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Police said they had no reason to believe there were signs of sexual abuse, but homicide experts say authorities may be holding back.
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If there is no reason to believe there were signs of sexual abuse, why include it in your headline? :(
He confessed and is apparently dying of cancer ... Maybe he did not want to meet his Maker with that on his mind ... who knows ...
if there where was "god", where was she/ he when this child was being murdered ? Now if people want to worship a "god" who allows this, fine but I'd like a god who makes a rapist's penis turn to leprosy! NOW THAT'S A "god"
It's not a matter of whether or not there is a God it's a matter of the fact the everyone can exercise their 'free will' and some use it wisely and some commit crimes. Unfortunate but that is just the way it is.
I have a relative who is a dope fiend, and when dopers are loaded they go into another frame of mind. I guess that frame of mind has another set of morals, and is that how they justify their actions???
Its another sad day in the world, he should never again be aloud to see the light of day, it matters not how old he is or how sick he is, he still knowingly killed another person, lock him up forget he's in the cell & have a nice life while he starves to death
Isn't Pedro Hernandez gay with his two earings on both ears? Wow, a Latino man dares to kidnap and kill whiteman's children in white America. White people are slowing becoming Latino's little bitches with their lust after hot Latina asses, Latino lovers, and yummy Mexican burritos, salsa, chips. Oh yeah the cowboy gears came from Mexico via Spain so now I understand why white people succumb to Latinos and Mexicans. Soon every white Americans will have latino blood and will speak Spanish as equal as English. Viva Spain and Latinos taking over America to make America a Latin Nation: United States of Latin America. Canadian white men are already little bitch to hot latinas already.
I hope my Asian people around the world only kidnap and kill their own people and not to other races.
Oh wait: the white police department in latino infested Florida filled with Cubans consider Latino Zimmerman a white person so now I understand white a Latino like Pedro Hernandez have the balls to kidnap a white kid and killed him. 
White Americans can't live without their Meixcan cowboy gears from Spain, their hot latina asses and hot Latin lovers teaching them how to fuck the Hot Spanish way, and don't forget those yummy burritos making white Americans look and think like burritos, and the yummy vegan tortilla chips and yummy salsa. Viva la Latinos taking over the Americas as Spain's territory.
Come on followers this is a case of who is responsible and not a posting to vent and vent and use abusive language about whites and non whites and food etc ... let's stick to the facts of the original post. Thanks
Now my Asians are falling for that sexy Spanish language, yummy Latina asses, sexy Latin lovers, yummy burritos and chips and salsa, too. Soon Spain via their Latinos people will conquer the World and make us speak Spanish, fuck and make babies with sexy Latinos, and eat burritos. Viva la Spain taking over the world. Viva the Latinos taking over the world.
Your Occupy World Leader or Trang or God (the heterosexual soul of the father of Jesus living as the female Buddha trained in America).
Even American Indians wants to be Latinos with Spain controlling them instead of the English via America. Smart American Indians. 
Stay on the subject please ... your messages do not relate to the topic originally posted
The message is: (1) wow, a latino is able to kidnap and kill a white kid in white man land if it is true that Pedro Hernandez committed the son, (2) Pedro Hernandez wears earings on both ears that makes him look like a gay man. Usually, men only kidnap little boys out of being sexually attracted to little boys eventhough there was no signs of sexual molestation, (3). Perhaps the value of white children in white America is going down for this Latino man to dare kidnap and kill the white children in white America. What's next, Asians, blacks, and Muslims will be next? It doesn't help that the white police force in Latino infested Florida with the Cuban population is considering Latino Zimmerman as white. Perhaps I as an Asian-American should consider latinos as whites. Perhaps I as an Asian-American should move back to Asia because Americans like the white police force in Florida as considering Latinos Zimmermans as whites giving the OK for America to turn into A white Latino country. I as an Asian-American didn't come to America to consider Latinos as whites. Don't Latinos have their own God-given land called Latin America which is 1/2 of the Americas. Those are the subjects you white Americans should be talking about because that is where I see your white America is heading to: United Lation Nation.
