 -3 weeks is about the right length for a taper. You should have started the taper process already, seamlessly transitioning into it from the sharpening phase. Secondly, the taper now calls for a significant reduction in volume and frequency of training and an increase in rest. If you don’t think you’re resting enough, you’re probably not! Try to prioritise rest, rather than
movement. If anything err on the side of caution. Research has shown you lose fitness at a much slower rate compared to the rate in which you recover from fatigue and restore your general well being.

The scientific evidence clearly indicates that the key to effective tapering is to substantially cut back your volume, but to maintain training intensity. Reducing overall volume has the greatest impact on lessening accumulated fatigue. Volume refers to distance and duration of training sessions.

So, for an ideal taper period of three weeks, this is the type of plan I would put into place. All are fractions of what I would be doing in a peak training week, one or two weeks before the taper. These guides refer to all the types of sessions in your training program; long runs, tempo runs, intervals etc. For example, if in my ‘peak week’ my long run was 50km, my taper week long runs would go
33km, 25km, 17km. Similarly if an example of an interval session was 12 x 400m, the taper progression would go 8, 6, 4 reps (with the same level of intensity).

- Three weeks before race: ⅔ volume, 1 extra rest day, maintain intensity
- Two weeks before race: ½ volume, 2 extra rest days, maintain intensity
- Week before race: ⅓ volume, 3 extra rest days, maintain intensity

Avoid: In the last week avoid going anywhere near your anaerobic threshold for any sustained period of time. This means, no long tempo runs, no long interval sessions or long hill repeats, all this work has been done already. Don’t do any hard cross training and stay away from weight sessions too. It’s time to rest the muscles.

Seek: Extra sleep, massages, spa baths and ‘bank’ some sleep. In the last few days before the race, do some short, fast ‘bursts’ on an easy run to rid yourself of nervous energy. 8 x 30s or something like that is a good session before the race. I prefer to keep the last 2 days more or less run free. But this is an individual thing.

The last week in the taper is also the time to really hone in on your pre race nutrition and hydration. It is also the time to prepare your gear and your race
strategy. Some of you may cruise through the taper period easily, while others may find the extra time now available only serves to increase your anxiety about the race.

Lastly, optimal performance comes when you find that perfect balance between the right type and amount of training and rest in the taper period. But what works for one person may not work well for another. We are all different athletes with different expectations. Good luck with finding what
works best for you.

© +Brendan Davies, UP Coaching

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Have you or someone you know missed out on UTA 2017 entry? A pair of AERODAKS and UTA 2017 entry are up for grabs valued at up to $430. Easy to enter, just a LIKE and a SUBSCRIBE required. To enter, go to:
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Recently we sent some AERODAKS over to the USA to a running community to get the word out and some reviews. Here are some AERODAKS reviews by real runners:

Some highlights:
- "This is by far the best runderwear I have ever worn"
- "I’ve found them to be consistently comfortable – such that I forget I’m even wearing them. And, really, isn’t that the point"
- "They were the best pair of underwear that I have ever ran in"
- "The breathability of these running briefs by far out weigh everything else I've run in"
- "The quality of these briefs far exceeds that of what I usually run in"
- "Nothing compares to the comfort, feel, fit, and breathability of these briefs" by by by by by by by

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Just thought we would give a shout out to one of our high profile ambassadors, +Brendan Davies. He has just finished outright 10th at the IAU 100Km World Championships in Los Alcazares, Spain.

Check out his YouTube channel for his interviews with many of the Australian runners, including:
- Andy Heyden
- Barry Keem
- Dion Finocchiaro
- Gary Mullins
- Kirstin Bull (2016 IAU World Champion !!!)
- Scott Brittain

That's him on the podium (far left), with two previous Comrades Mens winners and a female World Champion! Kirstin Bull is 3 from the left.

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Check out this spectacular video of the 2016 Trail World Championships in Portugal.

Best of luck tomorrow to the Aussies competing and to someone we know well, +Brendan Davies of UP Coaching, whom will captain the three-member Australian men’s team.
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