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“When US forces captured David Hicks in Afghanistan, I had been the ABC's Washington Correspondent for all of one week. If you'd told me then that four years later, I'd be packing up my posting to return home and David Hicks would still be a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay awaiting trial, I would never have believed it.” – Leigh Sales

Three months after the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US, 26 year old Australian David Hicks was captured amongst Taliban forces in Afghanistan and handed over to the Americans who detained him indefinitely at the newly created - now notorious - US prison camp at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba. 

What are your thoughts on this day? Did affect you?
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It is a good example of why Julian Assange should not be allowed to be extradited to the US. Poor David Hicks did nothing wrong yet he still spent a long period in Guantanamo Bay without trial, the same could happen to Assange. The US is prepared to trash its own constitution and international treaties to get revenge on him.
If I remember correctly the support for David Hicks in this country was deafening at the time noboby seemed game to even bring the subject without looking over your shoulder ,fearing u mite be a labeled a terrorist if u dared speak up for him,oh the short memories in this country ,that's right ,hindsight everybody's got it:))
Oh but we are getting Chapparelle Corby back!
The comments here give me the impression that you all think David did not break any laws.  This is good because I agree.  Yes he was training with "terrorists" and might have done something "wrong" or "bad".  But the fact (as far as I am aware) is that he did not do anything wrong.

Imagine is you went to America to train with some religious group that is christian based.  All of a sudden the Chinese decide to invade because the Americans wont assist in detaining a person that China thinks is a terrorist.  You are then imprisioned by the Chinese because they think you might be a bad person????
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