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How do you feel about Clive Palmer challenging Treasurer Wayne Swan for the federal parliament seat of Lilley?
Mining magnate Clive Palmer reveals plans to run against Wayne Swan for federal parliament on the same day he announces a deal to build a replica of the doomed Titanic.
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If I were a voter in that seat, flipper or skippy would get my vote over that goose, I mean Swan.
The more we hear from Clive the easier it will be for Swan to retain his seat. He talks gibberish. Even Abbott has distanced himself from commenting on this move.
I'm a bit concerned for Clive's health and mental state. He is grossly overweight and struggles with his breathing, on top of that he has some really bizarre ideas. The coalition preferred Peter Slipper over Clive in a pre-selection battle some years ago which is even more bizarre.
Clive simply wanted to divert attention away from labour's Disability insurance sceme anouncement. He is hell bent on unseating the government and whenever they do something great like this, he will be out there making these ludicrous statements. I wish the press would stop giving him Oxygen.
+Scott Hamilton Made me burst out laughing! That is the perfect word. Sooooo underused these days. Thanks for reminding me how there are some words which are so under-utilised and yet so accurate.
Anyone would do a better job than Swan
I would vote for him if he pledged to build solar thermal plants instead of ocean liners
+Simon Holmes I'd vote for him if he installed solar panels on himself and then rented himself out to a small town. Maybe we could harness the gas and hot air coming out of him and create a small public power utility.
Great Idea Patrick! you could fit heaps of solar panels on him!
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