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928 Motorsports LLC
Porsche 928 supercharger kits, performance products, and info. Free Catalogs and Race Videos.
Porsche 928 supercharger kits, performance products, and info. Free Catalogs and Race Videos.


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NEW! LED lighting kits for Porsche 928 interior and dash now in stock. Available in Red, Blue, and White lighting.
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Come and see our all-new web-site!
It's easier than ever to find the parts you want, and now there is more tech help too!

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This video shows our new intake manifold for the 32v Porsche 928 performing on the engine dyno.

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I'm really happy at how well our new intake for the manifold for the Porsche 928 has turned out! Is is called the "Hi-Rise 654" manifold, and is designed to perform best on our 6.54 liter 928 engines. It will be going to the engine dyno very soon for testing and measurement.
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NEW! Porsche Hub Stands - commercial-quality hub stands for working on your Porsche. All-steel construction, with camber and toe alignment aides built in.

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We have now been supplying our re-manufactured intermediate plates for a little over a year and have had no trouble with them in the field.

This is not merely an intermediate plate with a machined center; we manufacture a new center section and replace it completely, making sure that your clutch stack height is right and your clamping force is what it should be.

At $720 with core exchange, they are less expensive than a new one, and certainly less of a "chance" than a used one (if you can find one).

We have models for all pinned twin-disc clutches from 1980-86.
We do not make one for the 78-79 concentric clutches.


I have had a number of requests over the years from our International customers wondering if they could buy our cylinder liners, pistons, rods, and stroker crank so they could build there own 6.5L locally and save the expense of shipping an engine around the planet.

Here you go!

All the same high-quality parts we use ourselves and have been proven to provide great reliability in your 928.

Compression ratios are available from 8.5:1 to 12:1, and we can set you up for anything from high boost to naturally-aspirated.

Call or write with any questions. I have one crank in stock right now (and others on order), so current lead-time would be about 8 weeks to have the pistons made up to what you need.

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NEW PRODUCT: Adjustable Rear Camber Links allow perfect alignments even with wide tires and race tires!
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New kit for Renegade Hybrids LS-equipped Porsche 928's installs the ZO6 Chevy 6-speed transaxle in their Porsche:

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This video shows us testing a new extrude-honed intake manifold with 90mm throttle body on a fresh bored and stroked 6.5L Porsche 928 motor.

Porsche 928 performance, engine
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