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Windows Lower Burrell PA and Siding Lower Burrell PA by AC-CEL Windows & Siding
Windows Lower Burrell PA and Siding Lower Burrell PA by AC-CEL Windows & Siding


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These people may not be contractors at all. Never allow them into your home until you have checked them out thoroughly! This can't be stressed enough. You have seen or heard the stories many times on the nightly news and new shows about two men claiming to be contractors entering homes. One took the homeowner on a pretend sales call or inspection while the other guy was going through purses and other personal belongings. If they happen to be a real company, often times these companies will do a sloppy job (if they even do the job at all). Some start the job and never finish. Others are just looking to get a sizeable down payment and run off with your money. It can be so frustrating trying to chase after these guys, getting them to come back and finish the job or clean up a messy work site.

What's worse? Often their work is so inferior, you may need to hire somebody else, at an additional expense to you, to come and fix up all the screw-ups!
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The most common ploy disreputable contractor’s use to pressure-folks into signing a contract is the model home discount. This is an old "tin man" (aluminum siding) sales story that promises you a steep discount for signing a contract right then. The scam centers on the need to use your home as a model-to advertise their services in the neighborhood to get more jobs. If you allow them to use your home as a "show home" for advertising purposes, they'll rebate several thousand dollars to you. The only catch is that you must sign now! This trick is as old as they come; yet- it still nets hundreds and hundreds of people!

If a contractor is offering some "special deal", ask them to legitimize what they are offering. For example, if it is an advertising promotion they are looking to do, ask them for documentation or samples of flyers or literature that they are intending to mail or hand deliver.

At AC-CEL Windows & Siding we are always upfront about pricing. With us you will always receive an honest bid. Interested? Call: 724-339-1220

Or visit:
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Seven Little Known 'SECRETS' to Successfully and Beautifully Remodeling Your Home

-Don't just believe what the contractor tells you-make him show you!
-Going with the lowest price saves you money. Not necessarily!
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Seven Little Known "SECRETS'’ to Successfully and Beautifully Remodeling Your Home

This report can SAVE you thousands of dollars!

Take the time to read it and use its ADVICE!

This is a 7-part series - we'll be posting a new secret every two weeks so make sure you check back for each secret.

Dear Homeowner,

We offer this report to inform homeowners about the tactics being used by unscrupulous and dishonest contractors. This problem is so widespread that we feel every consumer should read this report before making a home remodeling decision!

By the Time You're Done Reading this Report. You’ll Discover.
1. The Biggest Misconceptions about home remodeling construction
2. The Biggest Scams used to pressure homeowners into buying and how to avoid them
3. How to choose The Right Contractor for YOUR project.

And, much, much, more! Have you ever been frustrated or aggravated trying to figure out who you can trust to remodel your home? How can you be assured that when you spend your hard-earned money you'll get exactly what you paid for? If you are frustrated, you're not alone. Haven't we all heard the "nightmare stories of the high-pressure sales people, blotched jobs, scam artists, fly-by-niters, unfinished jobs, and general lack of professionalism? Pretty scary stuff! Let's face it; the bad apples of the industry have really made it hard for the Consumer to figure out the "good guys" from the "bad guys". You can't pick up a newspaper or watch TV without seeing another story about somebody who had a terrible experience with his or her remodeling project

The "contractor" drove up in an old beat-up work truck with garbage and crushed beer cans in the back window. The dirt and mud on his shoes tracked all through your house. Also, he was wearing a shirt that he hadn’t changed for the last seven days that said, “!#! Happens". His offer was about sixty-five hundred dollars. Pulling out card that said "Bubba's Home Improvement”, he scribbled the estimate down. He never showed you any samples of products, no before-and-after pictures, no customer referrals, and no proof of a license or insurance. Then, he said that we would have to pay three thousand dollars up front for "supplies” and he would "probably” be back to start in a few weeks. Please! You could smell that rip-off artist a mile away. He low-balled the price just to try to sucker you in. He's probably looking for the cash so that he can high tail it out of town with you hard-earned money. I wonder how many people he has taken advantage of? There must be a better way to get the quality-remodeling job that I want?
There is, that's why we supply this report.


1. Misconception Number One: Don't just believe what the contractor tells you-make him show you! This is a common and often costly mistake. Many contractors tell you they are members of an organization, but they have no proof of it. If they have no proof, you need to investigate the company further. Don't ever make a decision just based on the contractor's here-say.

2. Misconception Number Two: Going with the lowest price saves you money. No, not necessarily! Everyone tends to look for the lowest price. On a low estimate, you must ask yourself, "what is being left out", or "what shortcut is being taken"? Everyone wants three things whenever they are making a purchase: (1) Low Prices, (2) Best Quality, and (3) Best Service. It's impossible to get all-three, hence the old adage, "you get what you pay for". You must ask yourself, "Which of the three am I willing to give up?" Let me explain…

Peter and Sylvia worked hard their entire lives to pay for their home and retire
comfortably. They decided a few months back to remodel their raised ranch with new vinyl siding. Their Idea was to beautify their home and to make it maintenance-free so they wouldn’t have to deal with the routine hassle of exterior painting, especially on the trim. Sylvia decided to call a few local remodelers for estimates. She looked through the Yellow Pages for the contractor’s phone numbers whom she thought were reputable. She was looking for someone to educate and walk her, through the process of a vinyl siding project. She was a little disappointed when the first contractor she called arrived two days later than scheduled. She had expected someone very professional, given the fact that his company's name was relatively well-known and had completed a lot of homes throughout the area. He showed up wearing worn-out jeans, Work boots, and a t-shirt. He didn't provide her with any license numbers, copies of insurance, or literature about the products. He was using warranty information, before and after pictures, and a customer referral. He basically described to her the work. That would be done to her house, and· when It came time to measure the house for an estimate, he "eyeballed" the house and gave her a figure that he wrote down on the back of his business card.

