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I like #bobafett and I can not lie... #vintage #StarWars #ACTIONFIGURES

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I'm giving away a #nintendo #nes mini. Just log onto my website sign up for my email and like and share this post to be entered in the giveaway.
Don't worry I won't bother you much, plus you'll get tips and info about retro games and vintage toys as well as details about future giveaways.

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I'm giving away a #nes classic edition to 1 of my fans! Follow, Like, share & Register for a chance to win!

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Yesterday, I spent a considerable amount of time exploring To me, it was kind of new. I had heard of Twitch but never really looked into it.
What I found interesting, yesterday, was that people were playing old NES games. In particular, the two I was most interested in were the Original Legend of Zelda and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.
One of the two players I watched was a world record holder for fastest time finishing Zelda II. His time was something like an hour and 15 minutes. Pretty insane. All I remember of (playing) Zelda II was that it was very difficult and took lots of repetition to figure things out. One comment I kept seeing in the gamer chat (on Twitch) was that it was a mystery how anybody finished these old games without the internet to help them.
When I look back I remember some of the games were pretty difficult. But for the most part I finished all of them within 3 days. It was usually a weekend of immersion. My family was not all that well off so I didn't own a lot of games. Instead I relied upon renting them.
In the early days of renting, it was very expensive and the time tables were weird. I remember a local rental place, Network Video (the first I can recall) had a weird return time. Your rental item was due at like noon on Sunday or something like that. It made it tough to really capitalize on game play when you had friday night and Saturday all day.
It wasn't until Blockbuster opened near by that my true gamer mastery began. We could rent a game after school and had until midnight Sunday to return it. Not only was it like $2 cheaper than the mom and pop shops, you just had much more time to complete the game. I used that basic foundation to describe how long it took me to finish a game on average. 3 days was the amount of time that was allotted before I moved onto something else. Very few games didn't meet that deadline. I don't recall how long it took me to complete Zelda II but I am certain it was within that timetable. But I have to say after watching someone do it in an hour and 17 minutes (that is what he did while I was watching) That game still looked really tough.
You could see the hours he had put into it to learn every little detail about it. He often skipped towns and townsfolk conversation completely. He skipped picking up XP pouches and sometimes killed himself to save time from having to trek back across a large room. It was pretty cool to watch. Even after 28 years I was learning new things about how to play the game. To check more form this player take a look at his twitch video. It isn't the one I saw live but it is still amazing to watch. 
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