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For years, women’s groups have complained about sexy SuperBowl ads. Yet, many are hailing this year’s game as a sign of progress. There were far fewer ads catering to the male gaze, and many new ones promoting women’s causes and scolding men for their moral shortcomings. Well, apparently, Sports Illustrated didn’t get the feminist memo. Just a few days after the SuperBowl, its annual swimsuit issue came out. Gender activists were not amused. Are they right to be offended?
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No, they are not right to be offended. No one forces them to buy or peruse the SI edition. Such 'progressives' are simply little fascists trying to control others and force them to toe their line
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Today marks one year since we welcomed the +Dalai Lama to AEI. 
Today, AEI was proud to host His Holiness the Dalai Lama for two remarkable conversations about human happiness, economics, and the moral core of free enterprise. For our first discussion, His Holiness and I were joined by three distinguished panelists: Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist at the NYU-Stern School of Business; Glenn Hubbard, dean of [...]
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That's a blasphemy to call a man Holly, he is not God. 
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Is #Cuba  really open for business? The prospect of a gold rush for American businesses has generated support for the plan to scrap the US embargo. 
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Men and women, taken as groups, are different in important respects. And the differences appear to be based on some yet-to-be-understood combination of biological and cultural forces. But is gender role differentiation a sign of well-being and freedom? Christina Hoff Sommers explains how prosperity and equality may bring greater opportunities for self-actualization. 
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From what I've heard, the Scandinavian countries are showing extremely diverse splits by gender on many jobs  as a direct result of high payments, high wealth and fair payments in all professions, largely eliminating necessity for income as a motivator to to pursue high-paying professions despite averse preferences.
If being a nurse is a respected, well-paying, not unduly demanding profession, there is not so much of an incentive to work as an engineer instead.
And nobody can tell me women in Norway are being bullied into caring jobs.
Hell, they could very well live without a job at all!
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It's difficult to overstate the importance of the January elections in Greece. Greek voters may not know it, but they're likely deciding the fate of the Euro, and one could argue the fate of the world economy. AEI Resident Fellow Desmond Lachman explains why. 
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No it doesnt, cause the poor people save their money. They know their pockets wont become a gaping whole of infinitive money unlike the rich who havent acknowledge this.
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The United States is not a rape culture, but it is a gender propaganda culture. We are overwhelmed by false information about men and women, and nowhere is this more true than in the area of sexual violence. A new Bureau of Justice Statistics study has the latest numbers, and the Factual Feminist does some fact checking.
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+Wayne Snell what the hell are you talking about? How is creationism based on facts and not misinformation?
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Have them in circles
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On this day 70 years ago, Associated Press photographer Joe Rosenthal snapped what would become an iconic image of endurance atop Mount Suribachi. 

The photo immortalized the victory on #IwoJima, a small but critical island in #WWII's Pacific campaign, and a battle which claimed 26,000 US casualties. To these men, we thank you.
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Yes, and now have Obama as Commander-in-Chief.  That is not progress.
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Why would ISIS rely on such brutal tactics that seem more likely to alienate the world rather than advance any strategic aims? AEI Resident Scholar Michael Rubin argues that the violent executions are not just reckless acts of brutality and reveals the deadly logic behind the Islamic State's campaign of terror.
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Target practice.
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It is just not true that, for the same work, women earn 77 cents for every dollar a man earns. Factors such as college major, occupation and length of time in the workplace explain most of the pay gap. AEI's Sally Satel explains the discovery of another factor contributing to that gap. 
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well ... had this talk the other day on the issue of wage gaps , with an acquaintance
(I live in Be. EU)
And for her it was very simple
how much I earn a month?
how much earns a female colleague ?
her conclusion: It is unfair !

my answer:
You are right
I work 12 hours a day and Saturdays as well
My female colleague only works 4/5 days a week and 7.5 hours a day
I should be earning more

her silence was delightful
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Everything you thought you knew about the 2008 financial crisis is wrong. AEI Resident Fellow Peter Wallison explains why key facts about the financial meltdown were never divulged to the American public and how these facts will reshape your thinking of the Great Recession.

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Ima cry, tissue please & God bless all of these, crickets.
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Check out AEI's Critical Threats Project map of al #Houthis' expansion and #AQAP area of operations in #Yemen featured in +The New York Times

+1 this to join our Critical Threats Project circle for more on #Yemen  
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Education reform: For Marquette professor Howard Fuller, it's not about test scores, it's about liberation and freedom. But Fuller argues that the ed reform movement has three requirements for success: Low-income families need school choices, the schools they choose among must be high quality, and the reform movement must be led by the people it's trying to liberate. 
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Here's a quick and proven way to rake in stable money fromᕼOᗰE, quick .. You can try this -- Try it, nothing to lose ;)
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