Me, Trang, your Occupy World Leader is ready to defect my gay Latino American democracy to go back to my heterosexual communist Vietnam or China or North Korea if you white Americans consider Latino Zimmerman as a white man and if you White Americans wants your children to learn Spanish as their second language taking away their time to learn English for your white American students English sucks.
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Vietnam wants to marry North Korea if gay Latino America doesn't protect Vietnam.
What can a Belgium do to America? Yummy Belgium waffles to make America fatter than the burritos that they are now? Thanks but no thanks. 
I want pure French to save America, not Belgium French or French CanAdians.
Even my stupid Asians are getting fat and double-chins. Send all the lazy fat asses to Africa so they can cook their fat asses to eat for all the fat asses and double chins are storing all the African food in their fat asses and double-chins.
Please stop all the vulgarity. Grow up! No need for off topic banter. Tks

Albert Thiel

America was once the most beautiful race to admire and follow. Now white Americans don't even look like their ancestors anymore. White women were slim and graceful and they wear skirts and dresses. Now straight white men are kissing each other on tv promoting gay sex among among men. White women are kissing each other. Now white Americans look like potatos and burritors. No wonder the white people are moving their white status to Latino Zimmerman. Even my fucking Asians are following their footsteps in becoming double-chins and lazy fat asses. I am jumping the gay Latino Americcan democracy. I am desperate for immigration lawyers. Can my haters help me find my immigration lawyers to deport my Asian ass back to Asia. Thanks. Lots of love from your Occupy World Leader.
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The white Americans who loves Latinos so much that they are willing to lower their white status to accept Latino Zimmerman as a white man should move to Latin America (1/2 of the Americas). Their are tons of land and tons of burritos and hot latina asses and Latino lovers for you. This is an English territory, not Spain's territory.
The homos are doing find in America for America is gay now with all their straight men kissing each other on tv and all their straight females kissing each other on tv. Bravos to the homos turning America into their gay wonderland.
Even my young Asian male and female kids are doing homo kissing following white people. So gross.
Hi Belgium fries and Belgium Waffles. Sorry that you think my comments are whatever that you think as your Occupy WOrld Leader. I am sure America turning gay is something that you non-Americans are laughing at. I am sure American dying of double-chins and losing their beauty and losing their faith is something non-Americans are wishing for. Since Belgium thinks my Asian comments of dying America is a joke and childish, then perhaps Belgium can help America revive from their illnesses and make America stronger than it was when it was first built? Are you an American citizen and a devoted American citizen and willing to die to protect America as your new country, Belgium? Don't talk to me if you are not. Or else you are just a new immigration (came to America to suck money and leave America dry) trying to prevent me from healing America according to how America was built by the English (not Belgium) according to the drafter of the American Constitution, President Thomas Jefferson (who borrow the French idea of democracy to build the American democracy, not the Belgium French idea). Sorry to hut your feelings Belgium. Perhaps after me, you can help America but now you are getting in my way to help America. BTW: are you a gay man Belgium? Because gay men or closet gay men are always against my ideas for I represent the idea of the hard-core heterosexual man who has some compassion for his minions and his bitches (gays and lesbians, trannies, and those kind of broken-genitals or wrongly-wired genitals that are making American straight people gay on tv to ruin America).
I fail to understand your insistence on getting all your comments to revolve around what you refer to a gay ... and BTW I live in the US
Get me my immigration lawyers and I will speak infront of everyone tv as God (the heterosexual soul of the father of Jesus living as the female Buddha) as your Occupy World Leader or the new hippie leader.
