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Safeway, America’s second largest supermarket chain, has announced it will no longer sell what the meat industry calls “lean finely textured beef” and the public has come to call “pink slime."
Image Credit: Brian Yarvin/Getty Images Safeway, America’s second largest supermarket chain, has announced it will no longer sell what the meat industry calls “lean finely textured beef” and the publi...
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So ... the store called SAFE WAY was selling this? The irony...
Ugh! The thought of people eating this meat-cocktail makes me sick then angry that USDA would approve it. The nerve of the meat industry calling it wholesome and safe. It's not fit for a dog to eat let alone a person.
"But critics, including former USDA scientists, contend the ammonia treated 'pink slime' — made from low quality scraps once used for dog food and cooking oil — is less nutritious than pure ground beef."

Also, try highlighting text on that ABC News page... playful irony?
Never should have sold it to begin with.
OMG. Enough with the "pink slime" hysteria nonsense already.
Yuk! I will never look at ground meat the same way again! Makes you wonder what else the Govt. "thinks" is completely safe that's as disgusting???!!!!!! If I even decide to eat ground meat again, it will come from grocery stores that don't sell this crap!
+blackbelt jones It will be packaged and sold to the people complaining about pink slime critics. I'm sure the pink slime supporters will be lining up to buy it by the tube.
They could go back to selling it for dog food like they used to. Just contacted my local IGA affiliate to see if they use it. It may be perfectly safe, but my days of having to eat dog food are over.
Can anyone line to a source that it wasn't allowed in people food but only dog food? I've only seen people copying the ABC claim.
Lol so that's what the hamburgers served in the food program at my old high school were.
that kind of gross!!! I don't really like school lunches anyway!
@Jason, I actually meant that figuratively. When I was a kid, one of my shirttail relatives ran a meat market. People used the bones with the meat scraps for broth or for their dogs. I see nothing wrong with using every little bit of the animal, but pink slime just ooks me out.
Now, if we could just get them to stop feeding this shit to our children in schools...
+Jen Peck- reread your article. Controversies over Ammonium Hydroxide regard efficacy and aroma, not health effects. It isn't used in doses dangerous to humans.
Cool. This seems like a rare step in the right direction.
+Jason Olney Not convinced any level of ammonium hydroxide is actually a healthy food additive. I've worked with the stuff. I've talked to doctors. Will it instantly kill anyone? No. Will is potentially do organ damage, especially with regular consumption? Absolutely.
Interesting.. Most of the time when they talk about pink slime they are using images of Ground beef.
another reason to only eat natural food that you know 100% of what is in them.
Apparently people haven't eaten a fish stick lately.
Don't like it? Don't buy it. Jeesh, just what we need. Another food scare. These things come around every few years or so.
Nothing new to see here... move along.
Well, Jen (I don't seem to know how to tag correctly) there are minute amounts of hundreds of dangerous chemicals produced in our body (like formaldehyde) and found in our food. These things don't effect us until they reach a high enough potency. Can you link to the research that shows that consuming this beef will expose the body to dangerous amount of Ammonia over time and cause organ damage? Otherwise, maybe you shouldn't say "absolutely.
+Brian Covey Don't like it, don't buy it works when you know whats in your food.. If your not told you will not know unless stores come out and say we aren't using it..
It wasn't good enough / Fit for human consumption and thus was used as pet food..
Suddenly it's safe for everyone?
Rudy M
That sucks. Pink slime makes way tastier burgers.
Many of us ate this our entire lives.... when was the last time any of you looked at the ingredients of your meat products? The only frozen meat in my freezer that doesn't contain "mechanically separated chicken" is chicken nuggets from the Dollar Tree...
+Jason Olney "Safety: The FDA lists Ammonium hydroxide as a binding and neutralizing food additive (B&N) that is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) and permitted as an optional ingredient in standardized food (FS). Somebody needs to rub a little ammonia across their computer screen, so they can get a good look at the Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Ammonium Hydroxide. My favorite is: “DANGER! Causes eye and skin burns. Causes digestive and respiratory tract burns. Harmful if swallowed.” That’s pretty crystal clear, but wait, there’s more. It’s listed as a hazardous substance under the U.S. Federal Clean Water Act and OSHA lists it as a highly hazardous substance. The state of New Jersey has it on a Special Health Hazards Substance List, which warns that Ammonium hydroxide forms dangerous and highly toxic gas under thermal decomposition or combustion…that would be heat, as in cooking. And you thought heartburn was from eating something spicy."
^^^^^Tiarrah King^^^^ Im with you bruv that is disgusting:)
+Edward Glodgett Something not processed "for human consumption" may be perfectly fine for people, it's just not being processed in the highly sterile environment that people require. Take the stuff out of the dog food factory and process it using "human consumption" standards and it very well could be just fine.
What is so all fired wrong about this crap anyway? That it "Looks" like crap? Have you seen a dead cow lately? Or is it the name "pink slime"? or just the fact that it is lower quality cuts?
Just what do you people think is in that Jack-In-The-
Box burger? You think they are grinding up USDA choice sirloin?
Look, I understand the yuck factor. I get it. There are LOTS of foods that make me gag just thinking about it. So I don't buy Clams, or canned tuna, or hamburger, sardines, or other things that I am not comfortable with. That doesn't mean I don't think ANYONE should be able to buy it.
Removing this option will cause hamburger to be more expensive meaning that there will be families that can no longer afford it. YOUR yuck factor has just caused a family to have to go without meat this week.
Study it. Learn what it is about. Find out if it is ACTUALLY unhealthy... if it is then ban it and sue people. But apparently the FDA has done those studies already and called it good.
+Jason Dahl +Rob Little I can see your point. If you are not already an informed consumer, maybe you don't deserve to know what's in your food, but wait... we have labeling laws for that, right? Lots of things that are absolutely harmful have been approved by our precious USDA. I guess my point is that people deserve to be informed and deserve to be able to make their own decisions. If you want to eat meat with ammonium hydroxide pumped into it, it should absolutely be your right. But I firmly believe people should be able to easily discover what is in their food.

