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Sweet & Funny Truth About Your Childhood
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Fuunny! Food for Thought: Animated character or media personality of my younger years that I liked/admired.... Is this represented in any aspect of my life today?
OMG now I know who to blame!!!! THANK YOU
This is so cool, that i can tell my parents all about this.... AWESOME MAN..!!!!!
Is this the first time anyone has noticed this??
LOL!!!!!!that is so true and i love it
omg that is sooooooo true yet we never think about it.
hehe...i need to share this with my parents...maybe they understand my actions and reactions finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dee M
Good old days ;)
I grew up before Pac Man and Scooby Doo.  ...But I remember all of them.  My children looked at them.
so true look at it now but the things on tv the movies the games the population bigger it would be a better world if people just watched the tv movies and games and didnt put it into practice in the real world
Actually Pinocchio had a moral about NOT lying, and Aladdin was a "chaotic good", like robin hood who stole from the evil, which is technically good.
I enjoyed TV when I was younger, but now, a lot of it is pure trash.  Half-naked Tarzan looked better than the male strippers.  Snowwhite may have lived with 7 men, but she was virtuous ...most of what we saw was clean.  and Disney couldn't make a bad movie if he wanted.  Father knows best...taught right from wrong... the Nelsons were hilarious....Today we have The Bad Girls Club, etc.
Joy May
Omg never thought of it quite like that.....
And Hansel & Gretel were murderers - they shoved an old woman in to an oven & killed her.
I've seen that pic before, yet I still laughed. I'm still in my childhood, but I'm in my later years. Wait. When does childhood end?? Oh well. I still thought it was funny
Anna M.
ha ha! childhood rocks! 
im still laughing. its really good
no wonder u like
Haha ... Dats so cute n it did bring a smile 2 my face 
Taught from a young age to be rebellious(; 
hahahaha lol:D the fault isn't in the child;)
Now I understand why I have turned out the way I am now. Shocking. Thanks for the clues. Really!
people should think harder when the teachers show them to the kids
really what does that really mean?????
awesome i love it, yes i'm going to pass it along
How about it,that is so true glad i wasn't influence by those guys lol the part about the munchies I have the muchies all the time ... stuck at ny uncle house..... what I'm saying is he have nothing to eat over there :( but :)
Still watching Scooby Doo
Omg so true and all those things are rated g
Yep !! Good times !! we were pretty easily amused Huh ??
omg so not me. but i could so get away with lies like that when i was 9
Kady C.
LOL, so true. When you look at things these ways they're so funny!
I wish I could + this post more than once!;-)
That is the childhood! It doesn't get better than that:)
WHO was the genious responsible for This..I must Have it on my facebook.
i like the way you wrote that. some what like my past.
We also played Mario and Luigi eating there magic mushrooms
ha ha ha nah don't forget about goku from dragon ball z the bro likes to eat just like me hah 
Yup those were the days happy days
Don't forget Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner on Saturday mornings.
It's funny how most of those things that fucked up the child came from Disney and their influence... Way to leave a legacy of corrupt kids Walt...
LOL I am still a kid. Great job getting me boosted up
Now that I think about it, children's stories, movies, and television shows aren't innocent, like, at all. Huh.
Kali V.
Good times, Good years. I love my childhood. XD
It sure brought a smile to my morning, lol. Got to love the role models we grew up looking up to.
Nice twist..we had mother goose and turned out well, those are, well ya know.

Yup....!!! Past is building block of future & shit no regret wt i m now!!!!!! :-)
Don't use my childhood to excuse your behavior!!! Haha though
I saw Tarzan read about Cinderella and a few of the others superman drove and flew not certain about the speed anyway what the heck 
Forgot Sleeping Beauty, she missed school 'cause she slept in too long. And yes, I did enjoy my freakishly awesome childhood.
my parents r gonna hear of this
i grew up watchin karate movies batman movies horror movies i do not blame myself there is like nothin on tv that isn't violent and i like that sometimes it is not good wen not violent:) Haha
Plus Mario, he likes to smash his head on blocks and beat up poor defenseless turtles.
Um. No.

Cinderella taught me to be nice even if others were mean to you, and to believe in yourself and your dreams no matter what. Alladin taught me that it doesn't matter who you are and of what social status you are, you can still love whoever you want. Snow White taught me that true love will never disappear, even if it seems at the worst of times (like her almost-death). Shaggy and Scooby taught me to eat without worrying about getting fat and that it was okay not be a size zero, and Pinnochio taught me not to tell lies.