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Living in the US as an immigrant sucking America's bone marrow doesn't mean you are willing to Die for America, Belgium. I represent old America according to the hard-core straight man point of view of the creator of the American Consitution, President Thomas Jefferson. If you are against me then you are against America. Pay me 25 millions per interview as your Occupy World Leader and I will explain to you in raw details on what gayism and homosexuality are. In the mean time, I thank for your interest in my comment as an Asian. Sorry that you don't agree with my opinion. I am sure with civil-rights lawyers and immigration lawyers, my words will be better translated to you minions. So get me my lawyers.
Why do you have to be so "Obnoxious" ?
Humans are higher than animals. Human orgasms might not be as powerful as animals, but humans will always reign. Animals are human's bitches. Kneel animals and bitches, for God has arrival as Trang to butch slap and bitch slap you animals back into your cage until you know the laws of humanity then you can leave your cages.
Animals are not allowed to touch and kidnap and kill human adults and human children. If it is true that this Latino gay man or animal named Hernandez kidnapped and killed this poor little cute boy child, then the humans around have fell under the animal spell to fear animals to create an environment to allow animals to kidnap and kill humans. If my Asian people ever become this evil by kidnapping and kill little white children in white man land called America, then they will get the worse punishment like the Atomic bomb punishment on Japan for us Asians are kinder than other races.
A latino man just raped my Vietnamese woman in california recently. Another Latino man just killed another famous and pretty Vietnamese woman in San Jose. A fillipino young woman just murdered a young Vienamese woman. Two black young men tried to Rob and killed a Chinese man a few years ago. And a Chinese man was recently shot and killed by a black young man in Oakland. I am taking advantage of this post to raise awareness on crimes among Asians by non-Asians. Let's stick to killing each other races and not venture off to other races please or else there would be an international war. I'll tell my Asians to kidnap, rape and murder their own race and you people will tell your people to do the same.
I was sexually assaulted by a young Muslim Lesbian boss at Starbucks and bullied almost to become a disable by her 2.1 gay male Buddies who were also my bosses at gay San Francisco. I even lost my condo by selling it for dirt-cheap to avoid being a homeless crippled. I tried to report my sexual assaulted snd bullying crimes by the homosexuals in their homosexual city called San Francisco and Starbucks didnt do anything, the Ca supreme court and the US Supreme Court didn't do anything. With the help of praying I rised and became a political activist as Occupy World Leader. When retarded or wrongly-wired genitals can blatantly sexually molest and bully straight people in a corporation and in the street, that is when humanity dies. Just like the gay Sandusky was able to molest and fuck your little boys inside school property, under school money and charity money and infront of his football buddies' eyes and ears for 10-15 years. Sorry for the negativity on gay people but once you get sexually assaulted by them and bullied by them, the pain is always there. It's the most disgusting feeling I have ever experienced in my life and now I am stuck with it for eternally. Peace among mankind and myself. I have to let my story to heard or else it will enter my DNA. 
Even my own family didn't do anything. No one did anything. Oh well, that is when I rise and become my own savior and my own protector. Get me my lawyers or his horrible situation will spread to your children. Sorry gay people. I throughout you were nice people but you turned put to be my back stabbers. Oh well. Hope you humans Improve. Hope my anger as baby God improve.
The 2.1 gay males at Starbucks who bullied me were Latino with American Indian blood, a French German Jew, and one omega male (bestfriend of a gay man) who has a Spanaird-looking lastname of Razon. There all the dirt secrets are out. Go laugh at my pain and get me my lawyers so I can leave America forever.
