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Do you live in a walkable community? It's something Millennials and Boomers can agree on.
Millennials and older Americans agree on city accessibility, and the lobbying powerhouse of the AARP is emerging as a key advocate.
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Bmw eastern nc. Oak island
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You don't have to be in your 20's to be a social innovator.
By Eunice Lin Nichols, director, The Purpose Prize, Six outstanding social innovators will receive a total of $300,000 in cash prizes as winners of The Purpose Prize, an annual contest that recognizes — and rewards — people who are age 60 and over making a positive social impact. You should know about these six people, and when you read their stories, you’ll understand why. They’re powerful examples of using life experience in order to...
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Do you know about these other deadly germs and viruses? 
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Notable events from our shared experience The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. is named the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize on Oct. 14, 1964. In his acceptance speech, he says: “I accept this award in the spirit of a curator of some precious heirloom which he holds in trust for its true owners — all those to whom beauty is truth and truth beauty — and in whose eyes the beauty of genuine brotherhood and peace is more precious than …
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Every single one. I am a true fan.
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Powerful new medical advancements are saving lives every day. Watch which medical advancement can improve your hearing today!
Read the full article:\
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Aarp ark health insurance 
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Can you believe that Underdog made his crime-fighting debut 50 years ago? Still love the theme song:

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Oh yeah I watched underdog
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Have you cast your ballot yet? Here's a primer to help make sure you're ready:
On November 4th, like millions of Americans, I’ll head to the polls to cast my ballot. I’ve done my homework, know where the candidates stand on important issues — like financial security and support for family caregivers — and I’m ready to vote. But even though I’ve been voting for years, I still need to check some basic facts: When do I vote? The first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, or this year: the 4th! Most polls open …
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The Contributions Made by Western Culture to the World

What is Western Culture? The normal answer would be like this. It is 

the culture of Europe and America. That’s all. But those who says this 

answer forget the fact that it is not simply the culture of Europe and 

America instead it is the creator of great Western society that has 

played key role in the formation world also. Can we imagine the world 

that we are living today if Western culture did not occur? No, never. 

Why? Because our world is result of contributions made by Western 

society. But there are some anti-western culture forces like middle-east 

culture, Asian culture, Islam religion, are trying to give an image that 

they are superior to western culture. But if go through the world 

history from B.C to present-day, without any doubt everyone can easily 

understand Western culture and that society are far better and 

superior than others. The continents in the world have been 

surrounded by water. Same like that the human beings in the world 

have been influenced by Western culture. 

From ancient centuries onwards Western culture has contributed large 

amount of things in various fields such as arts, science, innovations, 

education etc. simply says the western society is all over the world and 

it has being dominated everywhere.  First we can start with the 

importance of English language. There is one usage that shows the 

importance of English language. ” Those who know a regional language 

can conquer that particular region. Those who know a national 

language can conquer that particular nation. But those who know 

English language without any doubt can conquer this entire universe.” 

The English language is one of the unavoidable things in the present 

scenario. Those who know English can travel everywhere in this world 

and access world wide web, through Internet.  Today no one can avoid 

the importance of English language. Wherever we turn there comes 

even a single letter of English. So English is such a NO.1 international 

language and unavoidable language and a great Western country the 

‘Great Britain’ has contributed that language to the world. 

Next we can analysis the arts. What are the things included in arts? 

Simply says literature, film, music, festivals etc. Let us discuss one by 

one. Literature is like vast sea. It includes novel, poetry, drama, 

travelogue etc. In each section Western literature is superior to 

everyone. Novels like Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Adventures of 

Tom Sawyer, The Count of Monte Cristo, Oliver Twist, Sherlock Holmes 

Stories, David Copperfield, A Christmas Carol, Moby-Dick, Robinson 

Crusoe and poems like Iliad, Odyssey, and Paradise Lost come in the 

elite class of world literature. These books influence children to 

matured people so deeply and its greatness remains as long as human 

beings live in this earth. These books are very few examples of great 

Western literature. If world famous books are like this obviously writers 

are also from Western society. The world famous writers like William 

Shakespeare, Homer, Mark Twain, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles 

Dickens, Thomas Hardy, Jonathan Swift, Ben Johnson, John Milton, 

William Words Worth, W.B Yeats, Shelley, Tennyson, Robert Frost, and 

J.K Rowling were born in the great Western society. There is one 

interesting usage about Shakespeare. It is like this. “Shakespeare did 

not pass M.A English Literature. But no one can pass M.A English 

Literature without Shakespeare.” Even today itself the letters coming to 

‘Baker Street’ which address Sherlock Holmes shows the importance 

and popularity of the characters in Western literature. 

Now let us see the case of world famous paintings and painters. The 

paintings like Mona Lisa, Madonna of the Rocks, The Creation of Adam, 

The Last Supper, and The Potato Eaters show the power and everlasting 

beauty of Western paintings. Da Vinci’s ‘The Vitruvian Man’ is an 

excellent piece of drawing.  Today there are no other paintings in the 

world to compete with these. So obviously these painting’s creators are 

also Western. They are Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, 

Vincent van Gogh etc. 

