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A.D. Cook
Celebrating life and love through powerful art.
Celebrating life and love through powerful art.

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Here's a link to every panting on my site over the last couple decades or so. There are over 130 pieces shown. Not everything I've painted (or created) but a nice representation of my body of art over the years.

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Join us Saturday for two great events... ATOMIC MOTORS and RAILROAD PASS SHOW CARS.

+Railroad Pass Hotel & Casino

Join us Saturday Oct 1st for cars, motorcycles, art - and lots of all of it.

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Showcasing original automotive paintings, exotic car photography and motorcycle art.

Featuring artists A.D. Cook, Jordan Shiraki, Beti Kristof, Kenny Youngblood and Raphael Schnepf

Like the cars, everything on the walls is for sale.

RAILROAD PASS Hotel & Casino
2800 South Boulder Hwy.
Henderson, Nevada 89002

#motorcycleart #automotiveart #adcookart

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Join Motorcycle Artist A.D. Cook for one night only at Red Rock Harley-Davidson in Las Vegas to benefit in aid of prostate cancer education..
Stop by and experience a special screening of Peter Star’s 1980 classic “TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT, the Motorcycle Odyssey”, digitally remastered.

Thursday, September 8th ~ 5 p.m.

Catered by Hedary’s!

This movie features bikes that are in featured in Red Rock Harley-Davidson’s “Motorcycle Museum”. - Read more at:

#adcookart #harley-davidson #takeittothelimit

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Your art is a reflection of you – your dreams, stories and memories. - Read more at:

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My, how the Internet has grown. Web sites are cool, powerful and dynamic. Video is everywhere. Social media is everything. Sharing is easier than ever. Welcome to the future…

I’m always impressed by technology. I guess there is a geeky side to me that loves that we’re living in what was essentially was Science Fiction when I was a kid — and to me, that wasn’t all that long ago. I looked forward to us having communicators and Tricorders one day, like on Star Trek, but I knew that was still 400 years away. Star Trek, set in its 24th century timeline, seemed so far away. But today, we have futuristic technology in our pockets that we couldn’t even imagine when Star Trek aired.. We’ve come a long ways fast, and a lot has changed over just the few years even. We have better communication technology now than Kirk and his crew ever did. Today, we can share our discoveries with our friends and family instantly. Pictures, video, everything. We engage differently. It’s more dynamic. We have surpassed Science Fiction. - Read more at:


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Motorcycle Artist A.D. Cook at Skin & Bones Motorcycle and Art Exhibit at the Buffalo Chip 2016

#stugisrally #motorcycleart #artist

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To say the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2016 is a blast would be a huge understatement.

I wasn’t really planning on going to Sturgis this year. I’ve been to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally a couple times before, and it’s always fun. Each experience is different.

Everything changed a few short weeks ago when I was chatting with renown photographer Michael Lichter about this year’s Art of the Motorcycle Show. He offered to share one of my motorcycle paintings if I had something tattoo-inspired to show. I didn’t...

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The STURGIS Motorcycle Rally was a blast. Enjoy my video - tons of great pics.

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My motorcycle inspired shirt are comfortable and make a great statement. Check out my new T featuring my painting, AMERICA.!/AMERICA-Mens-Classic-Neck-Tee/p/69460420/category=20113121

#adcookart #motorcycleartist #apparel  
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