Because I know a society and a country that allows homosexuals to sexual assault and bully straight people at work and in the street like a dying society and dying country. For you to call me "obnoxious" as a victim of sexual-assault and bullied of the homosexuals is typical response of a homosexual. Cheers to your homosexuals who did this to me Mr. Albert Belguim. You asked us straight people to sympathize with your gay people and then you turn around and call me the victim as an obnoxious. Oh well, Perhaps in your next life fate will teach you my pain. I don't wish my pain on anymore but if you really don't understand than perhaps God or karma will teach you that pain one day so you can sympathize with people. Now I understand your homosexual people pain of being bullied by the straight, but I don't sympathize that your lesbian people the Muslim lesbian had to blatantly sexual molest me by rubbing her lesbians breasts against mine 4 times during work at Starbucks with her as my boss. Now I, as a woman, have the duty to tell all the children around the world to watch for lesbian teachers, coaches, etc. of rubbing her breasts against yours. In gay San francisco, gay men slap straight men's butt at work and talk doing gay sex during work time. I know it turns homosexual people on when they get to sexual harrass and
Molest straight people, but I'll let you homosexual people know that straight people think it's completely vile, vulgar, and disgusting when a homosexual molest us. All becuase we straight people follow Nature's rule of having heterosexual sex for procreation. I know you might not understand straight people pain Mr. Albert who is probably a gay man. Perhaps in your next life, your soul will be a straight human and you will understand our straight brains better. So get me my immigration lawyers so I can this beautiful gay American democracy for your Mr. Albert and go back to my dog-eating poor communist Asia for atleast in communism they run their society respecting Nature's law of heterosexual sex for procreation and the sex that would always be in control. 
Obnoxious is a typical unsympathize response of a gay man after he learns that his gay people are charged with sexually assaulting and bulling a straight person in their gay city called San Francisco during thr gay reign of America.
And this gay older man might not even be an American citizen. He might only be a temporary immigrant voicing his temporary immigrant opinion. Are you an American citizen Mr. Albert Thiel? Perhaps in Beligum, gay people can call their sexually assaulted victim and bullied victim "obnoxious" but not in America with me As an ethnic American living in it. If you call me obnoxious as a sexual-assaulted victim and bullied victim of your gay people, then let me call you Obnoxious back as a Belgium living in America who might not have an American CitiZenship yet. I have an American citizenship and I earned or for the last 29 years so my opinion as a non-white person with an American citizenship is more powerful than yours even though you are a fancy white man living in white America with no citizenship. However, when I go to your Belgium country, of course, I would shut off. 
When you get your Anerican citizenship Mr. Albert Thiel from Belgium who might be a gay man, then your voice in America as a new white ethnic American citizenship will be the same as mine or even higher for America is your white-people country. That is why I would love it if you would kindly get me my immigration lawyers so I can defect ugly Asian ass from gay America can give you my spot and you can become a happy new gay American citizen from Belgium. 
However, in the United Nations law, your voice as A Belgium gay man will be the same my voice as me and other humans. As soon as I defect gay America, I will sue gay America amd gay Starbucks under united nations law for violation Of human rights laws of allowing a gay woman to sexually assaulted me and allowing 2.1 gay men to bully me and fired me from my job when I already quit. I will do this as Occupy World Leader introducing myself to the world via the United Nations. Cheers for equal rights for you gay people and my straight people, Mr. Albert Thiel from Belguim who might be a gay man.
Correction: a gay male boss didn't slap a straight male subordinate in San Francisco. A gay male boss placed his hand on the thigh of his straight male worker in the Silicon Valley where tops companies like google and Facebook are, an hour away from gay San Francisco. The straight male worker is a lawyer in the company, too.
Sorry that you guys don't like me being obnoxious but bring obnoxious is usually stemmed from firmness in the thinking. Perhaps you are firm with your thinking too Mr. Albert Thiel who might be a gay man living in America as an immigration and who might not possess an American citizenship, so please help me get my immigration lawyers so I can trade my gay American citizenship for you as a gay Belgium man living in America with no citizenship. I can go back to my dirt-poor dog-eating hetersexual communist Asia and you can live in America as a macho gay Belgium man. Win-win situation for both of us. Merci beaucoup.
White people in America would love the trade for they will have one less ugly, dirty, and stupid colored person like me out of their white America and one more handsome and smart white man from Belgium like you.
So chop chop Mr. Albert Thiel and get me my immigration lawyers.
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