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In a matter of days, the number of expected foreign visitors to Tibet has gone from millions to zero.
Audrey Wozniak and Gloria Riviera report: BEIJING – In a matter of days, the number of expected foreign visitors to Tibet has gone from millions to zero. Chinese authorities alerted foreign travel age...
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I expect this will affect tourism profits for china, and have a negative impact on Tibet itself!
Someone once told me at a party that the "Chinese government is not that bad."  She was not from Tibet.
Long past time to treat China as South Africa during apartheid.  Boycott chinese products and they'll find they can't sit on the fence between despotism and capitalism and take the "best" from both worlds.
+Marc Aupiais It's not "them", it's us.  Our government will not boycott, but we can as a people.  We can stop paying them with the right hand, though we may still be forced to pay them with the left.  Individual principled decision making in isolation is highly infectious.  En masse, it's a death of a thousand silent cuts.  Opting out is the only tool left to the people when their governments, international corporations, media outlets and other power-brokers have all turned corrupt.  We see even frank rebellion has become futile.
' they can't sit on the fence between despotism and capitalism and take the "best" from both worlds.' Indeed the CCP morons are allowed to get away with it for far too long.
'How would you keep over a billion secure, and fed, and prospering?' Unable to do a good job, give others a chance, or break it up to be more manageable countries.
You think 'it's not that great here in the west', simply because you have never lived under the CCP totalitarian in PRC.

When people live in PRC don't have a voice don't have votes don't have freedom of expression, indeed who's opinions count? 
That might be your opinion, but the CCP government in PRC did not go for the last 62 years, and still no way to get rid of them even they have killed millions of people causing countless disasters to the country. 
The CCP only kills people at the home country, so you will be safe unless you go there.

Is Tibet not colonised by the Chinese now?
Dalai is no democrat, but he no longer wished to interfere with the Tibetan politics, way better than the CCP morons, who skims off the people and oppress everyone's life day in day out.
Did any of those unemployed in Greece, Spain, set himself or herself on fire, like some Tibetan did?

No comparison...
No doubt, +Marc Aupiais.  But nevertheless possible.  Altering our usual directive, "get it cheap as possible", to "get high quality" instead will go a long way though.  And today high price does not even denote "high quality"  We are suckered into price comparison shopping and forgetting what quality is, and forgetting what a quality life is in the process.  The forgoing posts rightly point to Western corruption and dishonorable military actions and rapacious industries.  The question is not WHICH authoritarian regime enslaves us more, but how we can carve our own and others' freedom out of it nevertheless, or at the very least minimize our own complicity in it. 

We hope a pair of shoes lasts 6-12months.  They used to last 10years.  We hope a coat will be in fashion next year, when a well-made one would always be in style and last for 20.  We eat low-quality foods based on corn and chemicals.  What's the real price comparison if we multiply the cheap shoes by the ten pairs we would need over 10 years? What's the cost to our integrity for our collusion? 

If we returned to looking for quality in our purchases, integrity in our leaders, honor in our business practices, etc, I suspect much of our world would self-correct.
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