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The surveillance video, which was obtained exclusively by ABC News, shows Zimmerman arriving in a police cruiser.
Trayvon Martin's girlfriend says cops haven't asked her about key phone call.
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I wonder if I could have seen the video better if that ABC banner wasn't over his face for half of it.
I feel that ABC and the media are just trying to create more drama by implying that the police wrote a fake report. You guys are ridiculous!
ummm...they'd have to exhume the body to show you what he looks like today and what does it matter? Is there a 'shoot me' look? How does one look like they should be shot? Could you describe the facial features of a person who deserves to be shot and killed?
+S Jackson what he is trying to say is that the media keeps on showing the very old and innocent picture of Trayvon but it keeps on showing the scary looking picture of Zimmerman in an orange county polo (which gives him a prison look). Trayvon didn't deserve to die but the media is totally changing the story and making it look more dramatic than what it really is.
I think the drama is in the eye of the beholder. I value life. I don't look highly on deadly force self-defense claims.
I think the law that says you don't have to retreat in a public place is bull.
I don't think a person should have immunity for killing someone.
I don't care if Trayvon was aspiring to be the biggest thug on the planet. His life has value.
There are pictures of him with a hoodie on, it looks like a 17 year old. Still doesn't matter.
If a person is dead who didn't deserve to die, that's pretty damn dramatic to me.
And it happens all the time. And it's draining.
He could still be alive if Zimmerman stayed in the car and didn't have a gun on him. Two violations of Neighborhood watch protocol.
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