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New iPad Unveiled by Apple: 'Going to Look Amazing'

New #iPad Announced by Apple; Includes HD High-Resolution Display, Quad-Core Processor.

What do you think of the product name "The New iPad"?
Starting price: $499. HD screen will have 3.1 million pixels
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Makes as much sense as handset makers that call their phones "superphones". It is... until it isn't.
How should I call it when iPad 4 comes?
+Justin Cheung Seems they're moving to a naming convention similar to the iPod. You will probably refer to it as the 3rd- and 4th-generation iPad.
Nice hardware... Welcome to 2010,pft!
Update: Apple Is Actually Just Calling It ‘iPad’
Is there an app for Adobe Flash? Down load it!!!
Well you would save a $100 or so if you did that. But if you want to use the faster 3/4G then your out of luck.
Like most of the technology we use it is obsolete the second we pick it up and turn it on. There is always something new just around the bend. We can sit here and wait for the latests or we can enjoy what the now can do, now! Guess it is up to the individual. Sit and wait for the rock to evolve and do nothing or start carving the wheel.... Are we waiters or carvers?
Mark, if you want it to be the iPad then it is.... Carve baby carve!
~chuckles~ +Gee Senter I'm far too poor to afford anything but a desktop, and I am online with this far too much, a mobile smart-device would only make it worse.
Funny Mark read you profile.... Glad it is sort of gender neutral cause it sure could apply here as well, down to being 100% Polish.... Believe me, know too poor and that being far too involved with this as well.
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