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Wow... A relaxing summer can be a busy time for a teacher! I've read most of Part 1 but haven't been back to the book in several days so my thoughts are going to be rather general in nature.

As I've been reading, I like what Couros has to say... So far I agree with everything he says, if not exactly, then certainly in general.

The one thing that keeps echoing for me though, is "How do we make all this happen?" I had the same feeling when I read Digital Leadership by Eric Sheninger.

I realize that a teacher can make a very significant difference within their own classroom and I certainly don't want to diminish the impact that individual teachers can have. However, I feel that we won't really see the big results and long term impact until we have entire schools, areas or districts changing.

This is where I see the problem. In order to create change at the school or district level, school leadership teams (Principals, Vice/Assistant Principals, etc) and district administrators HAVE to not only be supportive but also have to actively create the situation that allows change.

The support and desire for change at this level is what is most often missing. In my opinion there are two reasons for this:
1. Tremendous workload (real or perceived)
2. These are most often the group who are least likely to see the value in the suggested change.

I'll leave it there for now. I look forward to reading what others have to say.


Hi everyone!

I'm Alexander (or Sandy) MacDougall from Halifax, Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada.

I taught for many years in an alternative high school in our district, then moved to teaching grade 7 in a junior high school (grades 7-9). From that position I went to our Central Office as a Technology Integration Specialist. There were two of us in that role to assist 3500 teachers in 136 schools with their use of technology in their day to day practice.

Our entire province (8 districts) adopted Google for Education two years ago. I was on the committee that selected Google, and continue on the implementation committee.

Recently, I've accepted a two-year position with our Provincial Department of Education as a STEAM Learning Specialist. That job officially started 2 days ago!

I am a member of an amazing community chorus (You Gotta Sing! Chorus) and volunteer with a community theatre where I've served in many capacities including as an actor. Currently I'm rehearsing for a wonderful show that will appear in the Atlantic Fringe Festival in Halifax in September.

My partner and I enjoy cooking (and eating!), gardening, and other home improvement projects. We take on pretty much anything and have had great success - our home is, in many ways, a living MakerSpace!

I look forward to this book study experience! Another book I'd suggest for everyone (I don't think it's on our list) is Digital Leadership by Eric Sheninger.


I wonder if it would be a good idea to create an "Introductions" area? Intros needn't be lengthy... Just a quick note to let others know maybe where we're located, what sort of job we do... Just a thought...

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I'd like to share a resource I've just created. Hoping it's useful. Comments are welcome.
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Such a great statement from Eric Sheninger... and sometimes things are very timely and really jump out at you... this is one of those times. Two days ago a student in our district brought a concern to his teacher regarding how his name appears in our Google for Education system. His teacher brought the concern to me (a district tech integration specialist, and the district GAFE contact). I supported the request, and contacted the provincial network people. As a result, for the last two day's we've worked on a way to display a "preferred name" in Google instead of the legal name in our SIS... this will impact users across the whole province. The change will support - among others - student who are transitioning their gender identity and have chosen to use a different first name in situations that are public, shared or collaborative. If the student had only complained to peers, etc. and not asked nothing would have been done (at this time).
If you don’t like what you see don't just talk about it, actually do something to change it.
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AE MacDougall commented on a post on Blogger.
I've used the verification tool and it confirms that the domain is verified with me as owner.  However in Google sites when I try to add the domain web address to my site it tells me I'm not verified.  Any suggestions?
Domain verification using CNAME records
Domain verification using CNAME records
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This sounds like a great opportunity!
Originally shared by ****
On May 9th at #GoogleEduOnAir , we're hosting over 100 sessions led by educators from 12 countries and 29 U.S. states, all designed to offer practical advice and examples of how we can shape today's classroom.

Learn more about the full line-up of sessions and make sure to register because even if you can’t join us live, if you register we’ll notify you when the recordings are available to view. We hope to “see” you there!
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Hi everyone,

Sandy MacDougall here.  I'm in Halifax where we're just in the process of "going Google".

I have a question that I hope someone can help with.

We're setting up school accounts and one of the things I want to show principals and VPs is how to manage resources - rooms, labs, tech carts, etc.

I know about setting up "resources" but that doesn't seem very effective for us... we have 137 schools in the district, and 8 districts in the domain... all separated and organized by OU.

It seems that the admin (me) would have to add all the resources. That would be multiple rooms/spaces and tech in every school in our district - and would change from time to time as tech (esp) was added.  Not a good plan for us.

So.... do any of you use Google to manage resources this way?  I'd want it to be school/building specific.

Thanks for suggestions or advice.


Alexander (Sandy) MacDougall
Halifax, NS

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Hi GEG Ontario friends,
I completed my online exams today and received my Google Educator certificate! (It's a beginning, I know - not a destination!)

But I'm a bit confused about terminology.  I think it goes like this:
>Google Educator - 4+1 online exams
>Google Trainer - Google Educator + application that includes case study, references, video and a few other pieces
->Google Teacher - attend a Google Teacher Academy

So, as a Google Educator can I use the term "Certified Google Educator" and the "badge" below?  It seems that I can, since I'm a Google Educator according to the certificate I received...and I assume I'm "certified" since I did the exams and got a certificate.... but I can't find anything on the site that this is ok, and some folks have suggested that I can only say "Google Educator" not CERTIFIED Google Educator and I can't use the "badge".  

I'm not hung up on titles, but I'd like to be able to use the right term when appropriate.

Thanks for your input.


Hi, I'm Alexander. I'm a technology integration specialist in Halifax, Nova Scotia! I look forward to attending ICE for the first time! I'm a big fan of Chrome and my Chromebook!
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