    “Hollywood”. This is the world famous name familiar in all over the 

world. This is the soul and strength of world cinema. Hollywood makes 

movies on variety of subjects like action, adventure, horror, racing, 

fiction, war, fantasy, crime thriller, investigation, historically important 

events etc. James Bond films, which are famous for action and 

investigation is an unavoidable part of Hollywood. James Bond, a world 

famous secret agent and Sherlock Holmes a world famous detective are 

the products of two great western writers. In this world who can create 

these kind of characters? No doubt, Only Western people. The movies 

like Titanic, Jurassic Park, Commando, The Mummy, Air Force One, 

Avatar, The Dark Knight Rises, James Bond movie series, Harry Potter 

movie series are some of the master pieces of Hollywood. In Hollywood 

movies they do not give much importance for emotion, feelings and 

sentiments. They have only on message to give. That is “in life we 

should achieve the target with any cost.” 

            Same like movies the famous cartoons which amuse the mind of 

children and matured people from all over the world are also the 

products from Western society. The Tom and Jerry, The Simpsons, 

South Park, Looney Tunes, Scooby Doo, Mickey Mouse, Popeye the 

Sailor are the greatest cartoons ever.  No need to elaborate the 

popularity of these cartoons. 

             Music is an unavoidable companion of human beings. There also 

Western music comes first. No other music genre in the world can 

defeat Western music. People who are living exactly different culture 

from Western also love Western music. There comes the world wide 

popularity of Western music. It influences the world completely. So that 

Western society has contributed many world famous singers also. They 

are Adle, Avril, Katy Perry, Akon, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, 

Michael Jackson, Akua (music band) etc. Aqua’s ‘Barby Girl’ has amuses 

people from all over the world now also. 

         “Christmas.” No words to elaborate its beauty. It is such a 

wonderful and marvelous festival in the world. It has being celebrated 

all over the world. Christmas is the NO. 1 Festival in the world in all 

sense. The charming of Christmas night, carol songs, Santa Claus, are 

highly beautiful and unbeatable. Which religion would get this kind of 

festival? Only Christian religion. This also originated in Western society. 

The Bull Fight and Tomato festival in Spain, Mardi Grass and Burning 

Man in USA, Rio Carnival in Brazil are world famous festivals and the 

part of Western society. 

      Same like arts sports also influence human beings. There also 

Western society is dominating. The English Premier League, that has 

viewers in all over the world, Cricket, NBA Basketball, Formula One car 

race, Golf, WWE, Tour de France are come in the elite class of world 

sports. The sports stars like Diego Mara Dona, Lionel Messi, Cristiano 

Ronaldo, Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Steffi Graf, Roger 

Federer and Sir Donald Bradman are the elite contributions of Western 

society and only Western people can invent these kinds of amazing and 

thrilling sports items. 

           Automobile, an unavoidable companion of modern man. Here 

also west is dominating through luxury and ultra-luxury brands. World 

famous brands like Ferrari, Bentley, McLaren, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, 

Porsche, Maserati, Aston Martin, Koenigsegg, Bugatti, Jaguar Land 

Rover, Dodge, Harley Davidson, Hummer, and Ducati are the products 

from Western countries.   

         Media. Everyone in this world familiar with this term and interact 

with it daily. They are the fourth pillar of Democracy and have the right 

to criticize Parliament, Judiciary, executive and give news and 

information to public. Let us see how the West contribution in this field. 

The News Papers like New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street 

Journal, The Guardian, Daily Mail, and News Channels like BBC, CNN, 

and ABC are coming out from Western countries.  Apart from news in 

entertainment also west is dominating. The magazines like People, 

Game Informer, AARP, Playboy, Reader’s Digest, Family Circle and 

channels like HBO, AXN, ESPN, Star Sports, Star Movies, Disney 

Channel, Cartoon Network, National Geography, and Discovery are also 

Western society’s products. All these News Papers, Magazines and 

Channels are world famous and excellent in performance. Again the 

credit goes to Western society. 

Innovations have played a key role in the formation of world. If the 

innovations that we are seeing today did not occur, no doubt the world 

would be like a dark continent. The great Western society has 

contributed many innovations and scientists. Simply says the world is 

the result of their contribution. The Printing Press, Radio, Television, 

Electric Bulb, Steam Engine, Airplane, Internet, Telephone, Computer, 

Penicillin (medicine) are come in the elite class of world innovations. 

The world famous scientists like Archimedes, Galileo Galilei, Kepler, 

Charles Darwin, Nicolaus Copernicus, Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, 

Thomas Alva Edison, and Stephen Hawking are also Western citizens. 

