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yer i would say that to keep saying stuff like that t=your very good and kind xxxxx
yea thats true!!!! Its ok:)
This statement is also a call to arms -- seek out those who are weeping and remind them that they are strong.
thats been haping 2 me alot
That's true and that's what has been happening to me a lot too
when best friends get u feeling blue
So being strong for too long is not a very good idea. It's okay to allow urself to be weak at times..!! 
its so true its scary
If they've been strong for too long and if they are helpless.
who r u talking 2 rachita
g2g get back 2 u soon
That is so true and still and always will be
Mama Bear says!!! stay stong  because you have others who are looking up to you for support and inspiration!!!!
It's so true....I can't stand being STRong in front of people who think I am strong anymore 
wow that's just so dang powerful
This is so true and a lot of people take this as a weakness, until the top blow off.
Ly Lee
that is right ;)
I feel the same.It is so hard to be brave all the time.
Beautiful I feel the same way even though i try to hold my tears in 
An Rya
to cry is an expression of emotion.  not a sign of weakness.  i was crying the whole time i beat up the school bully in 6th grade. lol
I think, you misunderstand the meaning of strong.  Strong is when you faces different situation, you would be able to handle it.  No one is strong on their own, unless you are with Jesus Christ.  I think the meaning of strong to you is meant, right?  Being strong is not physically fight, not to bow down to the problems, not to cry to tears which to get all your sadness out.  Strong people would faces different situations with no fear, n always figure out a way to conquer to problems and never give up until you are sucess!
Right on...:)..........ladynblk...........ONE N ONLY
Never heard that one before but I can see that.
i like that alot thats how i feel sometimes
That's really true . Its hard to keep your tears in when you know you're hurt .
I can relate... sometimes you don't want to be the burden barer ... afterall we are human.
It's like you took the words from my mouth. I couldn't agree more with this quote; well said.
Love this, because it is so true!
Don't stay to strong or you will break down into tears
Thats soo scenty and always for some reason it connects into MY life.... :'(
Rite.... I thk tears build up inside of person.. so tht when it's time to let it it all out it clams your thoughts.....
I'm off facebook because I hated seeing crap like this.
tats true for the adolescent people.
Trane kom net van pyn, soos ek, huil as dinge te veel word soos wanneer n man op my skreeu of boellies van mans thats all the truth i love what you yust said
Let society change and have the mindfulness of being fully HUMAN. 
This quote/comment is true for those who shed genuine tears not those who cry at the drop of a hat--!!!
Being strong in the eyes of others tends to be hard,that's why we need to let it out in form if tears instead of bottling it all up!
that is so true and it fits to me.
toei bahoot. 100% righat nahi...only 30%
Because that is how is what happens to me . Then after I cry it out .I am so much better..!!! It is really true. Men true for you. Go someplace and cry so you don't have a. Dam heart attack.!! Real men cry.!!!!! Live on life is good.!!!
This is true u can only hold things in for so long n then one day the tears just fall
Omg. Love this post! Sometimes u just wanna give up. Ur body is just tired. Then Ur heart speaks up and tells u to keep going.
iI am always crying at things on the television and i dont know why!!!!
Life is full of challenges.
So true and yet so hard to admit.
People need to let it out once in a while, don't be cool and not cry, well in public. ThT IS SO TRU!!!
What if you dont cry? what if you havent cried IN over 10 yrs?

People do that as well as a biological reaction to release tention and stress
My Pretty Flower cries often. Does that mean he has been "strong for too long"?
As far as I'm concerned crying to me is healthy!
Is it just me or does Parakeets seem totally irrelevent to daily inspiration?
well then, that explains it ;-)
ohhhh that makes soo much sense
That's me.so true.thot I was crazy.
يا ريت كل الناس بتعرف هالشي 
Really im not really a cryer...
I must have been the female version of The Hulk....
I'm surethat within my mp there have been respectable people weeping for a long time.I do so want to comfort them.
sadest part of strongest people..there is no one for care of them.
From another betty book.. I know exactly how u feel.
OMG... YES...  sometimes we hold it in for too long and then it just builds up....
there are definitely times where you just need a completely emotional meltdown. it's like a grown-up tantrum... but once you sob, the weight is lifted...
There's need to cry to ease your pain when necessary... it's not a sign of weakness but, ironically, discretion.
Crying doesn't mean you are weak. It means you have been strong for too long. 
So true he is god send man to the world give the man a chances some was there and what did thay do for the country? ??????????

That's. The truth We all get. Tried. Of. B S. Much love

i know what you mean you are strong for everyone else but sometimes you just need to let everything out.
F Ho
...then breakdown?????
Conor, I KNOW You cried at one point. You obviously just want attention, So why do you bother making these silly posts? I`m 12, And I`m Sure I have more common sense than that.
why is almost everyone so uptight about gays, have a life and let them do the same, find your own happiness
1.not true I cry and I am not weak 2.you never stop being strong when you are strong you stay strong.
not like that,but when they need to pass out the pain in dem
That statement is the truth.  I don't cry when there is a death but I'll cary when something goes wrong.
yeah its my favorite one they made yet!
People vomit because they have been reading these quotes too long.
well if you look at it that way... im on the verge of a mental break down!
that reminds me of...
"one cries because one is sad.  for example, i cry because others are stupid, and that makes me sad." ~Sheldon Cooper
Molly T
totally true :-)
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