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We need more #optimism in America today-especially in our politics.
Leaders have to stop choosing pessimism and try to inspire hope.
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+Volken von Abendroth I had the same question, which is why I chose not to respond.
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AEI President Arthur Brooks details his new book, in which he aspires to change the perception of conservative values and how they can influence US politics.
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AEI resident scholar and former professor Christina Hoff Sommers has been lecturing on college campuses for more than twenty years. Recently, some students have conducted protests against speech they find objectionable. They've forced lecturers to cancel talks, have security protect the speakers, or even have universities launch investigations into the student complaints against their professors. Dr. Sommers takes a look at this recent wave of protests, and posits that the First Amendment is being replaced by a woman's right not to be made uncomfortable.
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+Nick Thaos
Yeah, not my problem I'll just become a robber again and probably die in a riot...
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Atena Farghadani is a 28 year old Iranian artist. She was just sentenced to 12 years in prison for the crime of posting a feminist cartoon on Facebook. Farghadani is a genuine victim of a repressive patriarchal society—yet you will hear little or nothing about her from the American women’s movement. Why not? #FactualFeminist  
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The agreement did not include human rights. Nor Iran's missile program. Nor it's support for terrorist groups or regimes.
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Today's #PovertySummit  panel with AEI's Arthur Brooks, Robert Putnam, and President Obama will begin at 11:30AM ET. Watch it here live from +Georgetown University 
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I need your help please
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#Schoolchoice leverages the ingenuity of teachers and principals, and matches their innovative ideas with the needs and desires of families to find a school that best serves their children.
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Have them in circles
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Today is the day! Get a copy of The #ConservativeHeart and learn more about a new plan to build a fairer, happier, and more prosperous America. 
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What do you do if you’re a professor at a leading Russian university, and speaking honestly about the Putin regime brings threats of investigation and prosecution from the authorities? In 2013, Sergei Guriev chose self-exile in France after being interrogated repeatedly for criticizing the Putin administration’s treatment of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a Russian oil tycoon. Now at Sciences Po in Paris, Professor Guriev sat down with Resident Scholar Leon Aron at the American Enterprise Institute to discuss the Russian economy, the tactics of modern autocrats, and why he has no plans to return to Russia.
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Guriev the clown, thinks that somebody would waste resources on "persecuting" this loser.

He's not Edward Snowden exactly , this Guriev.
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Allan Bloom’s 1987 book “The Closing of the American Mind” examined a shift in American culture that threatened the fundamental tenets of American society, individualism, liberty, and democracy. Nearly 30 years later, the intellectual habits of Americans seem to have only further deteriorated.

“The State of the American Mind” (Templeton Press, June 2015), edited by Mark Bauerlein and Adam Bellow and featuring contributions from 16 distinguished researchers, draws on extensive research and expertise to demonstrate how far Americans have slipped into disengagement from civic affairs, entitlement mentality, narcissistic personalities, and timidity in the face of political correctness.
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Since its official recognition by the psychiatric establishment in 1980, post-traumatic stress disorder has expanded beyond the confines of the clinic. Social observers, for example, find it’s become a way of narrating and framing one's experience following a cataclysmic event. AEI Resident Scholar Sally Satel, who has written widely about PTSD, talked to David Morris, author of the new book "The Evil Hours: A Biography of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder" about PTSD and its influence on modern filmmaking, and conversely, how film has influenced the perception of the condition.
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AEI President Arthur Brooks will join +Barack Obama at +Georgetown University tomorrow for #PovertySummit   #ObamaAtGU  Don't miss it! 
AEI President Arthur Brooks will participate in a discussion with President Barack Obama and Robert Putnam at the Catholic-Evangelical Leadership Summit on Overcoming Poverty at Georgetown University.
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"if Obama had any brains in that empty space he calls his brain!!! there would be more action towards isis and any other extremist organization, should be taken with swift effective action!! Not bowing to these terrorist fuck heads!!!, we are AMERICA!!!! we were founded on Christianity and the right to believe in what ever we want. without any government telling us what to believe with there media propaganda. I feel like exercising my amendment rights, by kicking these worthless governmentorial repusentitves that do a better job playing golf!!, than protecting and keeping our citizens safe without taking liberty away. is the only way of doing so. restoring all the old amendments and not tampering with them. for example if some breaks into my house with the intent to steel, or harm me, family etc. I will shoot and ask questions later that is given to me by my ancestors who where in the beginning of this country during its conception. I am not blind Mr. Obama I see through politically correct statements and smell the stench of a treasonous snake spewing venom with your deceitful words!!! That is why you and your regime will be stopped!!, with the hand of justice giving all who are responsible a big slap in the face of reality,  and pull them from there spot of superiority down to working class citizens so they can have a little taste of what they brewed up!!!!                  
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Before #Obamacare, many working class Americans had an upper middle class #healthcare benefit that they got at work. Now they’ll be put on a plan benchmarked to Obamacare — one that looks a lot like #Medicaid.
Before Obamacare, many working class Americans had an upper middle class healthcare benefit that they got at work. Now they’ll be put on a plan benchmarked to Obamacare — one that looks a lot like Medicaid. Only the wealthier services firms, and their upper income employees, will be able to buy their way up, and out of this scheme. That’s progressive egalitarianism under Obamacare.
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Obama care and a photo of Liqueur, hard booze = sound right.
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