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Strategically Creative Branding, Marketing, Design & Development
Strategically Creative Branding, Marketing, Design & Development


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Branding Your Business and Building an Internal Culture for Successful Relationships

Branding is more than your logo; it's at every point of contact.
I happened to bump into a longtime friend at a networking event just the other day where we had a quick chat on how our respective businesses were faring. He informed me that his was doing fine, its operations were running smoothly, he had a great team to work with, he sort of had everything you possibly could wish for in a successful business. However, he still had a major concern to address: his employees, despite doing their jobs well, were not showing the desired level of commitment to uphold the values and mission of his business. Put simply, they seemed not to understand the importance of his company culture. His is not an isolated case.

Let’s face it. Implementing a business culture is without doubt one of the most difficult tasks any business owner can complete. The process entails getting people to believe in what you do (or say) and having them change their behaviors to align themselves to that.

Thankfully, once you have your culture in place, maintaining it is quite easy.

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New Article: Performance Driven Digital Marketing with PPC

Boost Your Conversion Rate and Reduce Your Costs.

Over the years, AdWords has grown significantly and is now more competitive and costlier than ever. As such, you’ll need to employ various inventive tactics to achieve substantial results with your PPC campaigns.

We outline 6 simple real-time tactics that, if properly implemented, can help you gain more from your PPC campaigns.

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Dynamic Remarketing: Powerful Tool to Increase Conversion and Reduce CPA

#digitalmarketing #digitalstrategy #local #marketingagency

One of the most effective ways to target past website visitors is through the use of the dynamic remarketing technique. This method entails serving this category of consumers with tailor-fit ads on products or services which they might have shown an interest in while visiting your site in the past.

Dynamic remarketing offers an excellent solution for advertisers that offer a variety of products, sizes, models, or even destinations. Indeed, it is no surprise that a majority of top e-commerce websites today are employing this technique to cut their budgets in such an ingenious manner.

Unlike the standard remarketing which focuses on using “all visitors” and “group level ad copies”, dynamic remarketing relies more on users’ past behavior when determining what to display to the targeted market.

How Dynamic Remarketing Has Evolved Over the Past Few Years

At the end of 2014, Google began rolling out a new advertising model which was later to be referred to as dynamic remarketing. At the time, the model’s beta phase was only available for implementation by verticals such as classifieds, jobs, hotels, flights, finance, and auto.

It was not long before dynamic remarketing began attracting the attention of the general advertising community. From the resulting hype, e-commerce sites quickly began adopting the model for their advertising needs.

By the end of 2015, virtually every industry had embraced the model having already proved that it was capable of offering significant positive returns on ad spends and other forms of success. Currently, online retailers such as niche and run-of-the-mill enterprises comprise some of the biggest adopters of dynamic remarketing.

A few of the top e-commerce case studies that have proved the profitability of dynamic remarketing include Build Direct, Bebe, and Netshoes stores. All these stores were touted by Google. Besides, some of the pioneer advertisers who have since achieved significant success using this model include Sierra Trading Post, Hotel Urbano, and IndiaMART among others.

Quick Facts about Dynamic Remarketing

Early adopters recorded up to 200 percent increase in conversions and about 60 percent reduction in the cost per acquisition (CPA) once they complemented their existing standard remarketing models with a dynamic remarketing campaign.

Dynamic remarketing also seems to have positively impacted mobile targeting since dynamic template ads are often mobile optimized. This helps to facilitate better viewing on smaller screens such as those of smartphones and tablets. As such, conversion volume for this market segment was seen to grow by over 15 percent.

When dynamic remarketing was employed during high seasons such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, advertisers recorded between 30-40 percent rises in overall revenues. The main reason cited for this trend was that these seasons often see an increase in impulsive online shopping activities.

Why Every Advertiser Needs To Employ Dynamic Remarketing

When targeting people that have visited your website before, it's easier to convince them to complete a transaction by displaying familiar images, specifications, price points, and any other closely-related promotional offers and inventories to them.

While it still might require one to have some skills when setting up a functional dynamic remarketing campaign, the strategy is still accessible enough to the small-scale businesses. This helps to reduce any competitive advantage that bigger franchises with lots of resources might have over smaller merchants.

With AdWords also providing an intuitive suite of templates, it becomes more convenient for advertisers to employ dynamic remarketing. This is because lesser bandwidth and efforts are required to host professional-looking banners on websites. Besides, these types of placeholders are capable of changing their contents systematically while also giving creatives control over the theme, fonts, and style used among other preferences.

You can also use real-time bid optimization tools such as Enhanced CPC and Conversion Optimizer to help you calculate Google’s optimal bid for each occasion.

What You Need To Get Started With Dynamic Remarketing

- Product/service feed

If you’re using AdWords, you will find this feed in the Business Data segment of your account’s Shared Library. However, retailers can manage the feed through a linked Merchant Center Account. The feed includes various attributes such as your unique ID, image, and price.

- Dynamics Ads

Using the AdWords ad gallery, you can easily create and customize dynamic ads that reflect your business’s themes and style fonts.

- Tag with Custom Parameters

This includes the different marketing lists which are capable of linking a site’s visitors to the unique IDs of the products they last viewed as well as the exact pages they visited. As such, you will need to add this tag to every page. To locate it, you will need to click on the “Audience” tab.

