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Would you do it?
Image Credit: Brainiacs From Mars Need help paying your mortgage? If so, the marketing firm Brainiacs From Mars has a proposition for you. “We’re looking for homes to turn into billboards. In exchange...
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I'm actually down with this. I could still pay my mortgage payments thus doubling what I'm paying every month and pay off my house in half the time.
+Mycal Whitlock In your case, it won't be an eyesore when the ads painted outside your window will be Starbucks' and some gun manufacturer's! :-D
This idea started with people turning their cars into moving ads, so not surprised by this.
noor h
I'll do it
I'm surprised it's taken this long to have something like this in the works.  Good luck fighting your HOA on it though...

I would consider putting a magnet / static sticker on my car if the price and product was right...
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