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That's dream house !!!,
i would LOVE to have this staircase!!!
Love it.  Inspiring and positive. 
POSITIVE reinforcement! Just the best idea ever!
Excellent wonderful way to live......
nice and plz can someone tell me the third line is ...?we do.......loud
ugh i want that house
May every body have such kind of a home.Ameen
Ok I can't decide between this or the stairs you shared with the built in cabinetry. This had to win because of its meaning!
it's cool i think i'm gonna print the words and put them on each stair
i love that i need thoes words in my house
it's really nice , power of spoken words works in life
Kathe G
An excellent means by which to reinforce positive thoughts , deeds , and actions each and every day...good job ("-")
can you change HOUSE into HOME....because theres no place like HOME
"Don't be so loud" is not part of that house. We do loud... Laugh loud, talk loud, be loud...LIVE. I LUHHHV IT!
Dona M
me too me too but teh ni think how u would fall down them in a fire and if a killer was in ur house :)
I wish I had done this on our staircase as my children were young. And when I had a
Jen D
that is amazing 
We are all Human with forgiveness, mistakes, and lies... Thats just life for us... At the end we learn to say Sorry...
thats very positive,i want to have that stair  in my house..
i thing tru.............. this wases!!!!!!!!!!!...........
In this house we cherish one another. Tomorrow may be to late
One of the most unique, creative artistic displays of written expression I've seen in years... love it 
Really Nice and amazing Idea... I will definitely implement this idea to my future house ..... 
Chrerish. The next moment may be too late.
Great Home...Peace in mind make environment healthy
a true house a very very happy family 
our house have stares but with carpet
Ali M
thats great!!
Carlo W
I want to throw up.
thats a true family that have faith and love at heart,
there is power in a united family
Maybe i could write something like that on our stares,
love it!!!
Buzz Wu
Must be a great house to live in!
Lovely, thanks for sharing :-) Tash Randall @smile4dating
How beautiful rules and supper mesg .Its soo ture to my family and to. Me .If we all did what is written we be all happy and there would be peace in each home .Home Sweet. Home .Home is we're ur heart is 💕🏡
I like the idea. I would need to change a few for my house
I think that is the coolest thing i have seen in a while.
Sarah..... We are family, and the last one is we love
Love your house and positivity makes your home healthy,happy,home...xo
If u have children it will use a lot. it is amazing,and saw some of your amazing things.  
'We do really loud' clearly the stair most used by the family where they'll go to depending on whether they're feeling the need for a noisy passionate embrace...or have had an infuriatingly hard day & need to let out a thunderous scream...or have simply had too much cabbage at dinner & need to let out some...ahem...whistling steam !! (...that's why it's written near the top of the staircase...away from other family members downstairs...and on the way to the bathroom / bedroom...depending on it's use at the time)...
its cute; but, really, I'm a bit suspicious, actions speak louder than words, and the happy families I've encountered demonstrate these things constantly, they don't have to write them down in order to show them off. So there.
Fantastic way to teach real love.
we all can +Salma Jahangier !! 
My house doesn't has the stair 
I would like to be in a house like that also.
I'm glad I don't live in that house - what a cheese fest
It may be cheezy, but its a an awesome use of space for something heartfelt. 
That is cool it makes me  wonder
Tiny Jo
this one is great!
It reminds me of how genuine families can really be with each other.
a place where it is called home
thats the same in my house especially when my father left.   :(
I m inviting myself to that house
"We do loud"! Lol but that's still incorrect. 
that is cool i would love that on my stares at my house
dont really understand the whole "we do really loud thing" but other than that this is really cool!
i have a sign on my wall that says that!!! (never thought about putting on stairs) that is really cool!!!
very positive , very creative <3 it
Great daily reminder about what's important. How could one walk up these stairs after an argument and stay angry? ;)
How many people in this house are enough to create all kinds of those emotions?
like is our closest supporter in life^~^
i love this i want that in my house
Very inspiring words thanks for making my day. 
thats absolutally great!!!!
thats so sweet im going to go and paint my stairs like that!!!!!!!!!!!
We do really loud?? Lol my mind went to the left with this one but it's awesome!! Applying on my stairs.... when I get some! Lol
Trail way to the journey of a new way of life.
Most of the truths in those stairs r missing in our homes

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It would be perfect world, where we live, if it had the same stairs with the same rules.
I just decided to paint my stairs the same way. I don't have so many steps, but I will chose the most suitable phrases. It will be my personal gift for my family for Christmas. :-)
That is so cool! I want stairs like this!
sunday is hat day at my church looking forward to that
awww with all my family had that love that :/ made my day :) thanks
it beautiful..
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i know right i want them stairs there mine
that is so cool!!! i love it!!!
i love it we should do this in are house
I really like that! Very Creative.
I Agree.. Thanks for the post!
Cant wait to own my own house so i can do kool stuff like this to
i bet at the top it says:FAMILY RULES
thats' so nice:)
The people i babysit for have the same thing! I would live in their house just for their stairs!
lollolololl xD do play anyting online?
It's cool but imagine how hard it would be if ur really mad and wanna stomp up the stairs and slam the door... All those stair messages kinda kill the mood....
Love it.  Inspiring and positive.
Happy New Year my dear friends :))  Wish you all the best
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