Why You Should Be Careful When Installing the Tag

If you find it uncomfortable to initiate changes to your website’s back-end or update custom variables, then it’s important for you to contact your developer for assistance. This is because a failure to set up the tag as needed can cause it to malfunction. Below are some of the key aspects you will need to identify within the tag;

Product page
Purchase page
Shopping cart page
General site visit

When installing a tag, it is also important that you use the JavaScript Object Notation format (JSON). However, if you’re not well-versed in the format, you may consider making changes to your existing remarketing tag to accommodate the new tag. Always ensure to separate parameters using commas.

To verify whether the changed setup will work correctly, use Google Tag Manager.

Remember that the only acceptable predefined parameters are those defined by Google. To learn more about this, visit Google Developers site for more information.


Dynamic remarketing might look like a complicated subject that can only be implemented by the more advanced and experienced advertisers. However, Google has done an excellent job in making this campaign type more accessible to all levels of advertisers. As such, do not get intimidated to try it out in your next advertising campaign. Nonetheless, it is vital that you enlighten yourself regarding the type of challenges to expect once you get involved in it. As such, research more online and take some time to study different kinds of literature created around the subject by experts and other resourceful entities.

Visit 92 West at for more details or call us at 402.620.2633 to speak with a representative today!
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Multi-Prong Digital Marketing Strategies for B2B that Leverage Social Media

92 West can help you build effective campaigns that not only lead to client engagement, but lasting client relationships. Social media is a low cost alternative to traditional campaigns such as TV and Radio. Both use frequency and reach, but social media can be directly measured.

Before we go on I want to make it perfectly clear that statistically, for B2B, the leads that are generated are predominately soft leads (the tire kickers).  It doesn't mean that the business won't come, but consistently producing interesting and valuable content while honing your call to action and tracking does generate revenue over time. 

The approach and use of social media for each industry is a different.

 If you sell wholesale coffee then the approach you take is quite different from that of an ad agency, engineering firm or bulk crafts.  The key is testing, changing the message and consistency with tracking and drip campaigns set-up to do the leg work.

We're a believer (and trust me we weren't until about three years ago) and continue to marketing knowing that for every $1.00 we'll receive $1.20 - $1.30 in the long run.  So... off of the pedestal and onto the advice. 

For most companies that are B2B, we recommend implementing campaigns primarily on three social media platforms:

Facts: LinkedIn is an ideal platform to increase your online presence. With more than two professionals signing up on LinkedIn every second, businesses have the opportunity to network with an increasing number of interesting contacts. Using the different personal and group features in LinkedIn, companies and the people representing them can all improve their visibility and credibility, both as individuals and (thus) as a brand.

Specific Suggestions:
Turn your company page into a lead generation page:
- First, use an image that gets attention or creates interest.
- Second, update your businesses’ pitch to be a clear CTA in the company description.
- Third, make your Recent Updates section clickable and conversion-focused.
Create a showcase page.
Publish Content Regularly: When you publish your keeping your services and company in front of

Facts: Everyday there are over 1.5 billion searches, over 3 billion videos watched and over 7 billion likes on separate Facebook pages. The statistics don’t lie and your customers are there.
With a dedicated Facebook representative, 92 West we has daily access to help resolve campaign strategy questions, stay current with changes, get help with reporting for improvement.

Specific Suggestions:
Create a Facebook “likes” campaign to get more followers who are truly interested in your products and services. This should be an ongoing effort.
Create a monthly posting strategy to engage followers and convert business. Posting Timeline Strategy (Sell – 20%, Educate on products and services – 40%, Fun/Industry Related – 40%)
Create a Lookalike Audience for targeting to attract new followers for less dollars.
Create a Lead Ads campaign to generate leads you can ad to your email campaigns.

Facts: With over 540 million active users, Google+ is larger than LinkedIn and Twitter. And while it cannot currently match the networking strengths of LinkedIn, from a search engine ranking standpoint, you really can’t afford not to have a Google+ presence.

It’s sometimes easier to think of Google+ not as a social network, but as a social layer.  Google loves it and gives you credit when you use it.  Enough said.

If you want help in crafting your own campaign, or even would like an experts opinion on what platforms you should pursue, give us a call at 402.620.2633 or fill out our contact form and we'll set-up a time to meet in person.

Troy Kadavy
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92 West
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Omaha, Nebraska 68131
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Strategically Creative.
branding + design + web + apps + seo

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We are a branding, digital marketing and web design agency focused on helping brands discover their true voice.

A Team of Advertising, Marketing and Design Professionals

92 West is a close team of creative professionals based out of Omaha, Nebraska and was started by two brothers in the Summer of 2000. We are parents, gamers, runners, gardeners, fitness enthusiasts, friends, jokesters and more. We are specialists, not generalists. Our people are driven to deliver quality and honesty while partnering with good people and organizations to produce exceptional work that betters the world around us.

We're in the Ideas Business
Our passion is in the creation and development of inspiring ideas that will make your business successful. We use an array of innovative tools to understand your objectives, gain insights, and create ideas that bring brands to life. Our core services fall into three major groupings; branding, digital marketing and web design.

If you have a new idea or project you want to explore, you have come to the right place. Let's Talk.
#branding #webdesign #digitalmarketing #omahaadvertisingagency #advertising #marketing #seo #webdesign  
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Thank you to all the veterans who have fought for our freedom. We wish you all the best on this day as well as the 364 others!

Action is Needed:
Please give up your coffee or energy drink for the day and donate to a charity that supports our veterans.

Wounded Warriors Family Support

Gary Sinise Foundation

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Logo Design General Questionnaire - A brief overview of options to keep in mind when designing your next logo.

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