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Are you aware of this pet treat danger to your dog?
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Please read the package carefully. The pet treat companies don't always make it easy to find out the country of manufacture.
And those products are on the shelves right now.
thats why i only buy USA made food and treats for my dog.
Really...again...why is that we never learn from the past.
well i gave my dog some of them in 2010 so somewhere in there he got sick a few times and stop giving him treats . he been to the vet also . but i wonder want is dog food i feed my dog it got no where where it was made it pet pride and ol Roy with is all store brand there both same but one come from walmart the other from other store , it make me wonder so much
And yet ton of the treats are from China if you look at all of them.. sigh we sold out our pet health for cheap foods.. We feed Raw and make our own treats . Its not as costly and safer .
thx 4 the info. now i'll kno not to giv those to my dog
Blue Buffalo doesn't buy any ingredients from China. I started feeding that a few years ago when Diamond tried to poison my dog.
Thank you, Jessica Sky... Reason sometimes does have a voice.
Leave it to ABC to post an emotionally charged item and have ads for Obama above. lol

Ya, I know... as with other cheerleaders for the prez, who don't allow free expression, I expect to be blocked. Have a great day!
Another example of big business doing anything for a dollar..... very sad for the pets and the owners, we should feed their asses those treats!!!!!
+Deb Marston - That's showbiz and politics in the modern world. Max Headroom is on Channel 23...
We have looked and looked for products not made in China. So many of the packages say made in USA but then you read the fine print only to find its "from" China. What are some safe treats that are easy to find?
There are too many things that could kill a dog......
i have seen this happen to another dog who ate that.
Chinese pet treats are really chocolate,choc is not good for dogs
Wonder what it is that is making them sick - the lead, the toxic chemicals, anti-freeze............

I really do wonder, we hear so much of the Chinese. I wouldn't be buying anything made in China that goes anywhere near anyone's mouth.
as opposed to the uncountable numbers of death from domestic US petfoods that no-one has bother to count..
I'm telling everyone I know that has dogs......crap, something else to worry about :-(
Mr. Cuddles lol jetpack joyride
+Joel Wirāmu Pauling that is bull and just being said because it's fashionable to be anti-US. Just a few years ago there was a very well publicized recall of Diamond dog food that involved 75 pet deaths. There are very few domestic pet food companies that don't use ingredients from China, they don't kill pets because we actually have manufacturing standards here that they don't have in China. We don't use lead paint on toys or shoe dye to color food. Americans are crazy for their pets and you can bet your ass that if a domestic company was poisoning them someone sure as hell would be counting.
So that's where Fido went.
Think of the people who lost pets and didn't know about this. I am furious. The Chinese have done it yet again.
I can't believe this. It is so sad and makes me want to cry.
sniffle i have a dog that looks like that :'(
I always try to not feed my pet what I wouldn't eat myself. In fact, a lot of dog foods aren't healthy for the dog such as grains and corn. We have food safety standards that do not reflect in foreign countries. Why are we feeding dogs food where they eat dog meat? Doesn't that look suspicious? If the people in the USA are not allowed to import beef (for example) due to mad cow disease, then why are we feeding our pets the same foods? Personally, I try to stay out of Wal-mart because the foods and products are made unethically as well as some safety issues.
Aw so cute. One of my dog died!! Now I am crying
My dog Duke was a Labrador retriever 
I can believe some companies would hurt poor helpless animals who cant speach for there self just to earn a dollar what are they thinking i think the companies who is doing all this harm to animals because of there treats they are making should be charged with animal cruelty
Look up Beneful and how many dogs have gotten sick, some died. Nothing has been done about it that I know of and it's still being sold everywhere.
I would. like to know. more. about beniful dog food.this is the only dog food my dog will eat...
Just wonder who are those importers and distributors who have made big bucks on the poor lives.
Not sure to be honest but as far as I know no deaths have been reported in the last day
+Linda Sobrero try a variety of different foods, get small packages of them. I'm sure you'll find another that your dog will like. As for the damage done just do a search on Beneful.
My dogs only eat kangaroo or croc treats
+Keven Fox I Googled Beneful and saw a lot of supposition - not much else. The thing about China is that they intentionally poison our pets - remember a few years ago we found that they were using LEAD based pain on baby toys sold in the USA? Also, it is very difficult
to find that pet foods come from China. The company will state that it is 'packaged in usa' but it stops short of saying the ingredients come from China.
+Linda Sobrero Talk to your veterinarian about Beneful. Please don't rely on, etc. A recall because of an accident in the food process is a whole lot different that a recall because China is putting PLASTIC in our pet foods.
Intentionally?... I could imagine the workers in pet food factories in China who make no more than $10 a day are much more willing to pay their attention to something more urgent such as a good sleep after at least 8 or 10 hours working. Shouldn't the ones buying and selling take responsibility for such tragedy if FDA (only name I could think of in the government that has something to do with food) is sleeping.
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