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Breaking: Judge Sets $150,000 Bond for George Zimmerman
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Should have been alot more than that. The guy is clearly a psycho.
Don't worry. He's a prisoner already. Too many people are out to get him.
$150,000 is enough money to pay for his release from jail.
Zimmerman only need to pay 10% on his bond now.
Ken Hinzman They're looking for a sacrifice to make up for past unjust incidents. This story is a perfect example of a media's concern of ratings than people's lives.
Gangstas in miami are asking, whats he got that we aint got.
well +Hudson Child they need a daddy who's white and a former judge for starters who can wipe domestics and assaults on police officers
He deserves a fair trial and the media and other people need to stop making this into a race issue. Why is nothing being said about the robberies in the neighborhood? Why was it buried in the news that the "victim" had tools that looked like a burglary kit and more than 10 items of jewelry in his back pack that seem to match those robberies? What about the fact that the "victim" was temporarily staying with his father because he was kicked out of school for attacking a bus driver as well as other things he had done in school to get him kicked out? Why is the pictures of the "victim" being shown depicting him as an innocent 12 year old instead of his real age? Why is the picture of Zimmerman from an old mug shot when he was heavier? Why do they keep calling this a white on black crime when he is Hispanic not white? Why are the "victims" parents saying they think it was probably an accident? Who really knows what happened? Only the two people involved do.
Victor Martines No you're a racist. Grow up.
+Victor Martines No you are feeding into media congratulations. I only spoke of facts. You are speaking as a racist..shame on you. What do you think your point of view would have been if George was being profiled as a Hispanic or was the same race as the "victim"?
Victor Martines Go away troll. I wish to speak with adults.
if you read my profile you know that i don't give a shit
Well troll harder. I don't care either.
tell you what, take your ass back to europe where you belong and get the fuck out of my country
I'm sorry, I can't hear you. Your just a barking dog. Bye.
+Victor Martines you speak of facts? By calling me a racist because I posted some facts? Or is it because my skin looks white? Technically I am not white. I am Middle eastern, American Indian and Mongolian. To tell someone to get out of your country with your surname ...hmmm The USA is a melting pot ..I guess you don't understand that Mr MARTINES.
just b/c my dad was a wetback doesn't mean i'm a spick. i'm native american and you just proved my point +april eshelman i judge you on your appearance and you judge me on my name
+Victor Martines I do not judge you on your name. I pointed out another fact when you told someone to get out of YOUR country.. Your words are what I judge you on. You have just proven by your own words that you are a racist.
it is my country, it belonged to my ancestors, i'm a true american and not a bastard child of immigrants
+Victor Martines This country belonged to SOME of your ancestors as it did mine. It makes no difference if you are a bastard or not. True Americans come from all over the world and that has nothing to do with you being a Racist. Being a Racist is your choice and has nothing to do with the colors of ones skin.
+Victor Martines Ahh so you will do what? Post my head onto one of your ridiculous photos of disproportional women? Of course you are done with this know you are wrong.
WTF happened to the discussion of Zimmerman, here???
what happened is typical. Facts about the case were posted and a racist troll attempted to derail them
Isn't Freedom of Speech wonderful? Whether you have an intelligent and rational comment, or are simply spewing vitriol, we all have the same rights in that regard.
i can be intelligent but when dealing w/idiots you have to sink to their level in order to be understood
It does not matter what he had on him. He didn't have a weapon..he wasn't climbing out of or into anyone's window..the police told Zimmerman to stay away from him and quit following him. He disobeyed the police, engaged and killed Treyvon.
I am mostly Native, but am also Black and Scottish.
150,000 was way too low for bail .... no matter what his race is.
let's try this one more time :

this is the best angle i can get but i don't see a head repeatedly bashed into the concrete as he #zimmerman claims. judging by blood flow this is indicative of a fall due to one overwhelming conclusion :

if #trayvonmartin was bashing #zimmerman 's head against the concrete multiple times as #zimmerman claims HOW COME THE BLOOD ISN'T SMEARED ???

