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For the first time, racial and ethnic minorities make up more than half the children born in the U.S.
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I never considered myself a minority, not even in my native Europe, just because Caucasians outnumbered other ethnicities/ethnic groups...
In MOST countries 'whites' are the minority +Nellie K. Adaba. And yes the racial and ethnic minorites in this report are still minorities in the USA, It's just there are a lot of diffrent minorities.
Thank you, +Thomas Douglas, I'm from Brussels, Belgium, I live in the US since 1994 (age 13). Now I'm 31. I never really thought too much about skin colour, it's people who bring up that stuff.
If you bring it up or not it will alwasys be of public interest which 'race' has the largest population in a country, as it changes the direction that country moves in. Also effecting culture due to the 'sub-cultures' of each 'race'. It is something that people need to tread lightly in when discussing due to the fear of being racist. Trust me, I have a fair idea about treading lightly (when I have to) with culture and race being from Northern Ireland!
My mother has visited Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland for her work, I don't think that she felt racism... She felt it in my native Belgium, I didn't feel it too much. I really don't care. I'd like to visit your country. Maybe we can connect.
Not racism no, but Northen Irish and Republians have grow up in a world of secterinism, even today. Thats how I know to tread lightly when it comes to Racism which is not very diffrent. Check out my blog to find out a bit about Northen Ireland in the next few weeks I be doing artwork on Irish History:
Yes, thanks, and you check out my page, and you can add/circle me if you want. I love Irish music.
Thank you, +Kevin Barwell , that's what I mean, I hate that word. Already I don't consider myself "coloured" or "of colour".
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