Undoubtedly, he had the lowest bid.

Although they wanted a good price, they didn't feel comfortable with the first contractor's estimate. They then called ACME Remodeling, another seemingly reputable local contractor, for a second estimate. Much to their surprise, ACME set up an estimate time to meet with them and made sure the time fit into Sylvia and Peter's schedule. A representative arrived promptly at the set time, professionally attired. Before he even started discussion about the project, he provided them with a complete presentation about the company and his history including: license numbers, insurance certificates, award certificates, and customer referrals. He then proceeded to educate them with information about the materials and what the installation process involved. He showed them all the decorative options available for their house and provided them with samples of the products, a swatch of all the colors available. He then asked Sylvia and Peter to join him outside the house while he took all the measurements so that he could walk them through the project and describe in detail the installation process. Once inside the house again, he sat down and detailed the complete project including materials and timeframes. He explained the manufactures and contractors warrantees on material and labor. They were given an estimate that was good for two years that
included a discount if they wanted to do the job sooner. They seemed satisfied with the
entire scope of the project. As they considered what to do her mind flashed back to the
last company that had been there. This company had given them an estimate for twenty
thousand and told them "if we can do business tonight, we can save you ten-thousand
dollars!" The other estimates they had received were ninety-two hundred, fifty-five
hundred, and seventy-five hundred dollars. After considering all the information and the
value they were getting from ACME, they decided to do business with them. Sylvia
remembered that some companies offer incentives for purchasing on the first visit. She
understood that this offer is designed to save time and money, but she would have never purchased on the first visit if ACME did not earn her trust and make her comfortable with her purchasing decision. Looking back on the project they were happy that they spent the effort to research their project and talk to different companies. They felt that they made the most educated decision with the contractor they selected.

Like anything else, you can't get something for nothing. Be careful of choosing your contractor based upon the lowest price. Before you accept a low price you should consider the level of service involved, the type of company you're Choosing, the project’s design, and the project’s specifications. Though price is always a consideration, you should be more concerned with value. Try to get the best contractor you can find and the highest quality work for your money.
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"I had AC-CEL do my 6 remaining replacement windows, new siding, roof, soffit and fascia, all new seamless gutters and had them do my front porch ceiling and cap all the beams/columns in aluminum. Excellent work and friendly staff. High quality materials at what I thought to be a very reasonable price. They took the exterior of my house straight from the 1930s into 2017. I couldn't be more pleased with the end result...the house looks fantastic and I've gotten so many compliments from neighbors and passers by!" - Jake (a Google review)

You can read our other reviews here:

If you'd like you windows replaced in your Lower Burrell home, call us: 724-339-1220
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Holiday Hours…

We will be closed December 25th and January 1st.
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Thanksgiving Holiday Hours…

We will be open for regular business hours this week, but closed Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday.
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Part three of three part series: Maintaining vinyl siding

How does heat from reflected light affect vinyl siding?
Abnormally concentrated sunlight reflected onto vinyl siding by windows can result in surface temperatures far exceeding those caused by direct exposure to the sun. Temperatures necessary to cause significant distortion of vinyl siding are not routinely achieved, even when siding is exposed to both direct sunlight and the reflection from normal, flat window glass, However, under some conditions the glass in energy efficient windows can become concave, forming a mirror the concentrates sunlight in small areas. Temperatures in this area can be greater than many building materials, including vinyl siding, are designed to withstand.

The best way to avoid or reduce this problem depends on the specific circumstances. However, anything that blocks the path of sunlight, either to the window or between the window and the siding, will eliminate or reduce the problem. This includes the strategic placement of trees, bushes, or other landscaping elements and the use of sunshades above windows. Screening applied to windows may reduce the total amount of reflected energy sufficiently to avoid the problem.
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Part two of three part series: Maintaining vinyl siding

How does heat affect vinyl siding?
Vinyl siding is made from organic materials and can melt when exposed to a significant heat source. Vinyl is a combustible material, but will not readily ignite unless exposed to flames from an existing fire. Home and building owners with all types of siding should always take precautions to keep heat source such as barbeque grills and readily ignitable materials such as dry leaves, mulch, and trash away from the structure.
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Part one of three part series: Maintaining vinyl siding.

How can I protect vinyl siding from discoloration?
Cover vinyl siding when using stains, sealants, and wet concrete as part of other home renovation projects. Certain insecticides or herbicides can potentially stain vinyl siding. Consult the product labels and/or the insecticide or herbicide manufacturer before applying.
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