i'm no forensic pathologist but i do have a grasp of simple physics
just answer the question +april eshelman , if #zimmerman and #trayvonmartin were locked into a "life and death" struggle why isn't the blood smeared ? this i have to hear
did you not read my post ? why isn't the blood smeared ?
he was in a "life and death" struggle with #zimmerman on his back w/his head being banged against the concrete which are the "facts" as testified and espoused by you but i can't think of any scientific scenario where you can get get your head bashed on the concrete and it doesn't get smeared
and all you have offered is supposition about #trayvonmartin i never read anywhere that #trayvonmartin was convicted of #larceny but guess who does have a record ?
and what i post in my pictures is irrelevant to the issue but you are good at that, trying to draw attention from your flawed logic w/personal attacks
+Victor Martines Did you not read? His head could have been wiped at one point. My son had a horrible head injury and it was not smeared. His head hit the pavement
You words and your pictures attack you ..not me. I just pointed out that the link you attached was of your pictures which tell a lot about you.I have not attacked are the one who is on the attack. I have only pointed out facts that you do not like.
it's obvious that you want to believe in your lover #zimmerman by coming up wild theories when the facts are staring you in the face
+april eshelman By Zimmerman's own account to the police, Martin was running away, in the direction of his step-father's girlfriend's house. Zimmerman continued to pursue him, against the advice of the 911 dispatcher. Then, and there are no eyewitnesses to corroborate this, Zimmerman claims that he stopped pursuit, and started walking back to his SUV, and that's when Martin approached him.

This means that we have to believe two unlikely events. One, that Zimmerman would spontaneously decide to heed the dispatcher's advice after initially ignoring it, and two, that Martin decided to stop running away from an unknown stalker, when he was so close to the house, and turned to confront him. Only then does the second part of Zimmerman's story make any sense.

Zimmerman had multiple options. He could have stayed in his SUV. If Martin had approached then, he could have kept the doors locked, and informed him that the police were on the way. He could have identified himself as a member of the Neighborhood Watch, and treated Martin like a person, rather than a suspect.
Zimmerman had so many available options, and yet he chose the most provocative yet still technically legal one, even if we believe his story.

I, for one, do not believe him, based on his past arrests and his history of unnecessary 911 calls.
+Victor Martines you do realize that cuts continue to bleed after the fact right? Or that sometimes they actually bleed after they're cleaned?

The fact is none of us were there, but some of us have made up our minds without all the facts.
+Victor Martines haha okay who is attacking ones character? I am not defending anyone. I am only stating some facts and being open minded to possibilities. +Michael Edwards Again that is what the media is saying. we do not know the entire story.
i have one question for +april eshelman can you please cite the source that states that the alleged jewelry found on #trayvonmartin was from the robberies in #zimmerman 's neighborhood.
even assuming your right +Jeffrey Hamby and the wounds were cleaned it would be safe to assume they were cleaned by EMT's so why isn't it bandaged ?
i'm waiting for the source citation and if you can cough it up i will stand corrected but if you can't then you are on shut the fuck up status
+Victor Martines The Miami Herald had a past article stating that they thought that the jewelry was possibly linked to robberies in the neighborhood. It also states in the article I linked that they have not released if any of it is linked. The article said the picture was taken by a bystander 3 minutes after the shooting not an EMT. Also they do not always bandage at a scene. come on you can look this stuff up
+Victor Martines I have no idea, which is why I'm reserving judgement until after we know what the actual facts are.
so first it's wiped, now it wasn't bandaged ... i'm done w/this and since you didn't cough up the citation you are on shut the fuck up status
ABC News reported that the photo was taken just three minutes after Martin was shot and killed. The photographer who snapped the photo said Zimmerman asked him to call his wife. When the photographer asked what he should tell her, he said Zimmerman said, "Man, just tell her I shot someone."

those are the facts +april eshelman +Jeffrey Hamby
unlike you two i don't speak unless i have the ammo to back my shit up, where's yours ?
+april eshelman No, I'm basing this off of Zimmerman's statements, both from the 911 call and from the police report.
You claim I'm just going off of what the 'media' reported. However, you're basing your assumption that the jewelry was stolen off of a supposition in a newspaper story, evne though the local police never claimed that the jewelry was stolen.
A close friend of mine is a paramedic here in Florida. According to him, bandaging such a wound woul dbe standard procedure, unless Zimmerman refused treatment. So, if he refused treatment, that indicates he did not think of the wound as a serious one.
Iron clad proof? No, but since it contradicts his self-defense claim, which also has no iron-clad proof, it's enough to have a reasonable doubt of his claim.
Therefore, he can't support his self-defense allegation, and since he is not disputing that he shot Martin, it was an illegal killing. All that's left is whether it's Murder 2 or Manslaughter.
Victor, there has been a reasonable and possible explanation for the lack of blood smearing. Granted, it's a thin assumption, but within the realm of possibility.
+Victor Martines you do realize that cuts continue to bleed after the fact right? Or that sometimes they actually bleed after they're cleaned?

