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What do you think of Harry Reid's campaign to corner Mitt Romney?
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I approve of Sen Reid's tracts against Mitt Romney. Plus Mitt created this whole situation by not releasing his tax returns. 
Rumors and gossip - the cornerstone of the Obama campaign against Romney. And friendly media like +ABC News helps out whenever they can.
I care less about somebody's tax returns from 10 years ago than I do about us dropping bombs on brown-skinned people today.
A situation solely created by Mitt by not releasing his tax returns. Didn't Mitt see this coming?? If Mitt didn't see this type of attack, what does this mean for his competency to be President? How can we trust someone so naive that they placed themselves in this situation. 
Or yellow or red...

"You give us a color, we'll wipe it out!"  (George Carlin - RIP)
This attack is working, said no one ever.
Every day spent thinking, typing, reading, discussing, etc Romney's finances is a win for the Democrats.  Love it.
He has something on Romney..or he wouldn't push so hard.
Ummm I think Harry Reid and Barack Obama are 2 different people.  I'm almost certain of it. 
What's there to talk about +Jim Deatherage? That we had a surplus before Bush took over and how Obama should have made Bush's uncontrolled spending disappear in the first year. Bush is the reason you can't tell your kid how capitalism is better than communism! We're in debt to China!!!
+Jim Deatherage  The S&P 500 is up 73% since Obama took office per Nate Silver @fivethirtyeight. So while unemployment numbers are bad, looks like the market is happy.
+Arsid Syla not to mention that Republicans have been blocking everything for two years now as they've enjoyed full majority.
+Jim Deatherage very wise. So your solution to the problem of unemployment is outsourcing. Your solution to the deficit, is more tax breaks on the rich. Cool story, bro.
um +Jim Deatherage no one said "great", just that Obama is not Herry Reid.  I mean, really, is it is a political argument to point that?
+Jim Deatherage i think the real problematic media is Fox and recent headlines about Mr.Murdoch should have enlightened you. But sense wont let conservatives be stopped. Sense and reason isn't part of the belief for people who support someone like Mitt Romney. The saddest part is that you most likely hated Mitt in the initial stage of the race, as many conservatives did. You only like him now because he's the only one left representing your party. I'm not a strong supporter of Obama, but i can tell you one thing: He's better than Romney. We need to let this party bs die and focus on saving the country. Stop listening to Rush Limbaugh, kid. He's delusional.
If Harry doesn't get him, Nancy will.
False, Obama has addressed the economy multiple times. Obama may not want to talk about it, yet, he does. I have not heard any plan Romney has for the economy. Romney says he has a plan, but what is it? Romney needs to lay out his plan, his ideas for the economy. I want to hear from Romney, not the media, what his plan for the economy is. 
If we continue to demonize the successful who are we going to get to pay for all the entitlements?  Mao followed a similar campaign strategy and it obviously worked but it goes against everything America stands for.  When will Harry Reid release his own tax records?  He obviously has a history for self dealing. I would like to see his records.  Shouldn't Dirty Harry come clean and lead by example?
+We the people shouldn't you spend two more years asking for Obama's birth certificate. Ok, let's Reid did wrong. That wont justify the dishonesty if a presidential candidate!!
Mao?  Seriously?  You don't see anything wrong with your manner of speaking?  This is why America is is in such bad shape...we see no shades of grey.   
or shoot elected officials, Because.  We are not mature enough to disagree without being violently disagreeable
we claim to be more civilized than we actually are. we ban women from breastfeeding in public, for f*'s sakes! Just because of the perversion of our religious elite...
+Arsid Syla Reid should disclose his own tax returns if he wants Romney to do the same.  I have been told by numerous credible sources that he has been passing legislation to further his own personal interest. Dirty +Nevada Senator Harry Reid is talking out of both sides of his mouth....again!
Well forget about Reid! I, Arsid Syla, regular taxpayer of over $300/week, resident of NY, ask the presidential candidate to present his tax returns! Is that my right to ask him or what? And do you agree that a presidential candidate should disclose this information, at a time when his party spent two years asking for a birth certificate?
+Arsid Syla  He has released his last two years and he isn't required to do that.  No I don't think you do have a right as it isn't mandatory but you do have a right to have Dirty Harry to initiate a law requiring that all tax returns of all branches of government reveal their tax returns.  Then you would have a right.  Good luck on that because most of congress doesn't seem to agree that you have any right to see their returns.  Birth certificate?  You are still focused on Birth Certificates, how about asking +Barack Obama to release his school records.  Shouldn't we be able to see those under the same argument you are making?
Good Lord.  The only comeback these Rombots have is school records?  Oi vey.
actually +We the people  a discussion of substance would be a welcome change of pace.  Do you think you are up to the challenge?
+We the people i wish there was a medal for ignorance in the olympics. You'd have the title. And change your name to "Some of We the People" because you surely do not represent me.
Always.  So, first thing first.  Harry Reid is not Barack Obama.  Agreed?
+Arsid Syla Sorry Arsid if I hurt your feelings.  I know I don't speak for you as I only reflect the views of taxpayers.  Lucky for you at $15,600 per year you are on the hand out line.  Maybe if we elect a more pro growth president you won't continue to be under employed.  Unless of course you aren't.
Oh man. I'd love to see the fundies' reaction if Obama didn't release his tax returns! Outrage it would be! Outrage!
+We the people i pay $300/week in taxes, you unable-to-read, rush-limbaugh-praising, ignorant ahole.
Oh....+arsid sorry  I guess you are fully employed...My bad
+Coqui Negra Sorry, I am happy to respond to any intelligent comments you may have.  I will try to respond in kind.  If you will follow me I will follow you back and we can have as long and as intelligent conversation as you would like to have.  
He spews nothing but ignorance. I bet it all that he was a Gingrich supporter until he was out. Now he hates that he's left with a mormon, but has to go through with it because that's what he's told by his shepherd. Just a follower of whatever Limbaugh is serving. That's all he is. Unable to even read properly.
 +Arsid Syla best of luck to you maybe more hope and change will be good for you. Keep paying those taxes!
+Coqui Negra No, I can absolutely confirm they aren't the same person.  Did I pass your intelligence test?  Here is a question for you.  Which is growing faster Job roles or disability roles?
+We the people , I will always pay my taxes because it's the right thing to do in a country i live in.

