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Internet Marketing Agency; Advertising and Public Relations
Internet Marketing Agency; Advertising and Public Relations

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How easy to promote your product by yourself, new technology, #digitalmarketing  everything and more on  our new page +DooH Ads.
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#Acqualimp: Zika

The mosquito of Zika you can’t beat with a slap. Water box fully sealed.
Advertising Agency: Blues Idea, Campinas, Brazil
Creative Director / Copywriter: Marcio Akio
Art Directors: Gustavo Melo, Tiago Lago
Photographer: Daniel Gallo

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#Cultura Inglesa: Don't be a Translazy,

Advertising Agency: Audi Comunicação, Presidente Prudente, Brazil
Creative Director / Art Director / Copywriter: Roger Lima
Illustrator: Natanael Gomes

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#Zoológico de Sao Paulo: Jaguar
Advertising School: Miami Ad School, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Toni Rodrigues
Art Director: Moisés Sousa
Copywriter: Christiano Vendramine

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Today is a Clean Out Your #Computer Day

If your computer is running slowly, if your PC fans are noisy, or if you’re experiencing crashes and poor performance, it may be that your computer is just a bit dusty.

Clean Out Your Computer Day is an annual reminder to open up the casing (turn off the power first!), and to give everything a good, careful clean out.

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Today is a Send a Card to a Friend Day

Everyone loves and appreciates their friends, and we all just assume that they know how much we care and that we are always thinking about them. Sadly, many of our friends will experience loneliness and feel under appreciated from time to time. That’s just how life goes. That’s why Send a Card to a Friend Day exists, and why year after year it is so popular!

A small gesture that we may not think make any difference could actually make our friends’ day. All it takes is a cute little card with a nice personal message in it to put a smile on their face. This could be an e-card that you send to them online, a store bought card, or better yet, a home made one that oozes thoughtfulness, ideal for your extra special besties. Whatever you do, don’t miss out on celebrating your friendships on this special day!

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#Bobtail: Fetch
For strong South African dogs.
Advertising Agency: Joe Public, Johannesburg, South Africa
Creative Director: Roanna Williams
Art Director: Freda Raubenheimer
Copywriter: Jeanine Vermaak
Illustrator: Lorne Panaretos
Photographer: Henry Brink

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Watch the latest advert from #Volkswagen.
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