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In a new interview with the Baptist Press, Georgia-based Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy, son of company founder S. Truett Cathy,  spoke about his franchise’s “support of the traditional family.” 
(Image Credit: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images) Ed Helms, who is best known for his work on television’s “The Office” and for hi...
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I have joined Mr. Helms in boycotting Chick-fil-A. 
Shoot. I've been boycotting Chick-Fil-A since I first learned it existed. 
Yay, shorter lines to get tasty chicken for me!
Good for Ed, he's doing the right thing.
And civil rights are never a trend. What an ignorant thing to say.
Loved Chick Fil-A before; love it more now.

And lolll @ Ed freakin' Helms being noteworthy enough for an ABC news bulletin. Come on, I'm sure some A-list celeb will be doing the same thing soon enough. Report when that happens. Ed Helms isn't news.
What civil right is Chick-fil-A breaking, +Nicole Ament? By having an opinion? There's no homo segregation in Chick-fil-A that I know of. They are simply disagreeing with homosexuality.
Boycott away folks.  Just as Mr. Helms has the right to his opinion, so the the ownership of  Chick-fil-A.

Don't like them, don't go to their restaurants.  They're also not open on Sundays.  When's the protest going to start about that from the folks that think they need to be open then?

Personally I could give a hoot about the owners opinions.  They are in business to sell chicken sandwiches.  What would be newsworthy is that if they refused service to someone for being gay.

Has that happened?   If not, get over it and move on.
So, we should hate a religious organization for merely having a political/religious opinion about something? It's not like Chik-Fil-A is discriminating against gays; just not supporting their marriages.
Should have know that this would be a troll magnet. +Daniel Burke No one is talking about hating an organization. We are talking about disagreeing with their political stance and not supporting them with our money. Who said that anyone "hates" this organization? Did you just make that up?
+Daniel Burke +Mike Potratz +David Williamson so I guess you would have been on the same side of the fence if they had disapproved of interracial marriage too, huh? It's simply a "political" stance, right? I hope you realize how wrong you are in 40 years when discrimination against gays is a thing of the past. Or even better, I hope you are forced to understand what it's like to be denied the right to marry the person you love. Maybe one of your kids will turn out to be gay.
Oh look it's climate change denying troll +Cher Monroe ! What a surprise that she's also anti-gay!
Glad I won't have to chance running into Ed Helms, then.
+Oliver Style Nothing is wrong with interracial marriage. You are just trolling for extra support for your lame agenda.

In 40 years I hope you realize your irrelevant opinion doesn't dictate normality. Nature does. And in thousands, possibly millions of years, nature has deemed homosexuals unfit to procreate. That's a pretty strong statement for nature to say that your particular DNA/genes are unfit to carry on.

BTW you prick, learn some decorum. All the people in this comment section are voicing their opinions, etc... But not a single one is talking about anyone's kids, they have more respect, that is until you come along.
If I boycotted every business I had a difference of opinion with, I'd end up sitting at home in squalor starving to death.
+David Williamson you're the one who thinks having a gay child is a negative thing, not me. And give me a break with your nature argument. You are pathetic.
+Jim Deatherage no one is forcing anyone to be proud of anything. If you were a discriminated minority I'm sure you'd look to do the same thing.
Thanks +Cher Monroe. I went the nature route because homos usually pretend to be more "mentally evolved." And  they often claim they were born that way. If that's the case, then mother nature deems them unfit. Now +Carl Grover is claiming murder is normal to undermine the argument.

If I had taken the religious route I'm sure he would have posted something about the fallacies of religion.

Like you said, he/they want it both ways. From either standpoint, creationism or Darwinism, homosexuality doesn't fit.
+David Williamson if that's what you believe then why do you have to prevent other people from being happy? What is someone's marriage to the person they love going to do to you? Or is tolerance not something that's done in Alabama?
+Oliver Style "You are pathetic." <-- Way to bypass the topic. Nature, creationism, whatever...let's debate. I'm more open minded than you think. Despite what you may think, I'm looking for the truth. And I haven't found it in homosexuality. Enlighten me.
Anyway, guys, I think it's time to stop feeding the trolls and bigots.
+Sean Reynolds So I would say it is obvious to you and everyone else that nature created two genders with complementing genitalia, correct? Seems rudimentary and obvious, correct? Lets push that aside and go with your feelings argument. Do pedophiles have feelings? What about zoophiliacs? Should we be able to deny them their natural urges even if their "partner" consents? Should we legalize that as well. If not, I'm pretty sure all the zoophiliacs consider you a bigot and troll.
I don't like 'em either. The sooner society returns to "normal"--yes, the word homosexuals have now defined for the rest of us--the better.
Dude...I would never boycott Chic-fil-a. Not even for Wendy's chili-cheese fries.
Slippery it is +Sean Reynolds. The same arguments that are used to promote homosexuality can be applied to other areas, other sexual "disorders."