As for my kids. Yep... a "hippy" diet. Wild caught fish (usually by a family member), hunted game (not farmed), cage free, organic eggs from a local farm where we can visit and local, organic produce (again, where we can visit the farm and participate in our food). We rarely eat processed foods, but for a few items, and I am very cautious as to the source and ingredients. My family has been eating like this for generations and we have remarkable health and longevity. I don't think it's a coincidence.

To reiterate. Yes. It is a CHOICE what we put in our bodies, but I appreciate any movement to make that choice available rather than hiding key, especially harmful, ingredients from our consumers.
They are using the ammonia to kill the e coli. The e coli is from the feces that is in the scraps. So, basically we are eating a certain percentage of sterilized poop. I wouldn't knowingly feed it to myself or my children. It should at the very least be on the labels so people can make the decision for themselves.
Ugh I'm soooo glad I'm a vegetarian. I can't help but think of how many times my parents made burgers out of that shit. Hopefully 7 meat free years cleared it out of my system :(
+Jason Dahl Your right close to all of us have eaten this or something similar. The trouble is that you cant trust the +Adam Fasoldt USDA or University research labs because most of the funding for this research comes from the same industry that is being judged.

There are independent labs that no eating this will not kill you today but it will increase the bodies inflammatory response indicating some sort of toxin. What we don't take into account is that we voluntarily eat enough toxins that are approved by government agencies, [sugar, alcohol, corn fed beef chicken and fish, genetically modified fruit and vegetables.

Then half of the kids and adults look like porky pig and we spend 10 million dollars to run on a study one why 10 year olds, at an increasing rate, are dealing with high blood pressure, ADHD and diabetes and cancer.

