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A 20-year-old Connecticut mother is charged with assault, intentional cruelty, risk of injury to a child, and threatening, after she sent videos and text messages to her ex-boyfriend that depicted and described her abusing their 10-month-old daughter.
A 20-year-old Conn. mom was charged after sending texts, videos of child abuse.
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The little kid will have this video define its entire life.   
Postpartum depression is no excuse for this kind of abuse
+Benjamin Hulme I'm well aware, that doesn't change anything. Abuse is abuse. I hope she gets the help she clearly requires. PPD or not this woman is clearly batshit insane to do that to her daughter, let alone send video evidence of it....
PPD can be very extreme, so you men may think it's an excuse, but it's not. What happened to the child is horrible and wouldn't have happened if the mother had support so she wouldn't have done these horrific acts.
+Benjamin Hulme You oversimplify. People suffering from PPD, which would include this woman if she was, are very rarely unaware of that. They know something is off, they're unbalanced not retarded. This woman knew what she was doing, PPD or not. To insinuate that she would have been somehow unaware of the harm she was causing, or unaware that she didn't give a fuck, is just silly. She could have had the most severe case of PPD ever recorded and that would still be stretching it pretty far....
I hope she gets abused in jail like Sandusky is about now.....
How many years?, considering finding vulnerabilities on servers and accessing them gets you min 10 Max 25.....
+Ryan Walter He rupbringing is likely an additional reason for her unmotherly, criminal behavior. Unfortunately, we can't give her and all the Casey Anthonys forced hysterectomies because we foresee these women will not be good caregivers.
+Benjamin Hulme Actually I'm not wrong, thanks. Abnormal Psychology was my major. Unless your skills as an automation electrician qualify you to be telling me about my own area of study, I would suggest you don't.....
she knew exactly what she was doing and there is no excuse for what she did! She is evil! just like Casey Anthony...EVIL
don't mean anything if she is depressed or not...she knew what she was doing and when someone is depressed they still have a brain to step away from doing something crazy!
and if they do not have a brain to step away from doing something nutso...then whoever knows the person should be aware and do something about it before something happens
+Benjamin Hulme I have a psych degree as all and am a mother, but I believe you when you say your wife didn't know she was depressed. I, too, hope the baby will have proper care and also that this woman never has any more children again.
what is so wrong with people today.... is everybody losing their minds. that poor little girl. 
This makes me feel ill... That poor little girl and that woman has no soul to do this to such a small baby.
I will not say I'm sorry for my comment, but adults that abuse children should be shot. Fry her a**!
Ppl like this make me sick if u don't want ur daughter give her up u stupid bitch hitting a innocent child nothing u say or have can be used as a excuse u sick bitch and over a fuckn guy u make me sick Fuck u go to hell
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+Rene Medina I am perfectly serious. You should calm down. You may "know" English, but you're clearly terrible at it. You may want to learn to use punctuation, since your last two posts are literally a single run on sentence. I've commented about this post several times, I'm now choosing to comment about your total ineptitude. Why do you expect people to take time out of their day to read your nonsensical rantings when you couldn't even spend the five minutes it takes to spell-check and use proper grammar?

The fact that you have a child makes me even more horrified by how terrible your grasp of written language is, I hope you're not imparting that upon her. If even just for her, you should seek to better yourself or you're just setting a crappy example for your daughter, which frankly is no less abusive to her than the subject of this article was to her own child.
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+Rene Medina If that's the way you speak around her, yes you do abuse her. Furthermore, the fact that you're too ignorant to recognize how your stupidity is hurting your child makes it all the worse in the end. "all you did" what present yourself to a group of strangers as a moron who can't be bothered to care. What does that say about you?

+Rebbeca Aquino " you must be the most stupid human being in the fuckin*g* world. you would compare a bitch abusing her baby to grammar*?* now that's fuckin*g* rediculous. I feel bad for you, even though I don't know you. Go get some help, you're so sick in the head, I swear." There. I fixed it for you. 
You're clearly a lost cause, but I'm going to give you a hint. When people have to spend five minutes re-writing what you say so they can comprehend it, you lose a bit of your point along the way. Luckily for you, the point is on your head.
You must be so dam bored to rewrite my whole sentences!!! But wat u need to do is quit worrying about grammars and pick up the phone and find some help...
+Rebbeca Aquino You can try all your want to disguise your obvious insecurity about your lack of intelligence with petty insults, but until you learn to insult me like someone with an IQ over 3 they're not going to be very effective.

I have a suggestion for you, however. Perhaps Instead of spending your days bragging about your own stupidity to strangers online, you should go find an English as a Second Language school in your area and learn how to speak English for the sake of your child.

I will hold firm that until you do so you are quite literally just as abusive as the woman this post is about.
Teaching your child to be proud they don't know anything is no better than beating them.
You're just beating their future success.
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Abuse is a abuse. Hopefully the court will see the evidence right in front of them.

Too many of you are too willing to find excuses or justifications for "behaviors" like this, it's just creating an illusion to reality because no one can handle the truth.  
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Was the boyfriend worth that much?
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