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Holmes’ defense attorney Tamara Brady asked Agent Steve Beggs if there is a legal process to keep from selling these items legally in Colorado to a “severely mentally ill person.” Beggs answered that there is not.
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No way is this going to trial. Insanity defense and plea deal.
The pic looks like he was just beaten up.
Re Mi
How can a former neuroscience student be considered "mentally ill" in the sense that he did not know what he was doing?
Prison for life or death penalty. No insane defense will fly!
Crazy People + Weapons --> should not mix. Keep the Clinically Mentally ill and/or handicapped from guns and other weapons that could lead to mass killings.

Those people who want to use all these crazy people with guns to ban them are just as insane. Its seems to me that we are having a spiritual/mental health crisis, not a gun control crisis.

The dude's psychologist knew he was dangerous and warned the university -yet he could order ammunition online. 
One more thing... as the facts continue to develop it is starting to stink as some sort of cover-up from the University.... The families are going to own the State of Colorado before this is over.
I think it was something like "Yeah you want your guns but you don't want people who YOU think are Crazy to have them too!  If you want a gun then Crazies should have them too and you have to live with it.

Is that it?
Re Mi
Sorry, just realized... Man you're too quick!
Maybe he speaks another language and has a horrid translation software. Because that's not English in any sense of understandability.
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