HERE IS A BASIC RULE IF THE GOVERNMENT HAS TO STUDY IT, TEST IT OR RELEASE A STATEMENT AS TO ITS SAFETY ... UHHHHH ITS NOT SAFE Humans have been eating food for millions of years without the USDA what happened?
glad we buchter our own cows lol.. You should see how mcdy's gets there chicken...
This is what I like to see!! Nobody truly wants to eat a product that has to be treated with chemicals more toxic than you use to clean your bathroom.
You have been assimilated. This kind of BS has been going on for years. Point is they dont give a rats ass until they see profits going down. Then they play make pretend. You dont need hamburger to survive and you dont need ”fillers” to stretch your dollar. The ONLY reason they put fillers in it is to get more profit by the pound, a practice used in ”other areas” of business. As far as being safe. If a company puts dog sh#& in my food and the FDA says its safe, I still wanna know.
Another reason to eat more organic vegetables!
+Rob Little Okay... well, I know my food is safe, so maybe I shouldn't care about people that buy from a supermarket (unfortunately I'm not that cold).
EEEWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Disgusting!!! I am from now on a vegetarian... no, a vegan!! Pink slime looks even worse than puke. =(P
I will shop only Safeway....thanx u Safeway if safe to me
Grassfed pastured beef from local farms is the best way to go!
Makes me glad we gave up eating most meats a while back. We'll have the occasional rib eye, maybe once a month or so. Other than that, grilled chicken and mostly salads and vegetables.
thanks to McDonalds, who first stopped using "pink slime", other restaraunts and grocery stores are following suit. Sure the stuff came from an animal... however that should not and can not constitute as healthy.
Now on top of the pink slime, add the aborted fetuses (children) that Pepsi and so many other companies are using to "flavor" their products. Years ago we laughed when we watched Soylent Green and the final seen was the hero running down the street screaming "Soylent Green is people". How sick is it that we actually have to worry about this now???!!!
I have been in the meat business for 14 years the only way u will know if ur local store had pink slim in ur ground beef is if u contact the supplier that produces the ground beef. My company sent out a email if we received a call about it and the email didn't say we didn't have it in our product only defended pink slim.
You sir, are an idiot.
Since big corporations aren't buying it anymore that's why they aren't selling it.
Does anybody know how it tastes?? Who could be yummy.
that looks like brains...'s amazing what the public can do when we ban together. The woman who agreed to letting this go into effect sits on the board now with the "meat guys"...before she worked for the government protecting us...ha! She got a nice payoff
I have been reading several articles on this and still do not understand the outcry. Outside of the media frenzy caused by the name "Pink Slime" what is really wrong with this product? It is safe to eat and helps to push costs down without impacting the overall flavor too much...seems like a good thing. Perhaps we should rename it to something with a catchier MAGNUM!!!
I agree with Jason, what do people think is in sausages?
The point is that pink slime is a bi-product that was once not save to consume due to high bacteria. It is used as a filler to lower costs and increase profits.
Bon appetite Jason, call it what you, like spin it, what ever, it's crap! I'll pass thank you very much..
I would be more concerned about other food products that are far more dangerous to health. I found it a shock to see the %age of GDAs for Sat Fats in many products, and how even "lean options" tend to be less healthy than they appear.
The fact that Safeway sold this crap in the first place should tell you something. Thank you Safeway for caving into our newly emerging social awareness. What other secrets regarding the trash you sell should we be made aware of?
thank the lord that publix does not use "pink slime"
i dont eat meat. oh and i llloooovvveee love love love your pic Cristina!!!
does that mean that i ate a hamburger with pink slime in it. GROSS!!!! D:
Well we are getting pretty fast at answering to the consumer. I am all in favor of having details of what is in any food supply. I am one of those people who suspect that many of our health issues come from processed products and medication given to meat stock to allow the herd to be cramped into smaller and smaller pens. As for the vegetarians that thisnk they avoid that...there is a difference between soil and dirt. While we have pretty fantastic agricultural practices in America and Canada I would venture to say that some fruit and vegetable products from other countries contain contaminants we are not warned about.
Kind of explains the school lunches i had as a kid. and........ maybe the dollar menu.
Another reason why I am going vegetarian more and more every day. Right now I am willing to eat chicken, eggs and fish but no other meat and dairy products.
Nooooooooooooo........ My burgers.........
Pink slime was invented because its SAFER than regular ground beef. They pass it through a puff of ammonia gas for a fraction of a second that combines with water in the beef to form ammonia acid which occurs naturally in beef, every other kind of meat and in our own bodies. It is a byproduct of digesting protein. Our bodies convert it to uric acid which is ejected through your urine. The ammonia acid raises the pH of the meat just enough to kill any bacteria like E Coli and Listeria making it completely safe. The method was invented after the Jack in the Box e coli outbreak that killed several people in the early 90s. There have been no such outbreaks with "pink slime", it saves lives. It was hailed as a major advance in food safety by the Food Safety Council, a liberal watch group normally highly critical of the food industry.

But go ahead and believe the internet hysteria and buy untreated ground beef with a risk of food poisoning. I'll be buying my ground beef somewhere other than Safeway.
What the... I never heard of that stuff. That would be sacrilegious here in Argentina!!!
Lv Safeway for at least taking action. Most consumers by the 85% lean.there food stamps make it affordable.
Wow, that has really got to suck for the Meat Industry.. but who cares about them. Their money grubbing wh*re$...
Buster says, "I better not find pink slime in my food."
Hasn't ground beef always been describable as "pink slime"?
Called GFF in Moore, OK and Crest Foods (who are all over OKC) and neither one of them use any fillers of any sort in their hamburger. GFF even grinds all theirs on-site.
If you have an IGA affiliate store in your area, I bet they don't use it either.
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