The fact is none of us were there, but some of us have made up our minds without all the facts.
Yes, that's a perfect copy and paste, congratulations.

You might want to look up "due process" and "beyond a reasonable doubt" (the latter applies to criminal court proceedings rather than civil).
+Victor Martines that along with other questions have been addressed. Links have been provided. You are making no points here but being verbally abusive because you do not agree with any of the facts being shared. That is all the definition of a TROLL. Thankfully you are not part of any jury since you can not objectively look at what is being presented.
+Michael Edwards The article about the jewelry said they have not RELEASED if it was stolen property from that neighborhood. How many teenagers carry around kits and woman's jewelry including wedding rings? Also 3 minutes after the EMT was there yet. My son was not bandaged at the scene even if they had been there which in this case they had not may have not been bandaged.
No one said anything about Iron clad proof. Only that we were not there and these are some of the facts. I have not even said if I believe any of the have I?
all i asked was a simple question +april eshelman . why isn't the blood smeared and you offer nothing and what do you offer in return +april eshelman ? character assassination on a dead kid but i'm the troll * rolling eyes *
+Victor Martines I offered two reasonable explanations for that. Granted I haven't been an EMT or a boxer for 20 years now, but both have given me some insight into the anatomy of cuts.

It's merely reasonable doubt, which exists in this case. As facts come out that doubt will either increase or disappear.
due process is a great idea +Jeffrey Hamby but the fact remains #zimmerman wouldn't even be in jail right now if the nation didn't rise up as one. as far as the SPD was concerned it was just another dead black kid, shooter claims self-defense. let's call it a night or how else do you explain their lackadaisical approach ?
I agree that none of it is iron clad. I never suggested that you claimed any of it was. However, as I explained, the available facts do not support Zimmerman's claim of self-defense.
Do you believe it was self-defense? If so, what factors lead you to that belief? I'm not asking for proof, but just the reasons, and why those reasons are more compelling to you than the reasons I've stated that contradict his claim of self-defense.
precisely +Michael Edwards if i were a member of the jury and i was shown a photograph of #zimmerman 's head 3 minutes after the shooting and #zimmerman claimed a scuffle what preposterous theory can you propound which would fly in the face of common sense
If those images were presented with expert testimony (which includes none of us) from a paramedic or doctor who said they could have been from what he said, would your mind still be made up?
+Michael Edwards I base my opinion that there is a possibility that Zimmerman may be telling the truth by looking at all of the evidence. The facts about Martins past behavior, what he had in his backpack, the robberies that occurred in the neighborhood,They all validate the possibility that Martin was acting suspiciously and has a violent streak. Zimmerman's head injury to the back of his head. It all makes a doubt of what may or may not have occurred. That is all that is needed..a doubt.
That's nice that he is apologizing. That is one step of healing.
you're skirting the issue +april eshelman why isn't the blood smeared ? and i know this concept might be hard for you to grasp +april eshelman but have you ever entertained the notion that #georgezimmerman is a lying sack of shit ?
having your hoodie up in the rain is suspicious ? wow, i guess i should be gunned down too
Race will always be a
The most popular topic of fighting among humanity for we have to protect ourselves representing our race especially if we live in a country with many races trying to get a piece of the low-fat pie. 
if you have ever been in a firefight +Jeffrey Hamby you pull the trigger more than once, and if you don't believe me ask anyone who has served or a cop
Of course America will always be the pure white-English-lastname-race country and the American-Indian lastname country. The rest of you who bitch and moan about America, you can go back to Italy, Mexico, China, Africa, etc, I am going back to Vietnam. No point working my ass off and rely on a bad-decisions of certain English-lastname people who fucks another ethnic person and favor that ethnic person over hard-working me.
You didn't answer my question. You've obviously rushed to judgment and refuse to acknowledge anyone who hasn't.
+Victor Martines My son was attacked from behind and his head was slammed against a curb. The blood was not smeared. It was running down the back of his head. That is what I am basing my opinion on. How many times do you need an explanation? Or is it that no reason is valid to you?
let me ask you this +april eshelman if i saw you dressed in a tight mini-skirt wearing garish make-up walking down a known street for prostitutes would it be fair for me to assume that you're a whore for sale ? that's your logic :

