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Helping Young Readers Think Big
Helping Young Readers Think Big

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Top Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Intimidated to Become a Bilingual ACE Tutor (even if you aren’t fluent in Spanish)
By Madeline Newchurch,
ACE Tutor When I first applied to be an ACE tutor, I had a decision to
make: would I apply to be an English speaking or bilingual tutor? ACE has both.
If you’re a bilingual tutor, you work with Spanish-speaking students who are placed...

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We Call Them AmeriCorps Members
By Mary Ellen Isaacs, Ph.D., Literacy First Director In recent news ,
there’s been a lot of talk about what “national service” means. National
service programs like AmeriCorps are part of the Corporation for
National and Community Service , which is current...

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Our reading tutors are amazing, passionate, and diverse leaders - just like you. Apply today at

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Ready to get things done for Austin?

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Protecting Her Literacy Legacy: Alumni Amy Akiyama Gives Back
By Kristin Hall,
Development Specialist When she was a tutor, Amy Akiyama’s most challenging
students were her favorite children to work with at Literacy First. Amy Akiyama, former tutor with Literacy First “Those kids took extra effort to work with,” she r...

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What It Sounds Like When a Child Doesn’t Know How to Read
By Cori Dombroski,
Literacy Tutor Last month, I sat one-on-one with about 50 kindergarten, first,
and second grade students at the elementary school where I work to find out if
their reading skills matched those required for their grade level, or if they

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