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A website dedicated to providing football news, opinions and insight into 'the beautiful game'.
A website dedicated to providing football news, opinions and insight into 'the beautiful game'.

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Is #Guardiola a great #football #manager or has he got more to prove? Our Editor argues his case...

There's still another 17 hours to take part in the latest little snap poll on our #twitter feed.

It concerns the plight of #CrystalPalace and the future of their #PremierLeague status

Are there fans confident, what do you think?

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4 polls in one place. Give your opinions on:

(1) #Diving bans
(2) Maximum cost for #PremierLeague tickets
(3) #ManchesterCity winning #ChampionsLeague under #Guardiola.
(4) Master of mind games

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We have put together a #football review for #year2016. With a list of what's been good and what's been bad.

Take a look and let us know what you think, and what you would add...

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In our new post, we wonder if #Celtic will go a whole season unbeaten, and we take a look at some other famous (and not so famous) examples:

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So after #Tottenham were bundled out of the #ChampionsLeague last night, and assuming that #ManchesterCity will get out of their group...

We've got a little #poll on the prospects of the English teams left in:

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It's Monday, so we've got a new post for you to start your week off well.

Our Ed. has put together a list of some top #football players who have never managed to win any #silverware:

Hello everyone, hope you're well and enjoying the football season so far (wherever you may be).

Just to let you know about our latest articles, in case you've missed them.

The subjects that we've covered include #Celtic, #RobbieFowler and his property connections, and finally a look at #FootballComplaints (courtesy of our Ed.).


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Here's a new article, and this time our Editor is weighing in with a list of his own #FootballComplaints.

See what you think about them and let us know...

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We've got a great new piece for you. And this one is an exclusive, as we go under cover to see what the #RobbieFowlerPropertyAcademy is advising people to do:
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