As much as you would like for it to, +Carl Grover, posting links and allowing a website to speak for you does not make you intelligent. Your black-and-white link is BS because I never said Creationism and Darwinism were the only two options, only the most cited and discussed.Your strawman link is also BS, nothing is being misrepresented.

If anything, your links are taking away from the conversation. If you have something to say, say it.
It's a business. All customers should be accepted unless they aren't treating staff in an appropriate manner or aren't meeting other company standards. Businesses should stay out of the sex and religion issues. I'm sure that his business has gays working for them and they don't even know it. I would be surprised if Dan Cathy doesn't have a gay in his own family. He probably loves them and respects them.... Until he finds out they are gay? I'm shocked that in 2012 we still have to deal with such petty and small minded issues.
+Carl Grover  I never once mentioned God or claimed to be a Christian in any of my posts. Being so studious, I'm surprised you didn't notice that. I'm assuming you'll call me a republican next?

+Sean Reynolds Yes it can.
1) Neither is zoophilia and pedophilia, then.
How ironic is it that I choose not to "agree to disagree", Jason Abreu? I have a friend who turned homosexual a few years ago, just before we graduated high school. Our presentations in government class had to be on a controversial topic...I'm sure you guessed mine: homosexuality. I was, am, and will always be against it. I gave the presentation that I stood against it and even though it hurt her feelings she had respect enough for me to know that I still consider her a friend. I'm not a homophobe, I just know right from wrong when see it. We're still friends today and guess what...I still pray that one day she returns back to normal.
+Carl Grover A static HTML page is not debating. Sorry if you think so.

Your link did quote murder as being normal. Maybe you should read your link before posting. Once again, nobody specified Darwinism or Creationism as the only possible outlet.
(Whaa! Whaa!!) Awww… someone needs to burp Ed. Just another absolutist and someone who probably doesn't live consistently with his worldview. He should check the maker of that shirt/coat to make sure they agree with the homosexual agenda. While he’s at it, he should check the photographer’s religious upbringing or the media agency who distributed the photo to make sure they’re in line with his worldview. I mean, come’ on now, really? 
+Patrick Phillips that's a longer and better said version of where I was going earlier.

If you like them, go there.  If you don't, don't go.  They get to make decisions and you get to make decisions.
+George Ito You throw out all the technology pioneered by heteros first, then I'll throw away my tablet, PC, etc...

You discredit a lot of people by saying Alan Turing was the father of computer science. How many others pioneered technology pre/post Turing? He was a cog in a house of gears.
Oliver Style. You're missing the point. It's not what they believe, it's that that are free to believe what they want. That it's a hard concept for some people to grasp. They are a business. They don't make or enforce any laws.

Have they discriminated against any groups? Anyone? Anyone?

Again, if not, it's a freedom to feel however you want.
+David Williamson Gays wanting equal rights is not a trend, it's a civil rights issue. I guess in your mind desegregation and women's rights were just trends, too, huh? GTFOHWTB! 
+Oliver Style You say that as if the donations go to organizations whose sole commitment is to exterminate gays. I guess the world revolves around you and your narrow view.

These donations help provide food and shelter for the homeless, the destitute, domestic violence victims, support athletes, promote wellness, assist third world nations, provide education, scholarships, and the list goes on.
+David Williamson "Chick-fil-A’s WinShape foundation has given millions of dollars to organizations that oppose marriage equality (Marriage and Family Legacy Fund, Family Research Council), bully gay students (Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Focus on the Family), and promote harmful ex-gay therapy (Exodus International). In addition, the company has a score of 0 on HRC’s corporate equality index, offering absolutely no protections to LGBT staff and even firing employees who engage in “sinful” behavior. Compare that to how many Fortune 100 companies offer non-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation (94 percent) and gender identity (69 percent)."
No more chicken from that pighole for me!
Buh Bye Chick-fil-A, for ever!
+Oliver Style  I can confirm that post. Being a GID person myself and have had dealings with the buttheads that waited on me when I did go.
 Nothing but issues and problems.
 Gave me cold coffee, old biscuits, cold gravy, soda with no ice in it.

 No love lost between myself and the one that I used to go to.