+Jim Deatherage ,dude! You spent two years pointlessly asking for a birth certificate and stopping legislation. so you're treating asking a presidential candidate to do what every presidential candidate does as tge wrong thing? Say Reid is lying because he doesn't tell the source. Why doesn't Romney prove Reid is lying by producing evidence? Simple, easy, tax paper evidence.
if you are referring to "rolls" +We the people, I think it's well established that not enough jobs are bing created.  What has that got to do with HARRY REID and Mitt Romney's taxes?  Please try to focus on the thread we're on.
Quoting mr. rom-nutts.

"Put up, or shut up!"
 Show us your taxes bigot!
+P. Warren Brown  i would argue that that's exactly why the birth certificate thing was idiotic, but i'm sure you have some excuse when it comes to that one...
Sure +P. Warren Brown  what ever you say.
I know what my lands laws say. Preach them to Rom-Nutts, by the sounds of it, it is he that needs a refresher course and not me.
Have a good day!!!
So you think it is wise to ask for a birth certificate even though it is a prerequisite of being a president and the people who swore him in had checked? Yet asking a presidential candidate to do what every presidential candidate has done is ridiculous?

And since i need to educate myself, why don't you educate me? Why do you think the elite shouldn't pay the same percentage of taxes i pay? Because if those tax breaks were necessary for the economy we sure as hell wouldn't be where we are now, would we? And if they create jobs with those tax breaks, yet unemloyment is up, why do we need outsourcing? And why do conservatives think Chevy Volt was such a failure and Obama's fault if the engineer that created is as republican as the Koch bros and the tax break you benefit from it is from the Bush era? Please educate me.
P.S. I'm more of the Al-Jazeera kind of guy. I don't like CNN much. I see Fox has had a big impact on you though...
obama knows how much tax's Mitt has paid, thru his IRS stooge that works for him. so why doesn't obama just come out and say what he knows. he hates Mitt more than he hates our Christian God.
+john splater let's wait till the real debates start. And very wise bringing up a Christian god while defending a Mormon...
Because, by law, that info is private.
+Dad Davis yeah,ok! That's why your tax returns are the first thing they ask for if you as much as want to rent an apartment. They shouldn't be required for presidency, you're so right!

P.S. that was sarcasm as there is no law stopping people from asking for it...
As long as Senator Reid does not expose who said what then Mr Romney is still in front of the barrel of Reid's gun. He should be able to answer if he did submit the papers.
+P. Warren Brown , naturalized citizen here. Came to the country during the Bush administration in 2003. I know
much more about world and American history than you will ever know. I became a US citizen 5 years after my arrival through the DV visa. And I'm voting for Obama :)
every one that votes for obama is as evil as obama is.
+john splater would you rather have people THINK you're evil, or have them KNOW you're an ignorant douche?
to tell the truth, i don't care what you think about me. i always tell the truth no matter what may happen. democrats only tell lies and do any thing to win.
+john splater of course. Reps don't lie...just look at Cain, Gingrich, Bachman. You have the right to "tell the truth" or, as normal people call it, express an opinion. But you do have to have the facts to support that opinion. Otherwise you're just blowing hot air.
No both parties and the media tell lies and deceive the American people. The Associated Press the GOP, the Republican Convention, the Caucases, everyone of them have down played Ron Paul because he is not in the big bankers pocket and that scares them. We all need to stop lookin to the parties for answers and truth and start listening to the real news. Ron Paul took the same stance you just did by saying, "I  always tell the truth no matter what may happen" and they (the press) write him out of the race in all Associated press coverage(s) of each step so far. Just because he speaks the truth about where we are as a country and how much of our freedom and liberty is gone due to new laws.
Let's break the mold, not vote for our party just because it is who we used to connect with, but to vote for the one candidate trying to make the necessary changes to our government to get our liberties back again and restructure for a new america..... Not for the new world order!
+Jean Baum i was going for Ron Paul, but they completely shut him down. I'm not fond of Obama completely, but the way i see it, he's better than Romney. Just counting my losses.
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