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Very interesting history.

I believe that a great many of our epics telling of "gods" and their antics are based in some truth.

For example, I believe the Nephilim truly did exist - and the fact that so many cultures share stories similar to the "flood" story gives much room for thought...and inspiration!
In Monza, Italy, a place defined by its tales of murder and diabolical plots, a monument stands, honoring a once-loathed king murdered in cold blood.
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Thanks, Seth for the invite. 
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Great story and perfect example of what a business SHOULD NOT do...
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Just because you live in an apartment doesn't mean you should miss out on Christmas cheer:
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If only buying a property could be as easy as Monopoly..

If you’re finding that you are missing out on properties you love, take a look at this #AskHeidi blog to see how you can improve your chances in the market:
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A Cooper

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Fun story!  I fly on sugar too! 
He-Man, She-Man, and Baby-Man go for the ride of their lives in a 1969 Camaro, down into the valley.
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Thanks so much for the invite!
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Welcome to the Mastermind +A Cooper!!
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10 Reasons Your Humdinger of a Headline Won’t Save the Catastrophe That Is Your Blog Post

When I was a boy I had pink hair. Vintage t-shirts. The sweetest jeans any raver would love to wear. And suede sneakers.

I was it.

Until you sat me down and tried to talk to me. The moment I opened my mouth it was all over. I was a fraud. An empty shell. Shallow and water thin on meaningful content.

I had nothing interesting to say. Ever.

This is kind of the way the content marketing world has been moving. Let me explain.

Where We Are Getting Content Marketing Right
People are getting it: if you want to attract attention then you need to write one helluva seductive headline. Whopper headlines that drive massive amounts of click-throughs.

Or generate a landslide of social media shares.

But that’s not enough.

My work demands I surf the web extensively. I’m lured in by some great headlines. Headlines that make me say, “Dang! I wish I’d written that!”

But once I click-through I’m let down almost instantly. It’s like a Gawker or Buzzfeed article. Long on headlines but short on content.

Where We Are Getting Content Marketing Wrong
Thank goodness Panda punishes this content-farm mentality and rewards original, long-form posts. But even those who are picking up on the original post concept are still missing the life of good writing.

They have the form down. They just don’t know how to write to hold interest. To keep me plugging through their twelve hundred word lecture on the benefits of [enter topic here].

They botch the post in one (or more) of ten ways. Let’s look at those reasons. And then you can look at some articles I’ve included to help you on each topic (most of these articles point away from this site).

1. The Opening
Your headline clothes lined me. Good job. Now your opening should grab me by my throat and drag me down the page.

Tell me a story thick with conflict. Make a challenging statement. And then state you are going to prove your position.

Pull me. Please.

2. Sub Heads
Sub heads are the landmarks in your epic post. They help a reader orient himself on the page. They help the scanner determine whether he is going to read more. They help the skimmer comprehend the essence of your post in one quick scroll.

Your sub heads should tell the story of your post in three or four sentences. Or it could communicate the 5 W’s of your article: the who, what, why, where and when.

You need to be specific and clever. See, the rules that apply to headline writing also apply to sub heads. Don’t ignore them.

3. Warm-Blooded Verbs
Your verbs need life. They should vibrate. Tremble. Carve a vivid picture in the head of your reader.

And, for goodness sake, avoid passive verbs.

4. Bullets
Online bullets help you break up the flow of text into bite-sized portions. Bullets are perfect for lists. In print you might simply use serial commas to explain the nature, function, role, shape, habits and love-affairs of bullets.

Online you put them in a bullet list:

 - Nature
 - Function
 - Role
 - Shape
 - Habits
 - Love Affairs

Bullets also break up the text and make online reading fun.

5. Transitions
Every sentence should dove tail into the next. Every paragraph into the next paragraph. Every section into the next section.

When you are editing your post, read, and then re-read. Read it out loud. To a friend.

Sometimes you can cheat with transition statements like “Let me show you what I mean” or “Here’s why.” Better yet, work hard at connecting carefully so the reader doesn’t stop.

6. White Space
People get annoyed when they scan a post and see block after block of text. Use short words. Short sentences. Short paragraphs.

A short paragraph might only be one sentence long.

And just four words.

Or two.

No worries. This approach allows readers to scramble down your post. Or like gravity it pulls them down.

7. Images
The web wants white space. It also wants beautiful images. And it wants to kill off the lame photo. Think Fast Company. The Verge. Or Boston Globe’s Big Picture. Venues that adopted the advantages of the web and screen technology to great effect.

Images abound. Labor long and heavy through Flickr or Society 6. Approach the artists and ask them if you can use an image. And always give credit where credit is due.

8. Figures of Speech
A figure of speech will breathe life into your text. They compare two different objects. Your eyes ARE LIKE hard-boiled eggs (simile). Your heart IS a hard-boiled egg (metaphor).

A good metaphor lights a fire in your reader’s brain he can’t put out. A bad metaphor is like stumbling over a corpse.

9. Teach
In the marketing world most people are reading your content hoping for answers.

Give it to them.

Teach them how to write. Hula hoop. Show them how to delicately break up with a overly attached love interest. Sell a tank to a priest. Build a house out of sassafras.

And spell it out for them. Be as clear and concise as you can. Go slowly, step by step.

10. Killer Close
A killer close is satisfying. The reader feels it is natural. A killer close ties in the opening–feels like the lid of a box is being shut. All of your questions have been answered. The reader gets what you promised.

You Are Not Superstar Enough to Write These Kinds of Posts
Some people can ignore this list. Seth Godin, for example. He can get away with pithy posts. He can get away with minimum effort because of the decades of work and thought and reputation that goes behind each post.

You and I have not reached that elevated level yet. We have to earn our right. In fact, you and I could churn out the exact same posts that Seth shares and most people won’t listen to us.

We just don’t have his authority or reach. We have to put in the hard work. No short cuts.

And listen: I’m equally guilty of creating catastrophes. Quite possibly like this post. But I’m trying!

By the way, that's me below with pink hair. 

Post original published here (which has plenty of examples from each lesson above ... just too messy to share on Google+):
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A Cooper

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WOW!  Imagine diving a sunken boat on an already 3-day old body-recovery mission, and being surprised by someone grabbing you!  FF to about 5:00
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Nobody told me in high school that I could seriously earn money doing what I loved. Besides music, my favorite classes were history, literature and my sweet, beloved English class. Yes, even Grammar! ;-)

After many years of working in corporate America, where I had to wake at 5:00 am every morning, fight the morning rush hour and sit for hours behind a desk doing tedious tasks I planned my escape...

Fast forward to today. I can wake up when I please, work as much or as little as I need to, doing what I love, (writing) and when I need a raise...I give it to myself!

Although I love copywriting and ghostwriting projects for clients I want to delve into the fun, fantastic world of fiction!
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