I base my opinion that there is a possibility that Zimmerman may be telling the truth by looking at all of the evidence. The facts about Martins past behavior, what he had in his backpack, the robberies that occurred in the neighborhood,They all validate the possibility that Martin was acting suspiciously and has a violent streak. Zimmerman's head injury to the back of his head. It all makes a doubt of what may or may not have occurred. That is all that is needed..a doubt.
Black people with English lastname who work hard can stay in America because they slaved for free to build America. Zimmerman can move his Latino ass to Germany for Zimmerman is a German lastname.
Germany loves Latinos for they moved their Volkswagen to Mexico to be built.
there is a world of difference +april eshelman slammed vs. slamming (plural) not to mention there was a "life and death" struggle for a period of ONE minute and you are going to try and tell me that the blood wasn't smeared ?
+Victor Martines I am not going to go into detail, however my son was beaten pretty badly and robbed. So you have no clue as you were not there and did not view it.
that's not what i asked +april eshelman i asked if such a scenario occurred would it be fair of me to make that assumption : yes or no
+Victor Martines No as I have repeatedly said My son was in such a scenario and blood was not smeared. So, it is very possible in this situation as well. No matter how you try to validate your point it is possible to have no blood smearing in a head injury and fight.
i'm done, you love #zimmerman and that's your right but i'm done trying to talk to a brick wall
+april eshelman If Martin's prior history is relevant, then how does Zimmerman's prior arrests (assault on a police office and domestic violence) and the fact that he was fired from his job as a bouncer for being too rough with customers factor in? I would argue that these events cast far more doubt on Zimmerman than Martin's events cast upon him.
+Michael Edwards Of course his past should be a factor as well. The one factor that is very relevant is that Martin had in his possession items that did not belong to him as well as tools that are often called a burglary kit. They both had some violent acts in their pasts, one much more recent than the other.
whoa ... i don't remember #trayvonmartin having any stolen property upon his person when he was killed unless i missed that report
did a little digging +april eshelman and you live in florida. no wonder you are espousing your racist rhetoric. would it make you feel better if i gave your info to the black panthers ? i'm sure they would LOVE your view about #trayvonmartin
+Victor Martines No I actually do not live in Florida. You seemed to be some kind of obsessed Stalker and are threatening me. No normal person would try to look up a persons identity, address and or make threats when they disagree on facts. I thought your were just racist, now I think your sicker than that.
+Victor Martines Cyber stalking and or online harassment along with threats are against the law. I suggest you find another past time or perhaps you would like me to report you to National Crime Prevention Council ?
+Victor Martines

You wrote this
"did a little digging +april eshelman and you live in florida. no wonder you are espousing your racist rhetoric. would it make you feel better if i gave your info to the black panthers ? i'm sure they would LOVE your view about #trayvonmartin"

That is a threat and can be considered stalking. I just confirmed that.
So I suggest you change your ways and find amusement elsewhere
+Victor Martines That is correct. However I do not live in Florida and your statement above is a threat. If you are no so sure about it call and ask the National Crime Prevention Council. You have been asked to cease and desist
so sharing your opinion w/a pro-african american group is a threat ? i checked homeland security and they are not listed as a terrorist group .... so where's the threat ?
+Victor Martines Figure it out..You have been told to cease and desist Yet you refuse to..that is harassment. You made a threat and you are using stalking like behavior. Do not address me again.
wow ... talks shit in a public forum but share that opinion w/someone else who opposes that view and you're a threat. smh
The state of Florida makes it more apparent what little value is placed on the lives of our youth. RIP Caylee Anthony, and Trayvon Martin. :0(
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