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What is Child Abuse or Neglect?
Child abuse is exactly what it sounds like – causing physical injury on a person under 18 years of age by other than accidental means. Child neglect, on the other hand, does not require any specific act, but rather it is the unreasonable failure to exercise a basic level of care to ensure the physical safety or health of a child under the age of 18.

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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and this week was also National Victim's Rights Week.  Good to see Charleston giving their support. Coordinators of a walk/run posted signs along the Kanawha riverfront that displayed different statistics related to crime in West Virginia, including areas such as rape, homicide, and abuse.

#westvirginia   #rape   #homicide   #abuse   #awareness  

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It is ludicrous to punish one person, much less two policemen for the wrongdoings of another. A violent protest bad enough, but murdering the innocent in retaliation is frankly unacceptable.  The officers who lost their lives today had nothing to do with the deaths of Michael Brown or Eric Garner. #enoughisenough   #stoptheviolence   #stopthehate     #thesadtruth  

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The lawsuit, which was filed in July in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, challenges President Barack Obama’s practice of cherry-picking which laws his Administration will enforce, states a new release from Morrisey's office. The lawsuit asks the court to force the Obama Administration to follow and respect plainly written laws and the Constitution. #westvirginia   #obamacare   #lawsuit  

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A new study, "The Changing Face of Heroin in the United States" has found that heroin is increasingly the drug of choice for young people in the American suburbs. Over 90 percent of those who began using heroin in the past decade are "white".

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After shaking his infant son to death, police say the father knew his son was dead within minutes, however, he did not notify anyone of his son's injury until 27 hours later in his 911 call. Police say Smith even talked to the baby's mother during those hours, but never mentioned what happened to their son. He also slept during that time.

#westvirginia   #childdeath   #shakenbabysyndrome  

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Let's eat!

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Need a Kidney?  Try Craigslist...
A West Virginia woman was told she'd have to wait five years to receive an organ transplant - but her son Jeremy posted an ad on Craigslist & found a donor in Union Port, Ohio.

#kidneytransplant   #westvirginia   #craigslist  

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Go Ahead...Sell Those #girlscoutcookies  at Work
The #westvirginia  Ethics Act prohibits public officials and employees from soliciting gifts, except for charitable purposes at work.  Good thing we all understand that we eat those cookies for charity, right?

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Monday morning is just around the corner, and sometimes it's
hard to face.  But this #westvirginiacriminaldefenselawyer  
CAN TAKE THE HEAT!! So,  #bringiton  
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