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No, there's always that one with the sticky fingers.
That's not the only kind of establishment I'd like to see offer a discount for no cell phone use.
Please don't notify me.
Not a chance.  I'm not one of those to be yammering away on the phone when I'm eating a meal, but I do need to be reachable in cases of emergency.
I wouldn't even consider it!
AC Cruz
Sorry for the notification guys I must of checked it by mistake. I don't like to do that. However I think this is such a great idea. I just don't think I would be able to do it all the time. I would support it though.
I often don't have my phone with me if I'm dining out as my kids are with me. The only time I really would have an issue not having it with me is when my kids are home with a sitter in case someone needs to reach me... if they had it where they would come get me if the sitter called then I'm even still ok with not having it and "checking" it.
In a heartbeat!!! I'm a fast eater. =D
Yes if they mean turn it off. No if they want to keep it while I dine.
+Kerol Marius We're in Costa Rica, well south of Guatemala and doing fine.  The only thing the volcano might affect here is the weather pattern.  If so, the effect is still negligible.  Nice to hear from you.  Hope all is well with you also.
Sounds perfect, I don't have a phone!
Sure I would, especially if I were dining with my boyfriend or clients.
I would, definitely, if I were eating with other people in a group.
I think it's part of mindful eating.. When you are eating, EAT!
I would keep my phone on, but would refrain from using it to get the discount. But it would be hard.
Wondering what we used to do when we had to get up and find a dime and a payphone.
AC Cruz
I would have to agree +Chris Yates with the way we run our businesses now a day it is almost impossible, but yet it is so critical to answer that business call or message. But then again what about our personal family time. So then where do we draw the line. I must admit I am at fault here too.
After reading this. No way would I check my phone at the door. 
'I'm a cheap bastard' ... so .. if I was to visit THAT restaurant, I'd carry an old flip-phone with me, hand it in for the discount.. set my 'real' phone to vib.. and take whatever conversation might arise on it with me to the restroom.
AC Cruz
lol only +GEO Barber would come up with a plan to get the discount and eat his cake too. Not bad at all none the less.
That's a damned good plan +GEO Barber; I have about half a dozen old phones around here somewhere.  I'd totally do that.
Yes, I would dine at the restaurant without my phone.  It would be nice not having to hear people talking obnoxiously loud on their phones while I eat.
Not a chance in hell.

 I do everything I can to be non-obtrusive, setting my phone to silent, not making calls at dinner, only accepting calls from people I know are likely to have important messages... but there is no way in hell I am cutting myself off from the world, or the world off from me in absolute for an hour or more. I've had too many situations where I NEED that phone, including medical emergencies and family disasters (read: car wreck).

Its on my hip every waking hour; no chance in hell its coming off during dinner. 

And the own can keep his %5 discount. 
Let me give a real world situation that depicts perfectly why I would never do this.

A week before Christmas last year my girlfriend and I went out for sushi at our regular place. About 20 minutes after we got there, my Mom called me and told me that my little sister, who was pregnant, was going into labor early due to complications (ended up being a c-section later that night).

Is there anyone here who would have been willing to miss that call for a discount on their meal?
Oh come on now ... people are born everyday !  ( *grin)

Someone calls to tell me they have been in a car crash (true story)

Someone's drunk and they DD just booked on them (also a true story)

My son just did somehting cute and I want to photo/Text my patents about it almost daily)

I have a CWPs, which means I carry. The idea of having a loaded handgun without my cell phone makes only slight less sense then walking out my front door naked. 

.... sorry, noble idea, but like I said, he can keep his 5%. 
AC Cruz
I thinks +Rosie Battista Rosiehas a great point. Back in the days we had no cellphones and had to drop dimes and quarters in a payphone. Now it is a must to be plugged into the matrix, but then again I know I am plugged in 24/7 I just find it so fascinating how far we have come.
I know your not going to believe this, But, I don't carry a cell Phone!
I am stuck in a time warp!
man ... that must be a loooooong cord to walk around with on your landline ! ;-O  ;-)
I'm a home birth midwife on-call. I don't even go to the bathroom without my phone on me.
Fantastic- might stop 2 of my friends from "being absent" during meals!
i dont see any point...unless their main goal was to make the person actually experience the meal and the atmosphere. a high-end place maybe? 
Hi all. Hanging out 8:30pm PST and talking about this topic. I'd love for you all to weigh in. I'll share your comments in my #ViewersVoice segment for
+AC Cruz great share! I'm over at +Veterans United now so give us a follow and +1 so you can participate and keep up with me. Hope to see you there! 
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