Disney-haters should go step on a lego. -.-
and the witch in Hansel and Gretel ate kids and we were not traumatised by haveing it read to us or needed counseling, Rumpelstilchen was scary too ;)
Yeah, and those were the good ole' days! :) A lot of trash on tv now.
Niko P
I watched anime growing up :p
Omg that's my childhood right there!!!! Shocked I haven't turned out bad!!!
That's what I call a great childhood.
Lol! Funny and so true! Ah the good ol' days!
That's funny and I totally remember all of that!
I didnt realize until this.. So true
aaaahhhh!!  The good ol' days!  Miss that innocent time.
... and Goldilocks was an incorrigible runaway as well as a vandal.
ha ha funny                                               i don't like LOL
I must of really watched scooby doo. Cause of all the above I act like them the most:P running around gettin the munchies!!!
the storys here are some of the 100 and more movies that make kids act the way they are surely did put a much needed smile on my face....
Itz true and even i was smiling reading this without my notice...
And we all turned out OK... For the most part! 
hi i am roy from sri lanka 
OMG we are so kiddish and i love to be KID...
HAHAHAHAHA!! Wow have my eyes been opened.
Yes... I remember, but we weren't quite seeing it that way... My Dear! ;-) PATTY
Whatcha think 'bout this? P.
Those were truly the good Ole days!
Another funny truth.
19 of 22 first commentator is the same person or sent by the same person.
Do you think like i do?
Omg that is so true!!!!
Sweeet. Luv it. Thts trueee 
Another funny truth.
19 of 22 first commentator is the same person or sent by the same person.
Do you think like i do?
Fortunately, this only happens in fiction, to entertain  ...
I also grow up watching a bear with no pants & a spaceman with with a really long pencil for a nose.... It's not my fault 
yea it was so....well these are the classics.i had a classic childhood it means.coooll
Lol Shaggy and Scooby did always have the munchies! And why did Daphne and Fred always have to be together when they split up looking for clues??? I dont think they were looking for clues...
Lol. Good stuff. Kinda like your mom teaching you to lie when she says don't tell your dad
Tuti tutl l love your comment so true. Lol. Follow your heart.
All of today's problems can be blamed on people's liberal use of Comic Sans, not the media we watched! 
Sean G
The truth! No wonder were SO crazy... In a good way. Never realize till your an adult. What the adults were even thinking then. Lol
boo and this ' all you wanna follow like what about all the good lessons given to us.. you don't want to use your brain but you're justified following tarzan and pinnochio!
lol like that i now realize the reason why i used to come hm that late!!!
lol like that i now realize the reason why i used to come hm that late!!!
i got this on mah phone when i look at it i have to say it aloud (: LOL
Oh yeah... I wish we had realised all these 'naughty children' earlier. 
Yea.i did laugh..I didn't see the matter is way but it's funny,,
i had such a childhood...n i'm glad i had it...☺
Now that I think about it - this explains alot! :)
Now you know how strong you were! Don't waste it!
78hjrweklqhwgwhwwqjkqg!! aahjkl!!
exactly i had that smile on my face !
Jo Cat
HAHAHAHA...It did :D
Kathe G
You are truly talented pursue your gift
That was definitely the truth of my younger years as a child. After seeing it from that perspective, these cartoons weren't the greatest role models after all. 
So funny, realized how ironic that Popeye's healthy diet are spinach and tobacco
And Cinderella is sneaking out,came home late pursuits for a rich guy
All my childhood in a bag.
Seriously, what are we thinking.  I wanted all my life to be like Sleeping beauty, but when I woke up I did not look like her at all.  Had a nasty taste in my mouth, my hair was a mess, and don't even ask me about the prince sleeping next to me.....
yeah so cool what are they teaching people these days

tarzan was raised by monkeys and didn't know the ways of society

cinderella was basically a slave and was trying to enjoy 1 night of her life

pinocchio tried to tell the truth

aladdin was homeless, what did u expect

batman was trying to save the town

snow white took care of the dwarves, not do other stuff...

popeye was a sailor

pac man was a video game, and was escaping monsters

shaggy just didn't dress like others, and was hungry
scooby was a dog

don't try to stain my child hood :)
Yup. They say our generation should have no excuse. Ha!
This is great. I'm gonna pass it along. So true!
Pinnochio got a big nose, Cinderella 
Pinnochio got a big nose, Cinderella 
Kathe G
Love it...your so entertaining...
Tarzan was raised by friggin apes, Cinderella was a slave, Pinocchio was cursed, Aladdin stole from the rich and gave to the poor, batman was a superhero, those were dwarves the she protected, paceman was a flippin video game, and so what if they were hungry hippies? This is stupid...
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