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As Narendra Modi’s government approaches its first anniversary, three experts discuss whether he is the economic reformer he promised to be. This Google Hangout event is online only. Viewers in India can tune in from 9:30 to 10:00 p.m. Indian Standard Time.


12:00 PM
Vivek Dehejia, Carleton University
Mihir Sharma, Business Standard
Milan Vaishnav, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Sadanand Dhume, AEI

Nearly a year after Narendra Modi’s thumping election victory in India, opinion on his government’s will to move forward with economic reforms remains sharply divided. While supporters credit him for reviving investor interest in India through reforms in areas such as coal, insurance, mining, and, potentially, land acquisition, skeptics criticize his failure in privatizing inefficient state-owned firms, slashing food and fertilizer subsidies, and reversing a damaging retroactive tax law.

Is Modi the economic reformer that people hoped for? How will India’s domestic politics influence the decisions he makes during the remainder of his term? As the Modi government approaches its first anniversary, join this Google Hangout as three leading experts evaluate the past year and frame challenges on India’s horizon.
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This Hangout On Air is hosted by American Enterprise Institute. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Is Modi an economic reformer?
Thu, April 9, 12:00 PM
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Thank you for this event to all 4 participants. Good discussion. Enjoyed it.
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Coming soon from Charles Murray: #BythePeople: Rebuilding Liberty Without Permission. Get the book here -->  #Liberty #Freedom 
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Are women good, and men bad? How many times have you heard that women are wiser, kinder, more efficient, and just all around superior human beings? A never ending succession of books and news stories suggests they are. AEI scholar Christina Hoff Sommers looks at the evidence. 
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+euphemus2 true
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Teachers look around them and think the status quo is the way things have to be. Because of that, they don’t realize that they have the power to shake things up. If you know how to read and understand contracts, regulations, and laws, you’ll realize that you have a lot more freedom to maneuver than you might have thought. Lori Nazareno, former co-lead teacher at the Mathematics and Science Leadership Academy, explains how she read between the lines to make the school rules work for her. 
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Everyone is paying attention to the conflict between Iran and the West, particularly over the nuclear negotiations. But what you're probably missing is the ongoing debate within the Iranian leadership as they face a number of potentially existential problems. 
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Have them in circles
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What exactly are trigger warnings and are they something we should welcome? #FactualFeminist   #triggerwarnings   #feminism  
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+American Enterprise Institute Well hello neo-cons.I love how you're pro-rape discussion but Sommers can't actually say "rape" while trying to quote an article about it. Lol.
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Now that #hillaryclinton  is officially running for president, let's take a look at public opinion of her over the years. 
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In December 2007, there were 363,000 "discouraged workers," people who gave up trying to find a job and, therefore, are not considered unemployed. The number peaked in December 2010 to 1,318,000. It's now 738,000, still twice the number than at the start of the recession.
Today’s jobs report was underwhelming: payroll gains fell far short of expectations and millions of workers remain underemployed or too discouraged to look for a job.
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We've reached the final countdown to the ‪Iran Talks deadline. What's next? #IranTalks     #IranTalksLausanne  

+1 to be added to our AEI #Iran Policy circle. 
The five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany have brokered a deal with with Iran for some nuclear concessions in exchange for a modicum of sanctions relief.
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Our president is a terrorist...
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#Yemen is on a rapid downward spiral. AEI Research Fellow Katherine Zimmerman explains how the conflict in Yemen could play out much like the war raging in #Syria.  
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It is Wahabi attacking and trying to massacre the Shias in Syria, Iraq and now Yemen
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For most of human history, men have been the dominant sex because of their capacity to compete, take risks, and fight for resources. But some claim these masculine traits have become obsolete. Today we need other qualities: empathy, social intuition, emotional intelligence. Here it appears that women excel. Some say men are just passe. Is this true? AEI scholar Christina Hoff Sommers looks at the evidence. 
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+K Gordon K, I gave you a thumbs up for the last half of your comment (the P.S.).  I completely agree!

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The entrance of #ISIS into #Yemen at the same time as escalating internal conflicts marks a significant inflection in Yemen’s political crisis.
The Islamic State in Iraq and al Sham (ISIS) carried out five suicide bombings in Yemen on March 20. The arrival of ISIS in Yemen could fuel a broader sectarian war.
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