Philosophy. It is the soul of the world. There also Western world has 

contributed three wise men. They are Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. No 

one born in this world to compete them even now also. It will not 

happen in future also. Apart from Philosophers there are some 

Emperors who have being remembered by the people from all over the 

world with excitement are also Western. Alexander the Great, 

Napoleon Bonaparte are the greatest Emperors the world has ever 


          Today Travel and Tourism is becoming an unavoidable part of 

people’s life style. Wherever we turn there comes a board of a travel 

and tourism agency or advertisement about tour packages. But from 

ancient ages onwards Western people have been started their voyages 

and have found out many wonderful things through their courageous 

expeditions. Christopher Columbus, who has found out America, 

Caption James Cook, who has found out Australia, Ferdinand Magellan, 

the man who has travelled around the world, David Livingstone, who 

has found out Victoria Waterfalls, and Marco Polo are the greatest 

travelers the world has ever seen. Even today also Western people 

travel all over the world. The various culture, language, geography are 

not a matter for their travel. They always look for new destinations and 

conquer it also. They often travel a pair of one man and woman, or two 

men, or two women, or even alone with their backpacks in this vast 

universe. They are the real “Dare Devils.”

Where Western society does stands in education? No doubt, 1st 

position. The students from all over the world are flying to Western 

countries for better education and life style. Most of them after 

completing their education, try to migrate there itself. The reason is 

No.1 life style. By hearing the names like Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, 

Cambridge, Columbia, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Imperial college everyone 

can understand the greatness of Western education. No need to 

elaborate. In India there are many good universities and colleges. But 

today most of the students would go to abroad (western countries) for 

higher education. The people who say India has rich and ancient culture 

send their children to abroad for higher education. Why they do not 

send their children to Indian universities? It is real fact. Most of the 

students after completing their education from abroad migrate there 

itself. So which is best? West or East? No doubt. West.    

            Now let us see from where the world famous and internationally 

recognized awards come. The awards like Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize, 

Booker prize, Golden Globe, Grammy, Oscar, MTV video music award, 

and BAFTA award are from Western society only. The people from all 

over world recognized these awards. 

           What are the specialty Western people’s dressing style? It is 

amazing. They have found out ‘Coat, Suit &Tie.’ Those who wear these 

dresses would get a gentleman look. Western people know how a 

person should wear his dress. India’s culture is entirely different from 

west. But Business Magnets, Bureaucrats, Judges and Elite class people 

are wearing these Coat & Suit. Apart from these category common 

people also would prefer to wear Western style of dress whenever they 

have an important function. The real fact is that all these people 

criticize west by wearing Western dresses. What a funny. They always 

say that India has its own rich and ancient culture. So obviously India 

has its own dressing style also. Then why should these people would 

prefer to wear Western dress?

            Every one criticize America (USA) and at the same time try to 

migrate to there also. It is a real fact that those criticize US and its 

capitalist approach, calculate their economic growth and achievements 

according to US and try to gain American technology. This is an exciting 

ability of an American. Everyone in the third world countries wish, if 

they could have born in US or to be there citizens. 

             What about the connection between India and Western world? 

Most of the basic amenities which have seen in India today was made 

by Europeans. People from Portugal, France, and England came to 

India. Most of the Indian’s criticize that Europeans had ruled them and 

took their wealth. Ok. It is historical fact. But most of them forget about 

the contributions they had made there.  Here British people come at 

the 1st position. They had built Rail, Bridges, Forts, Roads, Churches, 

Schools and Colleges and spread English language also. All of their 

constructions are marvelous. Even today there are no damages happen 

to their constructions. Can we imagine the present India if English 

language did not come there? With the help of English language Indian 

students achieve higher educational qualifications, worldwide 

knowledge and go to foreign countries for higher studies. So who 

deserve the thanks for this great thing? “The Great Britain.” Most of the 

tea plantations which have seen in the high ranges of Kerala (A south 

Indian State) have been created by Britishers. They invaded the huge 

hills in Western Ghats (High range areas in India) and constructed the 

tea plantations. Their courage is so high. They really deserve the name 

“Dare Devils.”  A great German missionary named Dr. Hermann 

Gundert came to Kerala (A south Indian State) and learned the difficult 

Malayalam language (The Mother tongue of Kerala) and madethe first 

Malayalam dictionary. He is really a great man. He did such a great 

thing. Hendrik Van Rheede, who was the Governor of Dutch Kerala in 

17th century conceived a famous book titled ‘Hortus Malabaricus.’ It 

gives a detailed account of medicinal plant properties of flora in Kerala. 

Even today also no one can write such a great book. That great 

Governor had used his plenty of effort and hard work for compiling that 

work. So this is my simple question. Who can do these much hard 

work? Only Western people. 

           So the entire universe has thankful to Western society. They are 

the real human beings in all sense. Can we imagine a world like this, if 

Western culture did not contribute all these things? No, never. Their 

strength and ability are highly excellent. It will remains as long as the 

world remains.
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An estimated 90% of seasonal flu-related deaths and more than 60% of flu-related hospitalizations each year are in people 65 and older. CDC recommends getting a flu vaccine as soon as it is available in your area. Ask your health professional if the high dose flu shot is right for you. Learn more from CDC and #GetAFluVax.
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Pill identified 
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How do you incorporate joy into your caregiving? Share in the comments below and tweet @amygoyer with #CreateJoy
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Thinning hair is a beauty bummer at any age! Watch this to get the best styling secrets straight from a top hair expert! 
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Thank you for sharing
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"50 is the new 50," writes AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins. How do you disrupt aging?
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Powerful new medical advancements are saving lives every day. Do you know what they are?
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