 Chick-fil-A is in violation of the discrimination law, plain and simple.
+David Williamson and +Cher Monroe in reference to you nature dictates normalcy, "1,500 animal species practice homosexuality" Now your argument doesn't support itself. Also, +Brandi Lee Writer and +Oliver Style, the "Chick-fil-A is in violation of the discrimination law", is not completely true.  The United States Constitution prohibits discrimination by federal and state governments. Discrimination in the private sector is not directly constrained by the Constitution.  Under Federal law, employers generally cannot discriminate against employees on the basis of:
Race, Sex, Pregnancy, Religion,
National origin, Disability (physical or mental, including HIV status),
Age (for workers over 40), Military service or affiliation, Anticipated deployment with the Reserves or National Guard, Bankruptcy or bad debts, Genetic information, Citizenship status (for citizens, permanent residents, temporary residents, refugees, and asylees). No where does it state based on sexual orientation, that itself is where the problem remains. 
I do not agree with Mr. Cathy's ideals, but I do agree that he has the right to support organizations of his choosing. With that said, I do not agree with the support of organizations that promote bullying or violence towards any particular group(s). But as it is his right support said organizations it is my right to not support him nor his establishments. 
+Cindy Johnson  I did not SAY the whole company did I. Re-read my comment. It was the Store WHERE i WAS at the time. That's what I was talking about. Not the WHOLE company;
 And besides... I still will not be going to them any more!
 No worries :)
P.S. No need to send links. I know the law on that!
My Profile clearly states (Person of GiD) if anyone reads them
+Cindy Johnson. Animals also perform necrophilia, sexual cannibalism, coercive sex (rape), cross species sex, etc...  I say we legalize every bit of it. Hooray for mankind.
Again, such an ignorant thing to say. smh
I KNEW it.. I just knew it.. who else would know about all those (never heard some of those) words and what they meant, but still they are homophobic and can't stand gays, lesbians or any other.
 They're telling on themselves now LMAO
+David Williamson "In 40 years I hope you realize your irrelevant opinion doesn't dictate normality. Nature does." these are your word from a previous post on this discussion, therefore, your comment "Animals also perform necrophilia, sexual cannibalism, coercive sex (rape), cross species sex, etc...  I say we legalize every bit of it. Hooray for mankind." is nothing but grasping at straws because you have already argued that nature does dictate normalcy. So you've contradicted yourself. And +Brandi Lee Writer  regardless of what you meant, what you said was "Chick-fil-A is in violation of the discrimination law", go back and check your own post. The links that I included are to show validation to my argument, not meant to challenge nor to demean anyone. 
+Cindy Johnson  I did re check it before I posted, and to me this isnt a pissing contest either.
 *I* know what the hell I said and meant, its you that takes it however you read it.
 So therefor, you still prove nothing to me.
 Try again.. this will be the third strike if you're wrong.
+Cindy Johnson Nice try at convoluting my words. Let’s take a step back. My reference to nature didn’t actually include the animal kingdom. It was referring to the nature of mankind. To elaborate: humankind has two genders, each with complementing genitalia. A combination of these genitalia is the only way to procreate, an imperative process to mankind. And I would dare to say that that these organs were meant for each other, correct? So anything outside of that combination is a sexual deviation(notice I didn’t say a sin).
These deviations can cause major health issues including ostomies, fecal compaction, anal fissures, and infections for uncircumcised men due to rectal bacteria. Although highly debated, it has also been linked to increased cancer risks. And, yes, hetero sex can have its complications, but not nearly as prevalent as homosexual intercourse. At this point I’m sure that ditz Brandi Lee is thinking of some smart remark like “he sure knows a lot about it, he’s telling on himself, har har derp derp.” Well, yes, I do. I tend to research the topics I debate instead of running around like an indoctrinated drone who simply regurgitates the opinions of others. 

The point being that homosexual intercourse seems incongruous with the original design.

Also, since homosexuality seems to disagree with the notion that reproduction is essential to a relationship, why not allow many other forms of sexual deviation as well? That's what I was trying to convey to that idiot that kept going back to horse sex.

Anyways, you’re the one that brought animals into the discussion by posting your link. As a way to validate your point you claimed that homosexuality was documented in nature(animals). In so many words, my response to that point was: do we emulate everything nature(animals) does (necrophilia,etc…)?

Call it whatever you want, as I’m sure you will, but I’ve done a lot of research and I’m just looking for the truth on the subject matter. There are a lot of other points to be made here, but I’m going to drop the issue. I can honestly say I try to be objective and look at a topic from every angle, but if the facts don’t add up I’m going to call BS every time.

Everyone will continue to be polarized by the issue, and if there is a Maker out there, he’ll sort it out in the end.
Lol it doesn't matter if gays boycott the business. They cater to religious groups and that's why they prosper. Their believes are their own beliefs. I'm gay, but people are allowed to believe what they want as long as they don't throw it in your face.
Its a free country and businesses have just as much rights to choose what they support. Its not like anyone is forcing anyone to eat here, I feel like if you boycott for this, you must be bored.
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