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Maybe I should put that on my early #xmas wishlist... :)
Desert Bikes La Paz - Venta oficial de bicicletas CUBE, accesorios, ropa deportiva y servicio. Phone 612.119.1139

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Interesting statistic covering 2013 - wondering on how much of that reflects into 2015.
URL shorteners most frequently used for phishing attacks as of 2nd half 2013
This statistic presents the URL shorteners most frequently used for phishing attacks.
As of the second half of 2013, accounted for 51.2 percent of URL shortener phishing attacks. was ranked second with a nine percent share.

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Looking slick in the 30's - respect! Designer with #vision  
From its cab 11ft above the roadway, the General Motors Futurliner offers its driver a view like no other. GM Futurliner: Taking yesterday’s tomorrow for a spin

A1 Short URL's cause size does matter!
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